Cosmopolitan city, opened and is able to thrill any visitor
Situated in the heart of Europe, precisely where three countries meet - France, Switzerland and Germany - Basel has a cosmopolitan and open atmosphere and is able to thrill any visitor with a thousand initiatives and events.
The Euro Airport,  which each year transports millions of passengers, is no more than a quarter of an hour from the city and the means of transport are numerous and efficient, according to renowned Swiss tradition.
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Basel is situated between the hills and the River Rhine and is the third largest city in the country. From here it is easy to get to the Black Forest, Vosges, Jura and Alsace, places as yet unspoilt and filled with surprises: from the exceptional views to products from the land and sophisticated cuisine.
The old town of Basel is one of the best preserved in Europe, with Romanesque and Gothic buildings that cohabit with modern architecture, such as the many Museums designed by innovative architects such as Mario Botta, Herzon & de Meuron or Renzo Piano.
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Art is ever present in every corner of the city, in the streets and in the parks, without forgetting the over thirty Museums which offer a large variety of exhibitions, both temporary and permanent. A city of Trade Fairs and Conferences due to its strategic position, Basel hosts throughout the year two world-famous trade shows: the Basel Art and Basel World, the trade fair of watches and jeweller.
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The museums of Basel
The Museums offer a unique variety of collections: the Kunstmuseum Museum houses the largest public collection of art in Switzerland and owns the largest collection in the world of works of the Holbein family. In addition to this there are works by exalted artists such as Cranach, Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso, to name but a few. 
 The Beyler Foundation, the masterly work of Renzo Piano, instead houses modern and contemporary works.
The most unique museum is perhaps the Tinguely Museum, overlooking the Rhine, which is devoted to the avant-garde works of the brilliant artist and iron sculptor Jean Tinguely. A fantastic array of teddy bears, toys and dolls, some 6,000 of the latter, are found instead in the Doll Museum - the largest in the world of its kind - a real gem for both young and old.
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The cathedral of Basel
Art with a capital A is also found outside the museums, in the splendid Cathedral, built around the year 1000 in red sandstone, which houses the tomb of the famous humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam; from its high towers a full view of the city and Black Forest can be enjoyed. After the Reform, the church was dedicated to the Protesant religion.
There are also numerous theatres and cabaret venues in a city that in every corner expresses the enjoyment of savoir vivre, and among these the largest with a mixed programme is at the Theater Basel, which offers a vast repertoire of dance, opera and plays. The city expresses this joie de vivre also in its celebrated open-air cafes and renowned restaurants, which serve local delicacies but also Turkish, oriental and organic dishes.
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The carnival of Basel
The most important event of the year is the Basel Carnival, which attracts millions of visitors over three days of merry-making beginning at 4 in the morning. Even Christmas is much celebrated and considered a “gift from the heavens”. Already by Advent the city is shining with wonderful illuminations, created by the over one hundred Christmas trees lit by thousands of lights.  
Christmas shopping attracts a great many visitors to the extraordinary Christmas Market, in the centre of Barfusserplatz, with its 150 traditional woods stalls where craftsmen from the local area or nearby towns sell their wares: crystal marbles, candles and items in ceramic or wood.
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Tipical dishes of Basel
Among the typical dishes of Basel, cheese fondue reigns supreme, together with flour souponion tart and pretzels, a type of dry biscuit with caraway. Chocolate is found in many sweets, above all in Massmogge candies, praline-filled sweets covered in coloured sugar.

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Where to sleep in Basel
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Basel is a welcoming city and offers different possibilities for accommodation.
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