26 March 2020

Covid-19: Ukraine International Airlines does its utmost to help Ukrainian citizens return home

The Government of Ukraine decided to prolong nationwide quarantine through April 24, 2020
The Government of Ukraine decided to prolong nationwide quarantine through April 24, 2020, and stop passenger transportation. Therefore, Ukraine International will operate additional special flights to help Ukrainian citizens return home within the next 48 hours.
According to public and available information, Ukraine introduced the total ban on passenger transportation starting April 28, 2020. Ukraine International Airlines applied the authorities with a request to permit the operation of one-time evacuation flights from Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Paris, and Frankfurt – the ones that passengers had already booked and checked-in for.
As of March 27, Ukraine International Airlines introduced additional flights to/from London, Brussels, Nice, and New York and launched ticket sales on the airline’s website.
Having analyzed passenger demand for getting back to Ukraine, the carrier introduced additional flights from Cairo, Paris, Tbilisi, Athens, as well as MadridBarcelonaKyiv combi flight scheduled to arrive in Kyiv on March 28.
Since the quarantine announcement, Ukraine International Airlines has helped over 17 thousand Ukrainians return home. The carrier is willing to carry approximately 2 thousand passengers within the next 48 hours.
Ukraine International Airlines asks passengers to check out FAQ before contacting the airline since all communication channels are currently overloaded.
Edited by Alisè Vitri
Text source: Ufficio Stampa Ukraine International Airlines
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