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2006-2007 The historic covers of Avion Tourism Magazine

The two-year period that showcases the tourist and artistic-cultural beauties of Bergamo and its Province
In 2006, Avion Tourism Magazine undergoes a renewal with a restyling of the logo, the graphics of the internal pages, and the format. The magazine transitions to a smaller format (19x24 cm) to facilitate distribution at the airport.
The periodicity also changes, shifting from bimonthly to quarterly, with the publication of 4 issues per year: two dedicated to Summer and two to Winter.
With the new edition, the editorial choice is to provide even greater visibility to Bergamo and its territory compared to the previous edition. New sections dedicated to incoming tourism are created, in addition to the traditional ones named "Tourism" and "Destinations," which are focused on outgoing tourism.
The editorial team introduces the following new sections::
  • "Events in Bergamo" to inform arriving passengers (and also departing passengers returning to the airport) about the main cultural initiatives promoted during the publication period.
  • "Happenings" to highlight major events in the city.
  • "Bergamo and Surroundings Area" to promote the cultural and natural beauty of the Bergamo province.
  • "Personalities and Towns" to introduce outstanding figures who have contributed to the artistic, cultural, sports, and economic history of the city and its province.
  • "Itineraries" to suggest new cultural and tourist routes to the readers.
The regular sections such as "Milan Bergamo News" and "News from Airlines" are still present, and two new sections are added: "The Wings of Milan Bergamo" to inform passengers and provide visibility to different airlines operating at the airport, and "On board Diary" to offer useful information about airport procedures.
Below are the 7 magazines of the second edition published during the two-year period from 2006 to 2007, with the contents of the main regular sections and their respective editorials.
Avion Tourism Magazine N19/2006 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N19/2006.
Avion Tourism Magazine N19/2006
Tourism: From Flanders to Vallonia
Destinations: Brussels European capital
Destinations: Dublin gateway to Ireland
Itineraries: Sail on Lago d'iseo
Happenings: The giro d'Italia departs from Belgium
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: Basilica of Santa Maria Magggiore
Personalities and towns: Gianandrea Gavazzeni, the art of music
The wings of Orio Al Serio: Virgin ExpressAer Lingus
On Board diary: Check-in regulations
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N19/2006
The opening of the third pier and the start of improvement work to the terminal, making more space available to passengers waiting to board, are the main changes occurring at Orio al Serio Airport in spring 2006.
This work has been planned in response to the growth in passenger numbers, a result of the increase in passenger load factors on the aircraft, and the success of the connections offered to destinations in central and east Europe and the central-southern areas of Italy.
The summer timetable, in operation from 26th March to 28th October, will include 66 routes, 9 of which are seasonal, in operation from June to September. In this context, the use of fleets consisting of new generation aircraft is important and a guarantee of efficiency, safety and comfort.
Consumer services have been improved to answer the requirements of travellers in the best way possible. In this respect a new airport internet site has been developed, making it easier to consult the different sections, obtain useful information and make bookings.

Avion Tourism Magazine N20/2006 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N20/2006
Avion Tourism Magazine N20/2006
Tourism: Tallinn among the waves of the Baltic
Destinations: Yorkshire two capitals an a thousand-year history
Itineraries: Cene palaeontology Park
Happenings: Museums at night
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: the bell tower and Palazzo della Ragione
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: Trescore between art and water
Personalities and towns: Giacomo Agostini, the motorcycling legend
The wings of Orio Al Serio: Jet2Estonian Air
On Board diary: Watch your luggage
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N20/2006
"The total travel time" is the new equation travellers use to plan their movements more efficiently and conveniently to and from the departure and destination airports, and from these to their chosen final destinations. For this reason transport services, booked over the internet, offered by the airport management and able to respond to passenger requirements, are of strategic importance.
At Orio al Serio passengers in arrival are guaranteed a rapid baggage reclaim service and availability of fast and frequent connections with the cities of Bergamo and Milan, from where they can, if required, make use of trains and buses; otherwise they can pick up their vehicles left in the parking areas using the fast automatic pay machines, hire a car in only a few minutes, or use one of the taxis always present in the area outside the airport.
Changes made to the road system will ensure easier and more ordered access for private cars, and at the same time greater comfort for passengers accompanied to the airport.

