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A multitude of views, including some truly unexpected ones, distinguishes the beautiful Swiss city of Zurich, the largest city in the country. It is also a place of medieval and modern architecture, a large number of museums (50), art galleries (100), starred restaurants, luxury shops with all the latest trends and an array of bathing areas along the River Limmat and on the lake - something that few cities can boast. 
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Zurich is a city filled with unrivalled cultural events; it is also one of the world’s major centres for the sale of works of art, as well as a location for exclusive shopping. In addition, the theatres in Zurich, such as the Opera Theatre, the Tonhalle and the Schauspielhaus put on performances of the highest level.
In Zurich, not only is art perceived in the air, but also a zest for life in all its forms, from luxury goods to fine food and fitness. Bahnhofstrasse is a luxury shopping street with international brands as well as local businesses that set trends in fashion, jewellery and furniture; the city is in fact filled with shops, with just 60 in the airport alone. 
For complete relaxation, there are many parks and gardens, as well as Mount Vetliberg and, lastly, a trip in a boat on Lake Zurich.
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The swimming facilities in Zurich
You can take a swim in the lake or river without ever moving from the centre, at one of the city’s numerous swimming facilities. These include :
  • the Frauenbad, the oldest, for women only, where you can swim by the old town admiring the Church of Grossmunster, an old cathedral with two Gothic towers where Swiss Protestant reform began;
  • the Riminibar, which at night turns the Schanzengraben swimming facility into a place for relaxing and the meeting of Swiss creative minds;
  • the Seebad Enge, where instead you can take a swim with breathtaking views of the snow-covered Alps.
The swimming facilities at night transform into bars and the stage for entertaining shows, becoming, particularly in summer, meeting places with magical atmospheres and coloured lights that reflect on the water.
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The art of Zurich
Don’t miss a visit to the Cabaret Voltaire, where in 1916, at the beginning of the Great War, a rebel movement was born which took the name of Dadaism, or the National Swiss Museum, (Schweizerische Landsmuseum) which holds Switzerland’s largest collection on the history of Swiss civilization.
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The churches of Zurich
Many of the city’s churches should be included in art tour of the city, and not just the Grossmunster, mentioned before, which has a beautiful stained glass window depicting a Christmas scene by the Swiss-naturalised Italian artist Augusto Giacometti. Instead, some five stained glass windows by Chagall are found in the Fraumunster, a beautiful church which also sits on the banks of the river. But the oldest church in the city is the tenth-century church of Saint Peter, which has the largest clock in Europe.
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The Christkindmarket of Zurich
At Christmas time, Zurich takes on an even more magical atmosphere, with its renowned markets and Christmas festivities. The Christkindmarket, the world’s largest covered Christmas market with its enormous tree decorated with 7,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals, takes place in the Central Station, and close by, the Singing Christmas Tree, an enormous stage shaped like a Christmas tree filled with singing children, creates a festive atmosphere with a rich repertoire of Christmas songs. The Christmas market in nearby Winterthur is also a great attraction. Set up in the old town, it is one of the most beautiful and captivating in Switzerland.
One of the best ways to end the year is an invite to the Festival of St. Sylvester, created by the Zurich hoteliers association, where guests and residents welcome in the new year watching a magical fireworks show.
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Tipical dishes of Zurich
In terms of gastronomy the city has also been the forerunner of various trends: the first vegetarian restaurant in the world, the Hilth, was opened her, as well as a very unusual restaurant, the Blinde Kuh, where the blind and visually impaired serve delicacies in a completely dark environment.
Some of the Zurich’s most celebrated dishes include veal stew, cheese fondue, raclette and rosti. But the sweetest invitation comes from the welcoming patisseries in the city, which serve hot chocolate or sell bars of this famous Swiss product, unequalled anywhere in the world. 

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