One of the oldest Romanian cities
and chief city of Bacau county in the region of Moldavia.
Characterised by Medieval architecture, of a predominately Gothic style, the city of Bacau has an interesting road system that dates back to the Napoleonic period.
Bacau, considered a people-friendly city, liveable and hospitable, has large parks, in particular the delightful and very romantic Park of the Roses. A University town situated in a predominately agricultural region, the city houses numerous orthodox monasteries and has a strong cultural identity.
The local “Iulian Antonescu History Museum houses important finds from the Dacian era. Excellent examples are found also in the Ethnography Museum and in the Natural History Museum. The “Vasile Anestin” astronomic complex is well worth a visit.
Precista Church
The Precista Church, built by Stephen the Great, is one of the most representative of Bacau. The churcheshistorical buildings andmuseum complexes make up an interesting tourist route.
The tour of the orthodox monasteries in the region of Bacau is a wonderful experience.
Although not known to be on the tourist trail, Bacau is worth a visit for its almost untouched historical heritage and for its cultural identity of which the Mihail Jora Philharmonic Orchestra Filarmonica has been an ambassador for decades. 

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The Bacovia George Theatre is one of the most prestigious theaters in Romania. It is also called Teatrul Bacovia or Teatrul Municipal Bacau, and was founded in 1948 at the request of citizenship.
The Medieval church was built in 1491 by Alexander, son of Stephen the Great. Built of stone and brick style "Moldovan", is considered the main monument of the city of Bacau.
The Cathedral was consecrated to Sts. Peter and Paul with its height of 77 meters and its modern-elegant architecture dominates the city center of Bacau.
The church was founded in 1848 and dedicated to St. Nicholas. It was built with a clear influence of neo-Classical style with two western towers. On the left side of the cathedral you can see the remains of a Medieval church of the sixteenth century.
Tours and Excursion
The Parcul Trandafirilor, Rose Park, covers an area of one hectare and is the oldest park in Bacau, dating back to 1850. Here you can see multicolored roses, willows and a copy of the rare species of Ginkgo biloba.
The Cancicov Park, one of the most precious jewels of Bacau, is a green lung much loved by nature lovers to relax, play sports or walking outdoors. Laid out on 24 acres, is the largest green area in the city center of Bacau.
Şerbăneşti LAKE
The lake has an area of ​​202 hectares and consists of a maze of islands with reeds. This reserve is important for the nesting of many different species who find their natural habitat. Classified 147 different species of birds, 34 of mammals, reptiles and amphibians and 22 species of fish.
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