Avion Tourism Magazine N21/2006 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N21/2006
Avion Tourism Magazine N21/2006
Tourism: Gran Canaria: a continent in miniature
Destinations: Bucharestthe Paris of the Balkans
Itineraries: Lake Endine: romantic nature
Happenings: Bergamo Gaetano Donizetti music festival
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: Gandino among wool and art treasures
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: In search of vineyards
The wings of Orio Al Serio: Blue Air, Binter Canarias
On Board diary: Cell phones to take flight
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N21/2006
The phenomenon of low cost flights attracts a large number of people who decide to travel by plane to their holiday destinations. Summer 2006 confirmed a growth in the number of passengers who took advantage of these low prices and, during the months of July and August, the ceiling of 500,000 passengers was exceeded.
This result is due to a very high load factor on board the aircraft, which contributed to an increase in passengers with respect to 2005, and the addition of typical summer tourist destinations as well as the traditional, always popular, European destinations. With the arrival of autumn, business trips will resume, but in general the arrival of low cost airlines has triggered a progressive change in habits.
The very accessible prices stimulate more people to use flying as a means of travelling short distances, creating greater mobility in the European-Mediterranean area. Passengers tend to make use of low cost market offers, often making more frequent trips, but taking holidays of shorter duration.
At the same time, a constant increase in travellers arriving from Europe demonstrates that the tourism offer in Bergamo, and in Lombardy in general, is appreciated and preferred. It is exactly this appreciation from those visiting Bergamo and Lombardy which transforms passengers into local tourism promoters. This, together with the services offered by the airport and other tourism websites, contributes to increasing the flow of European visitors.

Avion Tourism Magazine N22/2007 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N4/2003
Avion Tourism Magazine N22/2007
Tourism: Palma de Mallorcaa stay on the island of tranquillity
Destinations: Nottinghamin the realm of Robin Hood
Itineraries: Sanctuaries in the Begamo Area
Itineraries: Cross country skiing in the land of mines
Happenings: Carnival and the mid-lenten festival
Tastes and flavours: The cheeses of Lombardy
Tastes and flavours: La Valle dei formaggi
The wings of Orio Al Serio: Ryanair, Air berlin
On Board diary: Liquids in hand luggage
EDITORIAL  Avion Tourism Magazine N22/2007
Bergamo Orio al Serio airport has new goals for the new year. After reaching and exceeding the 5 million passenger mark, improvement work is now under way, and will continue until 2008, to make the terminal more spacious and welcoming, and guarantee a quality service that answers the requirements of passengers.
80 percent of passengers at the airport travel on low lost flights, flying a total of 64 routes and to and from 57 cities. Other new flights are expected starting on 25th March, the day the summer flight timetable becomes effective, and will include the traditional Mediterranean destinations popular in the hottest months.
An offer that will satisfy both those travelling for tourism or for work, but that above all reflects the new way of travelling by air. A phenomenon that is analysed in detail and has become a subject for study, both by those who assess the social-economical impact of air activities on an area, and by experts in management and auditing. This was clearly summarised in a report presented by Stefano Paleari, director of the Centre for innovation and business management, who stated that we are heading towards mass air transport, similar to the situation that occurred with cars in the sixties.

