31 July 2023

2008-2012 The historic covers of Avion Tourism Magazine

The years of steady growth of the scheduled flights network that extends from Northern and Eastern Europe to the Atlantic and the Black Sea, to North Africa and the Red Sea
In 2008, in less than a year, the routes served by Milan Bergamo Airport increased from 57 to 75, and the catchment area associated the traffic with not only business travel but also tourism and cultural trips.
The growth in passenger movement led the airport management company to further improve accessibility by providing larger spaces and facilitating check-in and security procedures. Simultaneously, it prompted the editorial team to modify the content proposed, giving more emphasis to promoting new destinations connected through the airport.
With issue N27/2008, two new sections titled "Events Europe" and "Events Italy" were introduced, featuring modern graphics and presenting a selection of major cultural events from cities connected to Milan Bergamo Airport, providing readers with interesting ideas about activities to engage in once they reach their destination.
Issue N28/2008 of the magazine increased the number of pages to accommodate more tourist articles dedicated to cities connected to Milan Bergamo Airport. This edition highlighted European capitals and the Emerald and Amalfi Coasts, while reducing the space dedicated to promoting tourism in Bergamo and its province.
This editorial choice aligns with passengers' needs, as they find useful tourism and cultural information about their destination while browsing the print magazine before boarding or during their flight aboard aircraft departing from Bergamo Airport.
The section "News from the airlines" offers an overview of the connections provided by airlines operating from BGY, while "Orio News" provides readers with information about services available at the airport.
Eugenio Sorrentino, the historical editor-in-chief who conceived and contributed to the founding of the magazine, left his position in September 2012 to pursue new professional experiences. Angela Trivigno, who had been part of the editorial team since 2005, took over as the new editor-in-chief.
Below are the 19 magazines of the second edition published between 2008 and 2012, featuring the contents of the main regular sections and their respective editorials, reflecting Milan Bergamo Airport, its connections, and the services offered to passengers who have chosen to fly from BGY for their business and leisure trips.
Avion Tourism Magazine N26/2008 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N26/2008
Avion Tourism Magazine N26/2008
Tourism: Villages of Lombardy
Tourism: it is time to ski
Destinations: Vienna, ancient and modern
Destinations: Stuttgarda city to be lived
Itineraries: A mountain of snow
Happenings: Bergamo jazz 2008
Itineraries: the Campanone with a vew of the city
The wings of Orio Al Serio: SkyEurope
On board diary: Night stop
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N26/2008
The routes have increased from 57 to 75 in less than a year. The map of connections from Orio al Serio Airport has grown richer to meet the demands of a market that combines business traffic with tourism and cultural travels.
In the months to come, to adapt the infrastructure of services to the new flux of passengers, the Orio al Serio Airport will undergo profound changes, further improving the level of accessibility, providing larger spaces and facilitating the checking in procedures and security measures. The phases that precede departure need to be highly synchronized to guarantee efficiency and respect of the times in order to meet the expectations of passengers and Airline Companies alike.
No less attention will be paid to the arrival zone which will be doubled by 2009 with the goal of maintaining optimal levels in the times needed for baggage delivery and exit. This series of measures already saw that the construction of the new check-in area was achieved in record time.

Avion Tourism Magazine N27/2008 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N27/2008 
Avion Tourism Magazine N27/2008
Tourism: Elba, ever-ever land
Destinations: Amsterdam: Travelling in the Venice of yhe North
Destinations: Brum, the surprising city of canals
Itineraries: Cycle tourism from the lakes to the valleys
Happenings: The world of geodiversity
On board diary: Goodbye to paper airline tickets
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N27/2008
The success of low cost air transport is not just a question of price. The many promotional campaigns that follow one after the other at different times of the year offer hundreds of thousands of seats at reduced prices, in some cases these are purely symbolic or even zero.
Each traveller has only to pay the added taxes, which are the same for everyone. The final amount is generally very low, but above all it reflects the convenience of flying by choosing in what way and how much to spend according to the type of trip.
You can arrive at the airport with your own car, and park in one of the car parks provided by the airport management company according to whether you wish to stay for a short or longer time. Otherwise you can use public transport or a taxi. In either case the ease of access to the terminal is an important factor, as is the range of destinations available, and these must be able satisfy the requirements of those who travel for business or study and those who travel for tourism or cultural purposes.
The routes served by Orio al Serio airport in spring-summer 2008 respond to all these characteristics, even more now than in previous years. The growth in passenger numbers and the continuous improvement in the load factor confirm the achievements of a formula that has found success on the internet and in the appreciation of airport services.

