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Publisher Sisterscom.com has been publishing magazines specializing in the tourism and lifestyle industry for 20 years.
It publishes tourist information magazines by directly taking care of the editing, layout, production, distribution and advertising. 

Sisterscom.com has created and manages the airport tourist information site that connects all Italian airports and the main international airports, the airline companies and tourist destinations, publishing daily useful news for passengers passing through airports and using planes as a means of transport to reach their tourist and business destinations.
The Avion Tourism website grew out of the decade-long experience in the field of airport - tourism publishing, and was developed with the collaboration of Milan Bergamo Airport (3rd airport in Italy for passenger numbers), which, with its destinations, represented the beginning of a dense network of connections between airportsdestinations and airlines, in continuous implementation.

Dual-language Edition 

Periodicity: daily

Registration N6 3 July 2019

Court of Bergamo (Italy)


Avion tourism magazine
Founded 19 years ago as the magazine of Milan Bergamo Airport, the Magazine has evolved into 3 individual dual-language magazines: specialized, interactive digital which provide quality tourist information on Italian and international destinations connected to major airports. 

Avion Tourism Magazine

Edition for website users

Dual-language ​​​Interactive digital edition

Periodicity: Quarterly

Registration N9 of 3 July 2019

Court of Bergamo (Italy)

It offers travel tips with tourist information
on destinations, airports and airlines
to inspire aviontourism.com users.

Avion Tourism Airport Magazine

Dual-language ​​​Interactive digital edition

Periodicity: Biannually

Registration N1 of 9 January 2003

Court of Bergamo (Italy)


It promotes tourist destinations and airlines operating from Milan Bergamo airport to passengers in transit through the airport.

Avion Tourism Airline Magazine

Dual-language ​​​Interactive digital edition

Periodicity: Biannually

Registration N7 and N8 of 3 July 2019

Court of Bergamo (Italy)


It promotes tourist destinations

and the services offered by the Albastar airline

to its passengers.

Avion Tourism Magazine and its special editions are free press of tourist information connected to the airport world, and offers to the travellers:  
 Tourist information on destinations
Information on connecting airports
Information on airlines operating the flights
Useful information for travellers in transit through airports.

Avion luxury magazine
To complete the offer of different types of air travelAvion Luxury Magazine was created in 2009. Avion Luxury Magazine is an exclusive and unique information channel for travellers in transit through the Business and General Aviation terminals of Italian airports.
Avion Luxury Magazine
Dual-language print edition
and interactive digital edition
Periodicity: Biannually

Registration N5 of 27 February 2009

and N6 of 3 July 2019

Court of Bergamo (Italy)

It offers luxury and lifestyle content that ranges from articles on exclusive holidays, 5-star hotels, private jets, FBOs, supercars and megayachts, to features on luxury jewellery and haute couture. The Luxury pages of the dedicated website offer selected news and information from the world of luxury.

They collaborate with the main representatives of Italian and international Tourism:
Tourist Boards, Airports, Airlines, Press Offices as well as with prestigious companies in the luxury and lifestyle sector all over the world.
Editor in Chief of the Magazines
Angela Trivigno
Editorial Staff of Avion Tourism Magazine and of the special editions
 Alisè Vitri, Enzo Cuppatri, Halewood Juliet Anne, Lisa Maria River, Nicolò Villa
Editorial Staff of Avion Luxury Magazine
Alex D'Agosta, Alisè Vitri, Franco Bruno, Francesco Salerno, Halewood Juliet Anne, Lisa Maria River
Marketing, Partnership, Advertising
Annalisa Trivigno
Press Office
International: press@aviontourism.com
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