The small great city
Lit by the endless light of the Nordic summer, when the sun shines for 20 hours a day, Tampere is a pretty city that is located in a magnificent position on a narrow isthmus and surrounded by two large lakes, the Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, and dense forests. Small enough to be visited on foot, it has long industrial history and offers numerous cultural and recreational attractions. The magnificent spectacle of nature, in which the colours blue and green dominate, characterises the entire urban environment.
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In Tampere you can fish salmon in the city centre, and walk on grass in summer in Koskipuisto Park and on frozen Lake Nasijärvi in winter. The summer in Finland is short, but the days are very long. In one day you can fit in the same amount of activities that would normally require two or three days anywhere else. During the summer months you can admire the beautiful hilly scenery and listen to stories of every day life with a peaceful walk of an hour and a half. And you can visit the entire city, including the lake and major attractions, by bus in less than two hours.
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River Tammerkoski
A walk along the banks of the river Tammerkoski, a channel of rapids that connects the highest lake to the lowest, is an unforgettable experience.
The river is lined with a succession of red brick buildings that once housed factories but have now been transformed into museums, shopping centres, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, arts and craft workshops and boutiques.
Among the places of artistic interest there are the Vapriikki Museum Centre, located on an industrial site, and the Lenin Museum, the only permanent museum in the world devoted to the leader of the Russian Revolution.
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The Cathedral of Tampere
Tampere can boast a certain variety of architectural styles. The best example of National Romantic style is the Cathedral, which houses valuable works of art by some of Finland’s most famous artists.
The Orthodox Church is instead an excellent example of the Neo-Byzantine style.
Tampere is home to the largest amusement park in Finland, the Särkänniemi Park, which offers an aquarium, planetarium, dolphinarium, children’s zoo, observation tower (Näsinneula) with rotating restaurant and the Sara Hildén art museum. A wonderful view of the lakes can be enjoyed from the Näsinneula observation tower and the tower in the Pyynikki district. From the areas of Pyynikki and Pispala you can see the high ridges formed during the Ice Age.
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A visit to the Arboretum is also well worth while. This park of 11 hectares near the city centre has a botanical garden with nearly 500 species of plants, a rose garden which is in full bloom towards the end of summer, and a beautiful museum of dolls and historical costumes.
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Shopping in Tampere
The ideal areas are: Tallipiha (via Kuninkaankatu 4), an old industrial area of Finlayson and a perfect place to buy gifts and souvenirs in a pleasant environment; Joulupuu (via Kehrasaari), a collection of boutiques set in a former factory where you can find Christmas items all year round but also typical products from Finland, Lapland, Tampere, as well as sauna products; a stop in the covered market of Kauppahalli, along the main road (Kameenkatu 19), full of stalls with local products.
Finnish cuisine
Finland has a harsh climate that makes the cultivation of many products difficult, and as a result Finnish cuisine has no excellent agri-food products. The butter and milk are of the highest quality and a lot of yogurt and viili are preferred (milk with a gelatinous consistency). There are many types of bread, such as ruisleipä, prepared with rye flour or other cereals. The beef dog and the most consumed one followed by that of hare, reindeer, elk and balbresiki nikii, the characteristic Lappish boar. Famous are the grillimakkara, large würstel cooked on the flame and stuffed with mustard. Fruit and vegetables are mainly imported, with the exception of berries and in particular blueberries with which desserts such as mustikkapiirakka tart are prepared. Very popular are the berries, such as lakka (camember or cloudberry) with a sour taste, used to prepare lakkalikööri (lakka liqueur) or for jams, ice cream and camember flowers. Also loved by the Finns are salmiakki (salty liquorice) and Fazer Blue chocolate.
The cuisine of Tampere consists of fresh bread, new potatoes, blueberries, fresh cheese, fragrant brioches and pure fresh water.

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Where to sleep in Tampere

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Tampere is a welcoming city and offers different possibilities for accommodation.

To find the ideal hotel and the best offers you can do a search for the stars but also for districts or landmarks.

where to go in Tampere
Monuments and museums in Tampere
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Tuomiokirkonkatu 3
Built at the beginning of the twentieth century, the cathedral is an excellent example of national romanticism. It houses works by the most famous Finnish artists, sculptors and craftsmen of that period. 
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Alaverstaanraitti 5
Located in the old industrial area of Tampella, the museum hosts numerous exhibitions. It also houses Finland’s Ice Hockey Museum where you can test your skills on a simulator.
Puutarhakatu 34
In addition to the exhibition of the “Finnish Young Artist of the Year”, one can admire the commemorative collections with works by Finnish artists and well-known contemporary artists.
Finlayson, Satakunnankatu 18A
The agent test for all the family! This is the first museum in the world specialised in espionage, which has become a much-loved destination for families and offers an overview of the activities that have, at times, influenced world history more than official governments. It features information on special agents from all over the world, and old and new espionage devices that can be tried for hands-on fun. Thousands of visitors have passed the agent test and received a diploma.
Hämeenpuisto 28
The only permanent museum in the world dedicated to Lenin. The exhibition illustrates the life of Lenin during the first period of the Russian revolution.
Excursions in Tampere
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Walking tours to see the splendid scenery of the highest Morainic chain of the Ice Age, while listening to the history of this part of the city.
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Located in the centre of the city near Lake Pyhajarvi, the construction of this eleven hectare park began in 1971. Alongside the park is the Hatanpää manor house, a botanical garden and rose garden.
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Lake cruises with trips of twenty minutes to a nearby island, where you can enjoy the local food and walk along one of the beautiful paths. Dancing is included at the weekend, and a sauna can be organised with prior booking. Longer cruises are also available to Hameenlinna to the south or to Virrat to the north, or a cruise of an hour and a half-two hours with lunch or three hours in the evening. 
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A fun park for children with horse rides and different attractions such as a dolphinarium, aquarium, planetarium and zoo. The viewing tower of Näsinneula and the Sara Hilden Art Museum are attractions for the whole family.
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