Avion Tourism Magazine N28/2008 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N28/2008
Avion Tourism Magazine N28/2008
Destinations: Londonview points over the Thames
Destinations: Paristhe charm if the Ville Lumiere
Destinations: Rome, the eternal city
Destinations: Imperial Vienna
Destinations: Madridthe heart of Spain
Destinations: Friendly Dublin
Destinations: Golden Prague
Destinations: Brusselscradle of Europe
Tourism: Costa Smeralda, sea and nature
Tourism: The Divina coast, the other Campania
Itineraries: Discover Lombardy
On board diary: Park at the airport and you're already in flight
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N28/2008
The great capitals of Europe are only one or, at most, two hours' flight from Orio al Serio Airport. An advantage not only for travellers arriving there, but also for the many people who decide to continue on to the heart of Lombardy. Bergamo airport is a convenient starting point for a tour of the cities that made the history of the old continent, cities admired for their identity, some for their cosmopolitan aspect, others for their architectural wonders and millenary imprint, others again for their blend of ancient solendours and skilful modern design.
But the area of Bergamo, one of the most productive regions, has also become one of the most important crossroads in Europe, a favoured destination because of its central position, which enables visitors to easily reach the centre of Milan, Italv's economic capital, which, along with its cultural and artistic heritage, is preparing to host Expo 2015, or to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Città Alta (Upper Bergamo), the magnificent scenery of the valleys and mountains, and the quiet and harmony of the lakes.
The increasingly consistent flow of travellers to and from the European capitals confirms the importance and role of the Bergamask airport in terms of mobility and cultural exchange. Orio al Serio Airport is now connected to two airports in four capitals that make up part of the network of destinations: Paris, London, Brussels and Rome. In this issue we will introduce the latest new destinations, together with the reasons for visiting Madrid, Prague, Vienna and Dublin.

Avion Tourism Magazine N29/2008 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N29/2008
Avion Tourism Magazine N29/2008
Destinations: Fés, a 1.200 year-old gem
Destinations: Casablanca, the biggest metropolis of the Maghreb
Destinations: Marrakechmagic soul of Morocco
Tourism: The ancient heart of ibiza
Tourism: A world of ski
Tourism: White paradies in Lombardy
Tourism: Winter holidays in Valle Brembana
Tourism: Winter holidays in Valle Seriana
Itineraries: Christmas markets
On board diary: An airport that is growing and adapting
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N29/2008
People who fly generally do so with intelligence and awareness, planning their movements in advance where possible, choosing the most convenient solutions without forgoing comfort and quality, studying routes to and from the airports, and using the most suitable means of transport to get there.
The arrival of low-cost fares and solutions in the air transport sector has changed the nature of supply and demand, just as the habits, behaviour and preferences of passengers increasingly condition the market. Airlines and airport management companies are called to offer easily usable services, the enjoyment of which makes the difference, beginning with accessibility and shortened transit times on departure and arrival.
The passenger, in turn, must respect the rules written in the travel terms and conditions on each electronic ticket, in particular by arriving on time at the check-in desks and taking note of the weight and dimensions of their hand and hold luggage.
A people-oriented airport is none other that a good combination of these elements, many of which obviously depend on the ability to make the terminal, external and airside services as organised as possible. The schedule of improvement works, which passengers will be able to enjoy at the end of 2009, is an answer to this objective.

