The Citron Riviera and Coast of the Gods

Paradise for sea lovers
The airport of Lamezia Terme is located in the centre of the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast, a land that offers the extraordinary combination of both sea and mountains. All resorts in the area are just a short distance from one another and there is great tradition of tourist hospitality, with facilities and accommodation of an excellent standard.
Riviera dei Cedri, Calabria
Island of Dino, Praia a Mare, Calabria. Citron Riviera. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Large, white sandy beaches alternate with jagged cliffs with small coves of rocks and sand. The water is limpid blue, transparent and crystal clean. Heading northwards, from the Gulf of S. Eufemia along the Citron Riviera, you pass through the towns of Amantea, Sangineto, Diamante, Cirella and Scalea before reaching Praia a Mare, where the beauty and charm of the area can be seen in the vast, dark sandy beach that is always ventilated by a sea breeze.
Amantea, Calabria
Amantea. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
The most interesting feature of the landscape is the island of Dino, a genuine jewel of nature in the shape of a ship only 200 metres from the shore, which is covered by luxuriant Mediterranean maquis and anchored to the mainland by thin strip of sand.
Riviera dei Cedri, Calabria
Arcomagno Beach. Calabria. Citron Riviera. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
The 4 km walk around the island’s perimeter and up to the highest point at 65 metres is very enjoyable, but its caves are its most interesting and surprising attraction. The Grotta Azzurra (Blue Cave) in particular is spectacular, and the iridescent reflections it produces on the sea create an almost enchanted atmosphere. Just south of the island of Dino, the beach of Fiuzzi is animated by stacks, cliffs, rocks and gorges.
Riviera dei Cedri, Calabria
Cave of Citron Riviera. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock

To the south of Lamezia Terme the section of coast known as the “Coast of the Gods” offers some of the most beautiful and striking places of the entire tourist panorama of Calabria: Pizzo, Vibo Marina, Tropea and Capo Vaticano.
Riviera dei Cedri, Calabria
San Nicola Arcella - Arco Magno. Citron Riviera. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Tropea is one of the most beautiful beach location in Europe. Queen of the Tyrrhenian coast, in a characteristic position above the sea, Tropea offers bathers extremely fine white sandy beaches, such as the “Cannone” beach behind the north pier of the tourist port and the “Rotonda” beach, surrounded by cliffs and the buildings of the historic centre: a position that makes it truly special.
Tropea. Photo: Copyright © / GagliardiPhotography / Shutterstock

The area of Capo Vaticano is considered a wildlife oasis. Along the shore, with its wild, unspoilt countryside, a myriad of stacks and rocks are dispersed throughout the sea below, similar to those that emerge in front of the bays of Grotti and Grotticelle, which have beautiful beaches of white sand. On clear days the Eolie Islands can be seen from the high cliffs of Capo Vaticano.
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