05 April 2023

2003-2005 The historic covers of Avion Tourism Magazine

The three-year period that tells, through the contents of the magazine, the beginnings of the extraordinary development of Milan Bergamo airport
The Avion Tourism Magazine was created as an editorial product providing tourist and airport information, aimed at offering an exclusive entertainment service for transit passengers at Milan Bergamo Airport.
Registered in the Bergamo Court with the number N1/2003 on January 19, 2003 by Ferrari Grafiche Spa (at the time the publishing house of the Orobie magazine specializing in photographic books), which also printed the paper copies, the free press magazines were distributed in the airport in specially designed display stands located in strategic points of the airport.
The editorial staff, led by Eugenio Sorrentino, had a fixed editor and various external collaborators, while Annalisa Trivigno, Marketing and Communication Director of the publishing house, was in charge of the commercial and promotional management of the magazine.
On January 31, 2003, the historic editor-in-chief Eugenio Sorrentino closed the first issue of Avion Tourism Magazine in the editorial office, in glossy paper edition, published every two months. For the first edition, the AVION logo was created with the letter O transformed into an airplane porthole from which the profile of Bergamo Alta could be seen, and a bilingual layout (Italian-English) was chosen with 2 parallel columns in 21x28 cm format, printed on matte coated paper with a plasticized cover and a glossy serigraphy on the logo, with a minimum pagination of 96 internal pages.
The magazine included a series of fixed columns such as "Milano Bergamo News" and "News from the Carriers", providing information to passengers on the airport services, to which were added those called "Tourism", "Destinations", "Fabulous destinations" which described locations directly and not directly connected to BGY. The information was completed with a focus on "Bergamo and more", news on the main nearby events and various Lifestyle columns.
Below are the 18 magazines of the first edition published from 2003 to 2005, which accompanied the beginnings of the extraordinary development of Milan Bergamo Airport, with the contents of the main fixed columns and their respective editorials.
Avion Tourism Magazine N1/2003 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N1/2003.
Avion Tourism Magazine N1/2003
Fabulous destinations: Cabo Verde Atlantic oasis
Tourism: Ecotourism in Jordan
Destinations: London royal capital
Itineraries: Snow planet
Planes and painting: Mario Sironi. Man and airplane
Art: Great Manzù exhibition
Seen from close-up: Boeing 737-800
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N1/2003
An airport that is easy to reach and equipped with every service.
Operating and information system able to help aircrew, airline companies and passengers with professionalism, competence and promptness.
Avant-garde instrumentation to ensure maximum safety on the runway and in flight.
We have decided to add our official magazine to these requisites. Which we hope will be fully enjoyed and appreciated by everyone who chooses to use Orio al Serio airport.
An additional service that is intended as our welcome in the hope that reading the contents will interest travellers both while they are still on the ground and when in flight, but will also tell them more, not only about our airport and the advantages it offers, but about the City of Bergamo and its surrounding territory.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N2/2003 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N2/2003
Avion Tourism Magazine N2/2003
Fabulous destinations: Sharme El Sheikh aquarium of Allah
Tourism: Mexico Indian heart
Destinations: Modernistic, romantic Barcelona
Itineraries: The snow pyramid on the roof of the world
Planes and painting: Gerardo Dottori rebellious impulse
Art: Testori at Bergamo
History and culture: The walls of Bergamo
Seen from close-up: Airbus 320
The wings of Orio al Serio: Volare Group
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N2/2003
This issue comes out at the same time that work starts on boosting the airport infrastructures for better passengers services. The Arrivals section of the airport will be reorganised in early Summer, with 4 new baggage reclaim conveyor belts, three new waiting lounges and extra passport control points, thus cutting the time taken by international passengers to clear the airport. Then there's also a new lounge being built for Tour Operators, an assembly point for their passengers where they can distribute travel documents. This structure, with its operating stations, flight info system, snack point, toilets and air-conditionins, will be connected to the rest of the airport by means of a covered walkway for fast access to the check-in area.