Avion Tourism Magazine N30/2009 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N30/2009
Avion Tourism Magazine N30/2009
Destinations: Europe and the Danube
Destinations: Budapest, the water capital 
Destinations: In discovering of Sofia
Destinations: The new face of Bucharest
Destinations: Cluj, a multiethnic city
Destinations: Timisoara, la piccola Vienna
Destinations: Bratislava, the newest capital city
Tourism: The Lombardy lakes, pearls of nature
Tourism: The colours and charm of lake Como
Tourism: Amids the blue waters of Lake Iseo
On board diart: Commitment and attention towards the environment
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N30/2009
The number of passengers using Orio al Serio Airport is growing, and work is proceeding feverishly to enlarge the terminal and enhance services by the end of 2009. 2008 saw an overall movement of 6.5 million passengers, an increase of 13 percent on the year, the highest figure among Italian airports.
This success was based on factors such as accessibility, convenience, ease with which operations before boarding are performed, fast baggage reclaim times on arrival, but above all a network of connections to all the main European and central-southern Italian cities.
The goal for 2009, during which a further increase in passenger traffic expected, although not in double percentage figures as in previous years, is to strengthen the role of Orio al Serio within the sphere of the Lombardy airport system.
For this purpose new work has begun, destined to be finished in December 2009, which will more than double the size of the boarding areas and create a new security check area with 10 checkpoints instead of the current seven. There will also be more space for shops, thus guaranteeing a more complete and varied offer.

Avion Tourism Magazine N31/2009 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N31/2009
Avion Tourism Magazine N31/2009
Destinations: Leeds the gateway to Yorkshire
Destinations: Reggio Calabriathe enchantment of the sea
Destinations: The Riviera of the Cyclops and the Lemons
Destinations: Trapani, the secular civilization of the sea
Destinations: Charms and colours of the Palermo Coast
Destinations: Salento, a land between two seas
Tourism: Art itineraries in Lombardy 
Tourism: Bergamo, a gem of city
Tourism: The treasures of Lake Como
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N31/2009
Passenger movement figures at Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport recorded a positive result in the first three months of this year. This significant growth represents a seal of approval from customers, confirming their appreciation of the choice of connections (83 scheduled with the start of the summer timetable) and the response to their requests and needs.
A figure that goes against current general trends in air transport, which is coming to terms with the difficult international situation.  The winning formula of low-cost fares, increasingly simplified procedures, efficient and people-oriented services and the regularity and punctuality of flights is appreciated by people travelling for work, tourism, study and family reasons and has determined the airport's success.
Meanwhile the airport terminal is undergoing a makeover, with improvements works scheduled for completion in December 2009. This will enable service and operational infrastructures to be tailored to the current flow of passengers and those expected in the years to come. Greater space will be made available in the boarding areas, which, as a result, will enable new retail outlets to be created.
The simultaneous increase in the number of security checkpoints will also helo to enhance the excellent performance of the airport. From 2010, further investments are planned, which are aimed at sustaining the airport's growth, designing the new architectural profile of the terminal and improving the range of services and the airport's accessibility.

Avion Tourism Magazine N32/2009 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N32/2009
Avion Tourism Magazine N32/2009
Destinations: Under the skies of Capri
Destinations: Ischia, where the green plunges into blue
Destinations: Crete, the glamour of Minoan civilisation
Destinations: Rhodes, god of the sun' kingdom
Destinations: Sibiudivided in two, united to Europe
Destinations: Bacauorthodox spirit
Destinations: Liverpool, the world in a city
Destinations: Manchester, a contemporary metropolis
Tourism: Lombardy, a paradise for the palate
Tourism: The tastes and flovour of Lake Como
On board diary: Trawel fly, virtual airline
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N32/2009
While the terminal at Orio al Serio Airport is gradually changing its appearance as improvement works continue to provide greater space before the start of next winter, passenger numbers are again encouraging in contrast to the current trend in air transport.
The turning point occurred during the first six months of this year, when an increase of almost 5 % was recorded with respect to 2008. The positive figure reflects the excellent connections offered by the airport and the preference of travellers who consider Orio al Serio to be a convenient solution and cheaper alternative for reaching their destination.
Particular attention has been paid to the areas outside the terminal and to the aircraft apron. Although operating conditions are affected by the improvement works, the parking system at the airport, which in summer is supplemented with extra parking spaces in the Low-Cost Car Park, and the reorganisation of the short-stay areas offer suitable solutions for the requirements of passengers and the people who accompany them. Similarly, boarding and disembarking stages have been organised to ensure greater efficiency, punctuality and regularity of flights, thereby reducing discomfort to a minimum.

