The sovak city with a vibrant cultural life
The city of Košice is Slovakia’s second largest city. It is situated in a valley in the eastern part of the country. A city with a rich and glorious past, its historical centre is truly a gem. The main square is in the shape of a “lens” and is overlooked by valuable monuments and historical buildings.
There are also interesting archaeological remains: 26 fragments of the ancient walls are preserved in various parts of the city. The largest is situated in the area of Dolná brána (Lower Gate). Other well preserved parts of the Medieval city walls are Katova bašta and the reconstructed wall on Hradbová ulica.
St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral
The imposing St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, built in Gothic style, lies in the heart of the urban fabric. The largest place of worship in Slovakia, it was built from 1380. Restored several times, the present-day cathedral’s main altar dates back to 1474-77 and features 48 Marian paintings dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary – the largest collection in Europe.
The city of Košice also offers a series of buildings of considerable interest.
The Chapel of St. Michael
The churches and historical buildings
  • the Chapel of St. Michael, a fourteenth-century Gothic building with the       remains of Medieval frescoes
  •  the House of Levoca, also in Gothic style, where the first printing works       in the city was created;
  • the Dominican Church, the oldest holy building in Košice, dating back to     the thirteenth century; 
  • the St. Urban Tower, which has Gothic origins but was rebuilt in                   Renaissance style;
  • the column of Mary Immaculate, a beautiful sculpture in Baroque style.
  • Another important building is the National Theatre, built in neo-Baroque      style. The interior of the theatre has rich stucco decorations, a lyre-            shaped stage, and ceiling decorated with scenes from the works of William    Shakespeare.
Museum of Slovacchia Orientale
The museums
Thanks to the presence of museumsgalleriestheatres, cinemas, the State Philharmonic Orchestra and libraries, Košice offers a very interesting cultural scene. The best known museum, unique of its kind, is the Wax Museum, which is found in the Urbanova veža (St. Urban Tower) on Hlavná ulica (Main Street). The Letecké múzeum (Aviation Museum) has recently opened near the airport.
 The history Festival
The events
Many cultural events take place during the year: the Music Spring Festival, the International Chamber Music Festival, the Gourmet Festival and the events of art. Sporting events include the International Peace Marathon, which takes place on the first Sunday in October.
The oldest railway in Slovakia is the Detská železnica (Children’s railway) in Cermelské údolie (Cermel Valley), which travels to Alpinka.
Thanks to its geographical position, Košice offers many opportunities for trips into eastern Slovakia, and to bordering countries such asHungaryUkraine and Poland. Nearby is the only cold water geyser in Europe, in Herlany, the Castle of Krásna HôrkaBetliar House, the Slovak Paradise National Park and the dam of Ružín.
Where to sleep in Kosice
Kosice is a welcoming city and offers different possibilities for accommodation.
To find the ideal hotel and the best offers you can do a search for the stars but also for districts or landmarks.
Hotels for stars, differentiated by type of services:
Hotels in the districts

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The Cathedral of Košice, dating back to 1380, houses the altar of St. Elisabeth – with a rare Gothic double spiral staircase - and a crypt.  The frescos and sculptures, which adorn its interior and exterior, are the work of master Štefan, a local artist from the 15th century. The St. Michael Chapel is a short distance from St. Elisabeth Cathedral.
The historic town hall was built between 1779 and 1780. Inside it has beautiful halls and the state rooms of the mayor of the city. Beyond the courtyard lies the former Fórum-Slovan cinema, which now hosts concerts and theatre performances. 
The National Theatre was designed by architect Adolf Lang. In addition to the exterior with Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau elements, the ceiling features scenes taken from the works of William Shakespeare and was created by Peregrin von Gastgeb from Vienna.

Hlavná 88
This museum offers exhibitions on various topics: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, artistic metalwork, cartography, typewriters, etc... With over 16,000 valuable collections, today it is a science and technology centre that illustrates physical, chemical, astronomical and mathematical phenomena.
Nižná Myšľa, 10 km from Košice
This is the site of the excavations that brought to light a settlement of elk and mammoth hunters and their tombs dating back 3,500 years. The museum is situated in the building of the former Mysla Monastery in the village of Nižná Mysla. The visit also includes a tour of the underground catacombs of the monastery.
Hviezdoslavova 3
This museum is the oldest in Slovakia; it houses a collection of over 3,000 pieces, including works of art, letters, manuscripts and a library. It currently holds over 500,000 objects and a selection of these are displayed in permanent exhibitions arranged according to type.
Torre di Sant'Urbano/St.Urban Tower - Hlavná street
The museum houses 23 wax figures of famous personalities such as the genius of Pop Art Andy Warhol, the patron saint of the city St. Elisabeth Durínska or the builder of the Cathedral of St. Elisabeth, the master Štefan.
Hlavná 16/Cafe -Zlatý Dukát Hotel
This is a private collection of glass, transformed in objects of art. The museum exhibits works by Czech and Slovak glassmakers from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The exhibition can be viewed in the coffee bar of the Hotel Zlatý Dukát.
Under Hlavná street
In the underground museum complex visitors can admire the old entrance to the city of Kosice and part of walled fortifications of Košice dating back to the second half of the thirteenth century.
Košice Airport
This museum exhibitions a collection that is certain to interest all lovers of aviation and flying machines.
This museum illustrates local folk culture through traditional costumes, crafts and trades.
Mäsiarska street 35
This museum displays the personal items of the well-known writer Sándor Márai, who was born in Košice, including manuscripts, photos and paintings.
The “Premonstratsky” monastery is found in Jasov. It features a Baroque church with numerous paintings and valuable wall paintings. A French-style garden surrounds the monastery. 
This is one of the oldest and best preserved castles in Slovakia. In the eighteenth century it defended the medieval roads that crossed the mining area of  Slovenske rudohorie. Beneath the castle is the mausoleum of Andrassy, one of the most important Art Nouveau constructions.
This is a grand fifteen-century mansion with large English-style gardens which dominates the small town of Betliar. It consists of 21 living rooms and as many bedrooms, 3 dining rooms, a library with 15,000 books, and in the basement, among the travel souvenirs of the owners, a 4000-year old mummy from the Pyramid of Giza.
The artificial Lake of Ruzin, built on the Hornad River is situated 33 km from Košice. It is an ideal place for enthusiasts of water sports.
This is a Nature Reserve with the Canyon of Zadielska that is 4 km long, 350 m wide in places and at times only 7 m wide. The Canyon of Zadielska has been carved by the small Blatnica River into limestone terrain.
This cave, inhabited during the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age, is located near the town of Jasov in the south-eastern part of the Košice basin. The underground area of the cave features large chambers, the largest of which is the so-called Great Dome. Tour time: 45 mins.
The ski resort of Kavecany is 5 km from Košice. It offers 6 ski lifts, 8 downhill pistes, cross-country trails, a ski school and bob runs. Kavecany also has a Zoo.


The town of Stos is known for its thermal spa, where respiratory diseases are treated. It also offers skiing in the winter.
The cold geyser is located 27 km from Košice. This true rarity – similar to those found in Iceland – emits a jet 20-30 m high every 32-34 hours which lasts 25-30 minutes.
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