Finally, the new baggage handling system should be ready by the end of the year. Fully automated with X-ray control, this will guarantee max safety and precise sorting of baggage onboard aeroplanes.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N3/2003 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N3/2003
Avion Tourism Magazine N3/2003
Fabulous destinations: Santo Domingo charm of the Caribbean
Tourism: Australia: the island continent
Destinations: Amsterdam free spirit
Itineraries: The paths of Orobie
Planes and painting: Giacomo Balla, metallic sky blue
Art: Vincent's choice
Personalities and towns: Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII
Seen from close-up: Avro regional jet 85
The wings of Orio al Serio: Basiq Air
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N3/2003
Wider spaces, more comfort, simplification of the operating system and a service altogether better for those who choose to go on holiday by air.
With the summer season of 2003 Sacbo has put a special area at the tour operators disposal, to use as a meeting point for passengers on charter flight departures.
The facilities, in front of the air terminal, to which it is linked by a covered pedestrian way, is equipped with eight check in desks, air conditioning system and all help, refreshments and communication services, including a flight information system.
From this reserved area, where boarding cards are handed out, one can easily reach the registration hall allowing smooth flow of passengers inside the air terminal towards the departure hall.
This structure, which will remain assigned to the charter flight passenger and tour operators until the terminal expansion work has not been completed, confirming the desire to offer more qualified services and a better ground assistance operating system.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N4/2003 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N4/2003
Avion Tourism Magazine N4/2003
Fabulous destinations: Formentera pearl of the Balearics
Tourism: Madagascar in the shade of the Baobab
Destinations: Berlin the city of rebirth
Itineraries: The wine roads
Planes and painting: Arrows over Manhattan
Art: Fra Galgario the seductions of the portrait
Personalities and towns: Camerata Cornello, le poste dei Tasso
Seen from close-up: MD 82
The wings of Orio al Serio: Air Berlin
EDITORIAL  Avion Tourism Magazine N4/2003
The increase in the number of passengers for the first half of 2003 positions Orio al Serio airport among the top ten Italian airports.
At he same time Ryanair celebrates its milionth passenger on a flight served by Orio al Serio since 14th February 2002.
Together with the satisfaction achieved and assurance of continuing to guarantee quality service to the passengers, who show appreciation particularly towards the assistance offered on departure and on arrival.
The summer months, characterized by the large quantity of travellers who choose to fly to their holiday destinations and the following period linked to business on the increase, represent a bank of proof important to remain in line with traffic foreseen and conferm an optimal annual continuity.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N5/2003 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N5/2003
Avion Tourism Magazine N5/2003
Fabulous destinations: Dubai, the miracle of black gold
Tourism: Polynesia Gauguin's muse
Destinations: Athens birthplace of the Olimpics
Itineraries: White tourism in the Orobie mountains
Planes and painting: Ambrosi poet of views
Art: A century of flight through of a thousand wonders
Personalities and towns: Caravaggio a painter in the Marian city
Seen from close-up: Embraer ERJ 145
The wings of Orio al Serio: Luxair
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N5/2003
The monthly record of Air traffic registered in August, with 388 thousand passengers in transit, awards the organizing and managerial work of the Bergamo stop over, that has also deserved a four star rating in the Touring Club listings, based on the findings of functional characters and approval of the service expressed by the passengers.