Avion Tourism Magazine N33/2009 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N33/2009
Avion Tourism Magazine N33/2009
Destinations: Berlin without borders
Destinations: Naples, a world to discover
Destinations: Tangier, the port of Morocco
Destinations: Casablanca, legend and tradition
Destinations: Praguecity of a hundred spires
Tourism: Sport and nature on the snow of Lombardy
Tourism: Lake Como, winter magic
Tourism: Winter holidays in Castione della Presolana
On board diary: Air Arabic Maroc
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N33/2009
As you leaf through the pages of this magazine, you might notice that those around you are travelling for many different reasons. With summer behind us, we find that people fly mainly for business, and the practice of taking hand luggage only prevails.
Simplified online check-in procedures, available for most of the flights operating out of Orio al Serio Airport, are proving to be increasingly popular, and waiting times and check-in services at traditional desks are receiving positive comments.
During autumn we encounter people heading for warmer destinations in the Mediterranean and Middle East and others arriving with ski equipment, ready to enjoy the first snows.
The image of Bergamo airport is embodied in these comings and goings, with passenger flows that contribute to increasing the load factor on scheduled aircraft and maintaining the activity of charter carriers at a good level.
Avion Tourism Magazine N34/2010 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N34/2010
Avion Tourism Magazine N34/2010
Destinations: Billund, in the land of Lego and Andersen 
Destinations: Abruzzo, the greenest region in Europe
Destinations: Historical Gdansk, the amber capital
Destinations: Nantes, the Venice of the West
Destinations: Riga, a world on the Baltic sea
Destinations: Kosice, the heart of eastern Slovakia
Tourism: Lombardy's Lake: amphitheatres over the water
Tourism: Tourist itineraries on Lake Iseo
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: the new air-side terminal is now in operation
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N34/2010
With more than seven million passengers in 2009, Orio al Serio Airport has seen continuous growth for eight consecutive years. This result is mainly due to low-cost air traffic, but has been aided more generally by a network of connections which have a passenger load factor (a measure of the utilisation of the available carrying capacity of an aircraft) that is higher than the national average and one of the highest in Europe.
The combination of reliability, safety, efficiency and punctuality at the Bergamask airport ensures passenger appreciation of the services provided. The airport opened the first section of the new departure terminal just before Christmas last year and, to coincide with Easter festivities, is scheduled to complete and inaugurate a completely new infrastructure.
Passengers will be able to increasingly enjoy and appreciate quality hospitality - a decisive factor in ensuring that Orio al Serio remains their airport of choice.

Avion Tourism Magazine N35/2010 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N35/2010
Avion Tourism Magazine N35/2010
Destinations: Andalusia, Europe's mediterranean port 
Destinations: Granadathe treasure of Andalusia
Destinations: Seville, a crossroads of style and culture
Destinations: Malaga, pearl of the Costa del Sol
Destinations: Cyprus, island without age
Destinations: Poznan, legendary cradle of Poland
Destinations: Magic Wroclaw
Tourism: The great outdoors in Lombardy
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N35/2010
Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport has continuously increased its attractiveness to both regular and occasional travellers over the course of the years. The entire past decade was characterised by a constant growth in passenger numbers which has few equals in Italy and Europe.
The concentration of flights operated by typically low-cost carriers has brought people, both incoming and outgoing, to the airport, who have discovered that they can travel economically by air for work, study and tourism or simply for personal or family reasons.
This is a variegated world of people who have learnt to combine the advantages of low-cost fares with the punctuality of the flights, the speed of boarding and disembarking procedures, and the quality of hospitality and services.
Among these people, a high percentage are those who travel for business, professional men and women, entrepreneurs and the self-employed, who have discovered the advantages of the simple and no-frills approach of the airlines operating flights out of Bergamo airport: an airport that is undergoing expansion to make airport infrastructures, both inside and outside the terminal, more comfortable and efficient.

