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North west Sicily is known for the intense blue of the sea, the lush green of the vegetation and the dark colours of the rocks and promontories. The section of coast near Palermo is a rich setting of bathing sites and splendid coastlines in a world of marine perfumes and fragrances typical of fruit and lemon trees, as well as the flavours and odours typical of fish.
Palermo Coast.
Palermo Coast. Photo: Copyright © / Stephen Starbuck / Shutterstock
Palermo, the capital of Sicily, forever the nerve point of communications between the Mediterranean and Europe, is the city defined by the Arabs as a “paradise on earth”. Its buildings represent all styles: from Arab-Norman to Gothic-Renaissance, from eighteenth-century Baroque to Art Deco. Tourism tours, among religious buildings and characteristic districts, culture and traditions, offer an insight into the rare beauty of the city. There are numerous well-equipped beaches near the city.
Mondello. Palermo Coast.
Mondello. Palermo Coast. Photo: Copyright © / Stephen Starbuck / Shutterstock
Among the seaside resorts in the area Mondello is worth a particular mention. This bathing destination par excellence features a piazza – a popular meeting place – facing the sea, and the beach of Marinella, bound by high rocky walls. Here the sea has unique colours and is filled with splendid vegetation, underwater caves and fascinating rocks. A short distance away is the spectacular sight of Capo Gallo.
Isola delle Femmine. Palermo Coast.
Isola delle Femmine. Palermo Coast. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Beyond Isola delle Femmine, a village that has preserved its seafaring origins and has almost become a suburb of Palermo, is the well-equipped tourist resort of Capaci. The old coastal town of Cinisi offers numerous cultural and wildlife attractions. Here in July the interesting procession of Santa Fara takes place.
Another maritime location is Terrasini, whose beauty lies in the sea and coastline with its bewitching colours, particularly at sunset. The variety of rocks and stacks can be admired from the Capo Rama promontory. Beyond the port is the splendid Maggagiari beach.
Gulf of Termini. Palermo Coast.
Gulf of Termini. Palermo Coast. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
On the Tyrrhenian coast is the city of Termini Imerese with thermal springs which, according to legend, were created by nymphs who needed the water to revive Hercules after one of his celebrated exertions. Particularly interesting is the east part of the Gulf of Termini
Cefalù. Palermo Coast.
Cefalù. Palermo Coast. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Cefalù, another important historical, maritime and tourist resort known for its monumental Norman cathedral, is a city that unites truly considerable natural and panoramic elements. The charm of its coastline is enhanced by the pleasing contrast of colours, from the turquoise blue of the sea to the golden yellow of the sand. The seafaring district, with its old fishermen’s houses facing the beach and the Temple of Diana on an archaeological site are well worth a visit. The coastal itinerary also includes the fishermen’s village of S. Elia, situated below the historical ruins of the famous Solunto, one of the three cities with Carthaginian origins in Sicily.

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Mondello. Palermo Coast. Mondello. Palermo Coast. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
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