The possibility of flying low cost through Europe, combined to the quality, efficiency and punctuality of the services offered, by the low cost companies have gained new quotes of passengers, in the civil aviation field. The growth of Orio al Serio is accompanied by the arrival of passengers, different from the frequent flyers, that have learnt to appreciate the affordable rates, and the comfort of using the flight for ones transfers. The availability of flight connections, with the main European cities, has brought companies and businessmen to plan their journeys, with a remarkable time and cost saving. And just as important the development of flights with the South of Italy, thanks to Volareweb, that makes the Orio al Serio routes even more interesting.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N6/2003 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N6/2003
Avion Tourism Magazine N6/2003
Fabulous destinations: Maldives the kingdom of 1000 islands
Tourism: South Africa the rainbow nation
Destinations: Paris charm and romanticism
Itineraries: Winter on the Adriatic
Planes and painting: Prampolini from futurist to aeropainter
Art: In the sign of Fra Galgario
Personalities and towns: Borgocanale cradle of Donizetti
Seen from close-up: Dash 8 Q400
The wings of Orio al Serio: Ryanair
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N6/2003
The increase of passenger traffic, caused by the effect of politics on low-cost rates, has by now reached relevant proportions all over Europe. Old and new passengers have learned to make better use of the reservation system, choosing each time the most convenient solution for their journeys. The numerous alternatives, not only for the occasional traveller but also for those who travel often. The so-called "frequent flyers", and companies, by now, are used to program their flights taking aduantages of the on-line ticketing. Nevertheless low rates could not be so successful without the guarantee of comforts, punctuality and quality of service. A task that involues not only the airline companies but also the airport management, because the journey starts and finishes in the airport, where the assistance of passengers is prerogative of preference.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N7/2004 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N7/2004
Avion Tourism Magazine N7/2004
Fabulous destinations: Tenerife between Europe and Africa
Tourism: Tunisia between desert, oases and the sea
Destinations: Brussels daily surrealism
Itineraries: Ships to catch on the fly
Art: The human universe of Vangi
Personalities and towns: Bartolomeo Colleoni the legend of the leader
Seen from close-up: Boeing 757-200
The wings of Orio al Serio: Skyeurope
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N7/2004
The year 2003 has been the year of records for the traffic activity on Orio Al Serio airport: a total amount of 2.884.000 passengers equal to an increase of 127% more than in 2002. The transit on regular flights (2.340.000 passengers) has been three times more than in 2002, with a further 500.000 people flying on charter with an increase of 4%.
News also on the front of security and efficiency in the luggage service. At Orio al Serio airport began working an automated system to check the 100% of the passenger's hold luggage, until now performed by instruments set in the check-in areas. This new feature allows to monitor over than 1.680 bags/h and allowed also to thin the check-in procedures and rise to the top the security factor.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N8/2004 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N8/2004
Avion Tourism Magazine N8/2004
Fabulous destinations: Mauritius gleams of paradise
Tourism: Canada wild anatomy and a cosmopolitan heart
Destinations: Copenhagen a city sized for perfect living
Itineraries: the Museum overlooking the lake
Art: The messenger light of the universe
Personalities and towns: Bergamo birthplace of Torquato Tasso
Seen from close-up: Boeing 767-300 ER
The wings of Orio al Serio: Hapag-lloyd Express
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N8/2004
The definition "low cost airport", to suggest the presence of airlines operating low cost fares, is spreading not only among the insiders but also among passengers. It means that a landing have to guarantee the top efficiency in sharp timins for the flights and allow to the passengers to complete smoothly the check-in and security operations as well as to give and collect the luggage in short times. The airport itself, as an intermediate station, offers the whole range of services usuallt requested by the passengers before leaving or after the landing. Accessibility and comforts, as well as the advantages of the low cost ticket, become the factors to define the value added in the choice of a plane trip.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N9/2004 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N9/2004 
Avion Tourism Magazine N9/2004
Fabulous destinations: Zanzibar sultan of Africa
Tourism: Scotland magic land
Destinations: Vienna lady Europe
Itineraries: Along the Camino de Santiago
Art: Petrarch and his time
Personalities and towns: Bergamo city of 1000
Seen from close-up: Saab 340
The wings of Orio al Serio: Sterling
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N9/2004
The total flight timing, that starts in the moment we leave for the airport untill we finally land at destination, is the main factor on which we choose what plane is going to be ours. It is obvivos that every terminal operation should go smoothly, allowing the passenger to make it in time, nevermind if it's for touristic or business activities.
The constant growth in passengers quota and the increasing number of charter flights during summer bolidays made up the mind for Sacbo to improve the parking lots. Due to this enhancement, they started the construction of Fast Park, a prefab building beside the arrival area, adding 350 more lots from June and growing to 1000 when it will be entirely built.