Avion Tourism Magazine N36/2010 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N36/2010
Avion Tourism Magazine N36/2010
Tourism: Cremona, a city of violins
Tourism: Bergamo, irresistible art fascination
Tourism: Istanbul, city of the four elements
Destinations: Tampere: the small great city
Destinations: Yorkshire, a timeless place
Destinations: Algarve, the cradle of all cultures
Destinations: Kaunas, ancient charm, modern heart
Destinations: Craiova, an university city
News from the airlines: the main news 
Orio News: news and services at the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N36/2010
Over the course of summer 2010, passengers using Orio al Serio Airport as a base for departure or as a place of arrival can choose between 86 destinations - 72 international and 14 Italian - with a total of 100 scheduled connections served by 18 airlines.
The network of scheduled flights extends from the extreme north of Europe to north Africa and from west to east of the continent, touching Russia for the first time from the month of September.
Together with ensuring that the airport is accessible, whatever mode of transport is used, we are working to make the airport more welcoming and provide services that meet the needs of travellers.
The wider variety of retail and food shops inside the new departure terminal has resulted in a level of appreciation that is more than satisfactory, while the images of some of the most beautiful corners of Bergamo and its province invite visitors to tour the city, whose unmistakable profile stands out on the horizon.

Avion Tourism Magazine N37/2010 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N37/2010
Avion Tourism Magazine N37/2010
Tourism: Special Lombardy: Reflections of light on the snow
Tourism: the maic of Christmas in New York
Destinations: Moscow: imposing old-world charm
Destinations: St. Petersburgthe Venice of the North
Destinations: Tenerifesun and sea all year round
Destinations: Naples and Campania, eternal beauty
Special selection: Avion Ski
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Special selection: Avion Style
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: shopping, news from the airlines, services
EDITORIAL  Avion Tourism Magazine N37/2010

Routes towards Russia, new flights to the east of Europe and the addition of London Gatwick, an important hub for connections across the Atlantic, have strengthened the role of Orio al Serio Airport in the context of continental air transport.

The destinations offered by Orio al Serio Airport are of increasingly strategic importance for geographical areas of high tourist and productive interest, from and to which passengers can take trips that often allow business to be combined with free time dedicated to discovering the cultural, artistic, scenic and food and wine aspects of an area. Whoever travels to Orio al Serio should not neglect the call of the splendid city of Bergamo, with its wonderful valleys and mountains well equipped and ready for the upcoming winter season.

The increasing number of passengers who arrive to admire local attractions and those of Lombardy is combined with flows of people leaving in discovery of Europe and the Mediterranean area.

A movement assisted by airport services that are appreciated for their efficiency, convenience and quality.


Avion Tourism Magazine N38/2011 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N38/2011
Avion Tourism Magazine N38/2011
Destinations: Tallinn, European capital of culture 2011
Destinations: Helsinki, capital of design
Destinations: Brno and the beauty of Moravia
Destinations: Kos, garden of the Aegean
Long range tourism: Buenos Aires, the queen of Plata
Charter Tourism: Taba, among history and natural beauty
Special Lombardy: Lombardy's lakes, enchanting mirrors of water
Special selection: Avion brand history, Trussardi
Special selection: Avion watches
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Special selection: Avion Style
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: shopping, news from the airlines, services
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N38/2011
For eight years, Avion has been the faithful travel and reading companion for passengers who choose to fly from Orio al Serio Airport or who, on landing, pick up a copy in the arrivals hall or at the airport tourist office. The magazine is a showcase for destinations reached by the airport, and it promotes places, itineraries and events in the local area and Lombardy.
Avion has accompanied the continuing growth of passenger movements and has evolved according to the communication requirements of Orio al Serio Airport with its increasingly varied customers. It aims to satisfy the interests of all travellers who use the routes offered by the airlines, by discussing topics and providing content that presents new or revisited destinations and travel opportunities.
Alongside articles on places served by scheduled flights, space is also given in each issue of the magazine to one of the destinations served by charter flights from Orio al Serio Airport and an international city that can be reached by making an intermediate stopover. In this way, visitors can learn more about the array of destinations that are included in the seasonal timetables.
As of Sunday 27 March, to coincide with the introduction of daylight saving time, the summer flight timetable will be introduced, in which further changes will be made to both routes and frequencies.