Avion Tourism Magazine N23/2007 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N23/2007
Avion Tourism Magazine N23/2007
Destinations: Nancycapital of the Art Noveau
Destinations: Metzthe city of light
Itineraries: Garibaldi in the museums of Lombardy
Itineraries: S. Omobono, the town of Pinocchio and spas
Happenings: Bergamask people in the world
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: The magic of the Sebino from Monte Isola to Franciacorta
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: The magic of Sebino from Sarnico to Lovere
The wings of Orio Al Serio: Myair
On Board diary: Operation kindness in the airport
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N23/2007
Orio al Serio Airport is scaling Europe. According to a survey by ICCSAI (International Centre for Competitiveness Studies in the Aviation Sector), who compiled the first report on the competitiveness of air transport in Europe, Bergamo airport is at 16th place in the list of airports with best European performance for the five-year period 2000-2005.
The growth continued in 2006, with a total of 5 million 240 thousand passengers - an increase of 20.4% compared to the previous year - and is still continuing, thanks to the preference given to the connections and services offered by the airport.
A result achieved due to the success of low cost flights, but also due to the policies undertaken by the airport management company, committed to improving the infrastructure and environmental mitigation, assisted by the airlines' use of next generation aircraft. In the meantime, work to build a new check-in area, the first of the work planned at the terminal for the three-year period 2006-2008, will be followed by work to create new areas for passengers in both the departure and arrivals area.

Avion Tourism Magazine N24/2007 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N24/2007
Avion Tourism Magazine N27/2007
Tourism: The brescian riviera of Lake Garda
Destinations: Belfastwelcoming spirit
Destinations: Leipzinglittle Paris
Destinations: Dresden, the city on the Elbe
Itineraries: A summer of flavours in the refuges of the Orobie mountains
Itineraries: Getting to know Milan and its province
Happenings: 15th International Organ Festival
Bergamo and Surroundings Area: Piazzatorre, jewel of the upper Brembana Valley
The wings of Orio Al Serio: Tui Fly
On Board diary: travel document
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N24/2007
Information indicating the degree of satisfaction of airport users, published in the Services Charter, highlights the growing appreciation, at all levels, of passengers using Bergamo airport.
The results regarding waiting times at the check-in desks, at security checks and at baggage reclaim belts award the efforts of the airport management company, who is dedicated towards continuous improvement of the quality of services by making new areas available and creating suitable conditions for assisting airport accessibility.
If two thirds of users live in Lombardy, it is also true that one passenger in three comes from other regions in the north of Italy, providing proof of the advantages offered by the excellent central position of Orio al Serio airport, by the strong attraction exerted by the network of connections and by the low cost flights available on most routes.
The increasing movement of passengers coming from all over Europe, in tourist terms, demonstrates an interest in Bergamo and its province, where the accommodation available - of all types - is also increasing (from bed & breakfast, to holiday houses and hotels), without forgetting the appeal of the other extraordinary attractions in Lombardy.

Avion Tourism Magazine N25/2007 Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Avion Tourims Magazine
Avion Tourism Magazine N25/2007
Avion Tourism Magazine N25/2007
Destinations: Osloa winter paradise
Destinations: Istanbul, the bridge between east and west
Tourism: Lombardy, the snow planet
Tourism: Skiing in the Brescia Valley
Tourism: Ski area Valchiavenna, Madesimo, Campodolcino
Tourism: Great Autumn in Bergamo
Itineraries: Christmas Markets
Happenings: The future of Futurism
Happenings: Wels catfish week
The wings of Orio Al Serio: Brussels Airlines
On board diary: New jets made in Italy
EDITORIAL Avion Tourism Magazine N25/2007
The performance of an airport is not only measured in terms of passenger movement records. The quality of services offered to passengers and airlines, the operating efficiency and punctuality of flights and the availability and professionalism of personnel are above all what make the difference. Orio al Serio airport has fully achieved the requirements indicated in the Services Charter by the National Civil Aviation Authority, and continues to work towards achieving further improvements.
Proof is seen, for example, in the minimum number of mislaid luggage items on departure, none of which were lost and all returned promptly. A true sign of quality are assistance and courtesy, which are appreciated from the moment a passenger reaches the terminal up until boarding, as well as when he disembarks on an arriving flight.
The airport's internet site, constantly updated, accessible and easy and simple to consult, provides complete and transparent information, not only regarding connections and services, but also on the environmental aspect.
Fleets composed entirely of next-generation aircraft, control of routes, and work and procedures aimed a noise mitigation all contribute to making airport activities more compatible with the surrounding communities.

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