It's planned to fit perfectly with the aims of a modern airport. Beside the efficiency of ground and flight services, the quality of assistance both in and outside the airport becomes the determining factor for the choice to be made.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N10/2004 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N10/2004
Avion Tourism Magazine N10/2004
Fabulous destinations: Malesia tiger of Asia
Tourism: Malta magical archipelago
Destinations: Munich, big time town
Bergamo and more: Golf, biking and wine
Art: The Return of St. Francis
Personalities and towns: The eagle of Lovere
Seen from close-up: Fokker 100
The wings of Orio al Serio: Air Dolomiti
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N10/2004
Record time. That's what is to be expected from Orio al Serio this summer. Along with the constant increase of passengers comes the excellent rating of services.
The preference given to Orio, both from tourists and businessmen flying with low-cost airlines, attest how good are the assistance and services during all the phases preceding and following the flight.
The check-in desks set-up and the different procedures in the charter flights area simplify the operations, the regular flow of passengers is guaranteed 24h/24h.
It's also important to point out the reason for this records, due not to the increased number of flights but to the high occupation rating of the seats on board.
The winner is the strategic policy of the landing management, always careful to guarantee a high level of efficiency, both inside and outside the airport and on the loading area. Everything is set to offer to passengers sharp timing and assistance as the airlines request.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N11/2004 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N11/2004
Avion Tourism Magazine N11/2004
Fabulous destinations: Cruising the South Pacific
Tourism: Selfmade tourism in Argentina
Destinations: Budapest jewel of the Danube
Bergamo and more: Land and ski for high altitude holidays
Art: Giovan Battista Moroni, look at reality
Personalities and towns: An alpine at the North Pole
Seen from close-up: Airbus A330-200
The wings of Orio al Serio: Wizz Air
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N11/2004
Often, also during suided tours in the airport, a question comes to the surface: how do some airlines practice a low cost strategy and if these airlines maybe have special agreements with the airport's management. It's worth to underline that to low cost companies do not take advantage from take off or landing reductions, neither on the other services eventually requested for on the landing area.
There are few but substantial differences. The crew on ground and in the landing area is limited to the main operations, rangins from the palne check-up and security, while the crew on board cares for the plane itself.
Everything runs smoothly and paying the greatest care for sharp timing. This way, the low cost banner reaches a high level in efficiency, with a global effect of reducing the
service costs. Also the choice to use a single plane model, chose among the most modern and reliable planes with the top capacity payload and which of the pilots is licensed to fly with, makes the difference in reducing the maintenance costs.
Everybody knows bow it works: booking a flight in adance means to pay less, catering on board is not for free, special offers and agreements with hotels and shuttle buses generating extra incomes in royalties for the airline.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N12/2004 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N12/2004
Avion Tourism Magazine N12/2004
Fabulous destinations: Morocco imperial passion
Tourism: Punjab between culture and sacredness
Destinations: A thousand lights in Stockholm
Bergamo and more: The charming Orobie Prealps
Art: Raffaello at National Gallery
Personalities and towns: Mascheroni, a mathematician at Napoleon's court
Seen from close-up: ATR72-500
The wings of Orio al Serio: Carpatair
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N12/2004
Orio al Serio's airport is in full growth; it's one of the favourite destinations chosen by passengers. At the end of October the passengers flow calculated on the first ten months base smashed the 2003 record of 2.884.000 people, and on last November 16 the three millions quota has been exceeded. At the end of 2004 the total passengers movement will record an upgrade of almost half a million people than the previous year.
The growth of these figures reflects the satisfaction of consumers, to which a new set of services (both in flight and in the airport) will be offered. The new european routes and southern Italy enhance the network with new destinations and in some cases upgrading the already existing connections.
It's good to see how low cost flights, which increased tourist and business relationships, became a habit for passengers, who now are able to plan their bolidays and business trips with quality and economy.