Avion Tourism Magazine N39/2011 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N39/2011
Avion Tourism Magazine N39/2011
Destinations: Prague, magical city of a hundred spires
Destinations: Gran Canaria, a continent in miniature
Destinations: The Conero Riviera, from the beaches to the hills of the infinite
Tourism: Turkish sea. Mediterranean charm: Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir.
Long range tourism: Toronto, the multi-ethnic capital of Ontario
Special Lombardy: Landscapes and treasures to discover by bike
Special selection: Avion Sunglasses
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Special selection: Avion Style
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: shopping, news from the airlines, services
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N39/2011
On 23rd March 2011, Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport was named after the painter Michelangelo Merisi, known simply as "Caravaggio", to commemorate the 400th anniversary of his death in 2010. The choice of name was certainly not easy considering that the Bergamo area, over the course of the centuries and up to the present day, has produced figures of considerable importance and worldwide renown.
The choice of Caravaggio responds to the desire to celebrate one of the greatest ever exponents of figurative art, who had an unmistakable painting style inspired by light and characterised by powerful religious realism. His fame and name, which are now linked to Orio al Serio Airport, will contribute to raising awareness of the great cultural, artistic and architectural heritage preserved in the Bergamo area.
Boasting such a prestigious name makes it possible to celebrate the 40 years since the airport was granted civil status in a befitting manner. In addition to the growth and consolidation of the Bergamo airport on the air transport scene, the connection with Caravaggio confirms it as a fully internationalised airport, a fact that assumes even greater value in view of Expo 2015 and other major upcoming events in Bergamo and Lombardy.

Avion Tourism Magazine N40/2011 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N40/2011
Avion Tourism Magazine N40/2011
Destinations: Royal and olympic London
Destinations: Djerba, island of forgetfulness
Destinations: Thessaloniki, macedonian heart, european style
Destinations: Flying over the Santiago's way od Saint James
Long range tourism: Los Angeles, California Dreaming
Special Lombardy: Lombardy's Spa resorts
Special selection: Avion Hi-Tech
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: shopping, news from the airlines, services
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N40/2011
The attraction of Orio al Serio Airport, recently named after the painter "Caravaggio", continues to grow in the wake of a constant trend of growth in passenger numbers which, during the ten-year period 2002-2011, has few equals in Italy and Europe.
This summer 2011, the airport offers 107 scheduled connections to 93 destinations, 78 of which are international destinations in 28 countries, and 15 national. A network generated by airlines equipped with modern fleets that operate to destinations of geographic importance in the principal areas of Europe, central and southern Italy and the Mediterranean basin.
Some airlines also offer the opportunity to take connecting flights to other airports in their network, and this contributes greatly to increasing the number of destinations on offer. Considered a new international gatewav to and from Lombardy, Orio al Serio Airport is Italy's third border after Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa. This importance that has been given further significance by the opening of new operational headquarters of the border police of Orio al Serio Airport - a result of the increased flow of passengers travelling on routes outside the Schengen area - which enables the use of extremely advanced identity control and monitoring systems, in line with the major European airports.

