AlbaStar is a private Spanish airline, based in Palma de Mallorca, and founded in 2010.
It offers air transport services departing from the main Spanish airports and Italian to the most famous holiday destinations in the Italian and Spanish islands and cities, Greek Islands, the Red Sea, European Capitals, Middle East, North Africa, Atlantic Islands and Pilgrimage destinations., in collaboration with leading tour operators Italian, Spanish and European.
Albastar. Photo: Copyright © Albastar.
Albastar also offers flights to pilgrimage destinations, such as Lourdes, with flights departing from several European airports.
Albastar has a fleet of B737-800NG, configured to 189 seats in a single class.
The main departure airports of Albastar are: Palma de Mallorca and Madrid in Spain, and in Italy, Milan Malpensa Airport and Milan Bergamo Airport.
Since 2022, Albastar's majority shareholder is Sherpa Capital, the leading private capital firm in Iberia. Sherpa Capital is committed to realizing the airline's future renewal and consolidation in the air travel market.
Albastar. Photo: Copyright © Albastar.
Founded: 2010
HUB: Palma de Mallorca Airport
Fleet: B737-800NG
Destinations: Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish (islands and cities), Greek Islands, Red Sea, Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Atlantic Islands.
Alba Star S.A.
Address: Av. Conde de Sallent 23, 5A - 07003 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
 Albastar. Photo: Copyright © Albastar.
The main departure airports of Albastar
Palma de Mallorca Airport
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Milan Bergamo Airport
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Milan Malpensa Airport
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Madrid Airport
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