Ilario Testa
President Sacbo Spa

Avion Tourism Magazine N13/2005 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N13/2005
Avion Tourism Magazine N13/2005
Tourism: From the Puerta del Sol to Aranjuez
Destinations: The ancient charme of Naples
Destinations: Brindisi the eastern gate
Bergamo and more: Ski turing, champions on the go
Itineraries: The workers' village of Crespi d'Adda
Art: Spring with Cezanne and Renoir
Personalities and towns: The genius of Manzù
Seen from close-up: Aerbus 380
The wings of Orio al Serio: Myair.com
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N13/2005
In the past months Orio al Serio airport gained popularity due to the ever growing number of passengers intrigued and pleased by the many and efficient services at their disposal. The people leaving from Orio of course are attracted by the low cost politics and smooth checking opeations; the people landing in Orio learned to programme their stay in Lombardy and Bergamo territory. They choose carefully what to see, how to move, where to stay and what kind of traditional cooking is best to taste and, last but not least, the best places to go shopping.
All of this is very important, because the growth of low cost traffic gave birth to a new "species" of passengers travelling for work or holidays with a precise destination; thus, this brand new kind of travellers melt together the time spent for working and the time dedicated to discover the landscapes, the artsand culture of the location visited.
It's not by a chance that in wintertime the Bergamask valleys, as well as the walls of Città Alta, are crowded with tourists comins from all over Europe, due to the wide range of links and connections to Orio al Serio airport. This range is destined to keep on growing and extend to the Countries in the Mediterranean basin as well as the ones shortly to be accepted in Europe.


Avion Tourism Magazine N14/2005 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N14/2005
Avion Tourism Magazine N14/2005
Tourism: Cracow polish Athens
Destinations: Bratislava the capital on the Danube
Destinationsi: Vienna travel appendix
Bergamo and more: Alpine skiing, champions on the slopes
Itineraries: Historic Homes Tour
Art: Face to face with French impressionism
Personalities and towns: Gioppino and the Duchy of Pontida
Seen from close-up: Boeing 737
The wings of Orio al Serio: Skyeurope
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N14/2005
The resumption of daily flights to Rome-Fiumicino is the biggest news in Orio Al Serio routes, marking the return of Alitalia since their last scheduled flight in August 2002 and the temporary close down of Milan-Linate airport (which brought the flights in Orio). A good omen for the future of Alitalia, enriching the number of airlines operating in Orio al Serio and promising the continuance of the important connection between the Bergamsk landing and Orio al Serio.
The summer timetable, from March 27 to October 29, offers a range of destinations to the italian islands and the sound extension of the operative network with new routes to Northern Europe.
Meanubile, Orio al Serio airport is once again listed as one of the cheapest european airports if related to the average fares applied by more than 70 low-cost airlines. According to statistical low-cost data 7 on 20 among the cheapest european routes take off from Orio and they're operated by different companies.

Avion Tourism Magazine N15/2005 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N15/2005
Avion Tourism Magazine N15/2005
Tourism: Berlin the heart of the Brandeburg
Tourism: From the city to the Bergamo valleys
Destinations: Dusseldorf much more than just trade dair centre
Bergamo and more: Museo Caffi, the realm of fossils
Art itineraries: The nineteenth century of the Accademia Carrara
Itineraries: San Pellegrino the capital of Liberty
Events: Notti di Luce and Andar per Musica
Personalities and towns: Antonio Locatelli from Vienna to Ande
The wings of Orio al Serio: Air Berlin
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N15/2005
Orio al Serio airport has grown on average 25 percent more than 2004 in terms of passengers movement, confirming its position as seventh on the list of Italian airports. In terms of units of traffic, including air courier movements, it rises to fifth place after the Milanese airports of Malpensa and Linate, Rome Fiumicino and Venice. On the basis of figures recorded in 2005, Orio al Serio is among the top 50 European airports with the largest increase in passenger traffic after Valencia. The forecast for the current year indicates that the 4 million passenger mark will be reached against the 3,337,000 passengers of 2004.
With regard to airport infrastructures, the realisation of the Fast Park was a particularly important achievement. This prefabricated structure near the arrivals area has increased the total number of car parking places to 6.300, 1.000 of which are covered.