Avion Tourism Magazine N41/2011 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N41/2011
Avion Tourism Magazine N41/2011
Destinations: Budapestcity of spas
Destinations: Manchesterstyle made in England
Destinations: Marseillethe world capital of water
Destinations: Casablancaa city looking to the future
Charter Destinations: The veils of Sharme el Sheik
Long range tourism: The charme of Beijing, open-air temple 
Special selection: Avion Ski
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: news from the airlines, services, news
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N41/2011
Ten years ago, Orio al Serio Airport took a gamble on low cost air transport. This innovative formula was thrust into the notice of customers and welcomed with increasing favour thanks to products that were advantageous in terms of convenience, efficiency and reliability. A success that was determined by the organisational and professional model developed by the airport management company, together with the increasingly incisive input of people specialised in typically aeronautical duties such as passenger assistance services.
The presence of low cost carriers has helped many people, particularly the young, to experience flying, widening their cultural and educational horizons and increasing exchanges and opportunities of a professional and business nature in general. Moreover, the success of the low cost offer has not resulted in the disappearance of traditional airlines, but instead contributed to creating a combination of opportunities in the network of connections.
The arrival of the airline Air Dolomiti, which, from 21 December 2011 in collaboration with Lufthansa, will be operating three daily flights on the route between Orio al Serio and Frankfurt International Airport, the largest and most important in Germany, marks another turning point because it facilitates connectivity with the intercontinental network.
With Expo 2015 in view, further work is planned to upgrade airport infrastructures and create an rail link, which will give the airport a significant boost in terms of accessibility. All this will be achieved while guaranteeing the compatibility of aeronautical activities with the surrounding area.

Avion Tourism Magazine N42/2012 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N42/2012 
Avion Tourism Magazine N42/2012
Destinations: Frankfurt, the charm of contrast
Destinations: Dublin, beautiful and elegant
Destinations: Alexandria in Egypt, perl of the Mediterraneo
Long range tourism: Hong Kong, symphony of lights and colours
Tourism: Striking destinations in the Lecco Brianza area
Special Lombardy: Golf in Lombardy
Special selection: Avion Golf
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: news from the airlines, services, news
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N42/2012
"Il Caravaggio" Airport will be celebrating two important anniversaries. Forty years ago, on 21 March 1972, the first scheduled flight destined for Rome Campino took off from the airport.
Thirty years later, on 14 February 2002, St. Valentine's Day, the era of low-cost air transport began with the arrival of a Ryanair flight from Frankfurt Hahn, which revolutionised people's habits and attracted a large number of new passengers.
Punctuality, safety and essential services for flying from one city to another: a method that combines efficiency and convenience to the extent that it has become increasingly better known, even among frequent flyers. This expanding phenomenon has contributed to the continuous growth of passenger numbers at the airport, which in 2011 reached 8.4 million.
In this way, "Il Caravaggio" Airport has strengthened its role in Lombardy and on the national air transport scene, where it sits side by side in terms of importance with the airports of Milan Malpensa and Linate.
New developments for the end of 2011 include the start of direct flights to Frankfurt International Airport, which offer the possibility of continuing on to over 200 destinations throughout the world using Lufthansa's network.
An opportunity that increases the attraction of the Bergamask airport, which is chosen for its accessibility and the standards of quality of its airport services.

Avion Tourism Magazine N43/2012 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N43/2012
Avion Tourism Magazine N43/2012
Destinations: Olympic London
Destinations: Infinite Cantabrie. Santander.
Destinations: Sal and Boa Vista, pearls of Cape Verde
Long range tourism: Tokyo, a city without squares
Special Lombardy: In discovery of the Lecco area
Special Lombardy: The Bergamask lakes: Lake Iseo and Lake Endine
Special selection: Avion Watches
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: news from the airlines, services, news
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N43/2012

Spring at "II Caravaggio" Airport is blossoming with over one hundred connections. The network of scheduled flights extends from the north and eastern Europe to the Atlantic and Black Sea, and to North Africa and the Red Sea, reaching several destinations in the Mediterranean area, some of which are very popular seasonal resorts, others are places of certain cultural and tourist interest.

The progressive expansion of the destinations reached by the airport is increased thanks to the availability of connections via Frankfurt, which opens up a further 200 routes to every part of the globe, and via airports that are in a strategic position for connections to eastern countries, such as Timisoara in Romania, and Asian countries near to Europe, such as Istanbul.

2012 will be the year of an Olympic summer, preceded by the Jubilee of Queen Elisabeth Il, who is celebrating sixty years on the throne: events that will focus the attention of a multitude of visitors on London and the surrounding area.

In this framework, the request for transport to and from the Bergamask airport continues to grow, confirming that the quality of the airport services and its excellent accessibility are appreciated as much as the low prices of the plane tickets.


Avion Tourism Magazine N44/2012 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N44/2012
Avion Tourism Magazine N44/2012
Destinations: Johannesburg, the city of gold
Destinations: Perugia, the imposing city
Destinations: Monastir, enchantingattraction
Destinations: Crotone, the pearl of Magna Grecia
Destinations: The multiethnic charm of Chisinau
Special Lombardy: The wine routes
Special Lombardy: The Orobie, mountains to enjoy
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: news from the airlines, services, news
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N44/2012
The start of summer coincides the greatest movement of passengers, and the consequent increasing need to maintain the high levels of quality of airport services.
With an increase in load factor, there is also a corresponding requirement to ensure that the airport maintains its top-level position in the air transport sector, beginning with its excellent punctuality index and low level of baggage mishandling.
In order to ensure that the excellent results achieved by Orio al Serio Airport over the past ten years continue, new areas and further services must be provided so that the terminal is ready to receive the progressive increase in passenger numbers.
This is reason behind the airport management company's decision to schedule work to upgrade the check-in area, near the security check area, and the shopping gallery in the public area, which will begin in the second half of September 2012 and continue until February 2013.
The work envisages the addition of three new security check lanes, bringing the total to 13; the organisation of areas dedicated to the VIP lounge area; and the creation of a shopping gallery, together with the upgrading of all signs and instructions to ensure that they are the same as those in the departure area.

Avion Tourism Magazine N45/2012 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N45/2012
Avion Tourism Magazine N45/2012
Destinations: Bratislava, a medioeval city on the Danube
Destinations: Christmas in Vienna
Destinations: Kiev and Lviv, the hidden gems of Ukraine
Destinations: Nantes, the first of the castles on the Loire
Destinations: Tenerife, the islands of treasures
Long range tourism: Shanghai, pearl of the Orient
Special Lombardy: White Lombardy
Special selection: Avion Beauty
Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport: news from the airlines, services, news
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N45/2012
Ready to depart. There are many articles featured in this issue of Avion which provide passengers travelling for business or pleasure from Milan - Orio al Serio Airport with useful tips on destinations to visit or simple suggestions for organising a future trip.
We fly to Bratislava to get a flavour of the culture and traditions of this truly surprising city, located very close to Vienna, where you can not only enjoy a tour of the city, but also visit the celebrated local Christmas markets.
We take a trip to Ukraine, which, with the cities of Kiev and Lviv, is a truly special place that offers destinations for all tastes: city, sea and mountains. We also head towards the sea, to the warmth of welcoming Tenerife, with its beautiful beaches nestled among wonderful natural landscapes.
And it you thinking of taking a skibreak, we feature the excellent ski resorts of Lombardy's provinces, which are close to Milan - Orio al Serio Airport and set among pine forests and breathtaking mountains.
If, instead, you're planning a long distance trip, we propose Shanghai, not only for the new business it offers, but also to take in the distinctly modern trends typical of an international metropolis. Today the city is closer that ever before and easily reached from Milan - Orio al Serio with a short stop at Frankfurt Airport.
In addition, columns and information on the airport, and news on the airlines and the many services provided for passengers complete this new issue of the magazine. Before leaving you to read, we would like to affectionately say goodbye to Eugenio Sorrentino, the previous editor-in-chief, who created and contributed to establishing the magazine ten years ago and has now decided to embark on new professional experiences. The Publisher, the editor-in- chief Angela Trivigno and all the editorial staff wish him every success, like that achieved by Avion Magazine through his professionalism.

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