Work is in progress to expand the departure lounges and the aircraft apron in the north area. This will be finished by summer 2005, while a site has been started for construction of the new control tower (completion estimated for March 2006). In September 2005, work is due to start on a third pier which should come into operation in February 2006.

Avion Tourism Magazine N16/2005 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N16/2005
Avion Tourism Magazine N16/2005
Tourism: Valencia the fun city
Destinations: Zaragoza the jewel of Aragon
Bergamo and more: The Valle del freddo, marvel of nature
Art itineraries: Brescia the new exhibition season
Itineraries: Lovere the other Portofino
Events: Bergamo Scienza
Personalities and towns: Simon Mayer, the Bavarian genius
The wings of Orio al Serio: Ryanair
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N16/2005
The new radar system of Orio al Serio airport was officially approved at the beginning of July. It was installed in December 2004 by Enav (Italian organisation for air navisation services) on the basis of an agreement drawn up with the airport management company (Sacbo) that also includes the building of a new control tower.
The radar system, consisting of an approach radar and a surface radar; is one of the most modern infrastructures for improving air traffic control during the approach to the runway, take-off and movement of vehicles on the ground. This approval enables the commitments undertaken for improving the operating efficiency of the airport to be met, resulting in benefits to the population living in the surrounding areas in terms of acoustic and environmental impact.
The combined use of the new radar equipment, complyins with the latest European standards, will reduce flights times by 4 minutes for each arrival and one minute for each departure.

Avion Tourism Magazine N17/2005 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N17/2005
Avion Tourism Magazine N17/2005
Tourism: Budapest a city between bridges and districts
Destinations: Katowice, in the heart of Silesia
Bergamo and more: Clusone, a jewel among forests
Art itineraries: Gauguin and Van Gogh, the adventure of color
Itineraries: The squares of the upper city tell their stories
Events: War is over, the freedom of art
Personalities and towns: Paolina Secco Suardo
The wings of Orio al Serio: Wizz Air
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N17/2005
During the first nine months of this year the same number of passengers recorded in year 2004 has been using Orio Al Serio airport. At the end of 2005 the airport users will be over 4 millions, about 25 per cent more than last year. It's a goal which represent not only a passenger's record, but it's the result of a strategic development based on a modern vision of airport management. The aim is to offer a group of services which optimise the 'total flight time" which is the real time engaged to reach a destination. Both in departure and arrival the operative staff of Orio al Serio airport assures the best performances in efficiency and passenger's handling. In the near future many adjustments and new services are programmed in the air terminal, so that more comfortable spaces together with new commercial offers will come out. In the same time the airport development has a relevant fall out on Bergamask area and all Lombardy, both from a social and a economical aspect. As a consequence of that, new tourist and business opportunities with all European countries could be opened.

Avion Tourism Magazine N18/2005 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N18/2005
Avion Tourism Magazine N18/2005
Tourism: Tour of Czech Republic
Tourism: Winter holidays in the Brembana Valley
Destinations: Prague magical and romantic
Bergamo and more: Selvino, the large mountain nativity scene
Itineraries: From the city to the hill in 3 minutes
Events: The charm of fabrics
Personalities and towns: Beltrami a man from Bergamo on the Mississippi
The wings of Orio al Serio: Smartwings
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N18/2005
It is always difficult to estimate the territorial impact of a airport, even more so when this airport is Orio al Serio, which, in the last three years, has had considerable growth in passenger traffic. An updated study of the economic effects produced by this development indicates a level of employment of more than 3,500 employees. Including external services and induced activities, this figure reaches almost 18,000 units.
This means that for every worker employed in the airport, another four can perform their professional duties thanks to the existence of Orio al Serio airport. The value of output generated by the airport, together with induced activity, reaches 2.2 billion euros per annum. However the most important effect is that of providing a fast and economically accessible means of transport, which can offer travel solutions that are useful to both companies and individual travellers travelling for work or on holiday, thus helping to attract visitors and generate tourism.


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