02 October 2018

The passengers’ bill of rights

Who is responsible for the security of the air transport and passengers' rights?

ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) is the only governmental authority for technical regulation, certification, monitoring and control in the Civil Aviation sector in Italy.
In performing its institutional activity, ENAC promotes the development of Civil Aviation, guaranteeing the safety of flights, the protection of rights, the quality of the services and fair competition while respecting the environment.
Passenger rihts when travelling by air
Passengers’ Bill of Rights
drawn up by ENAC, is a useful and practical information tool which, in a single document, groups together current national, EC and international legislation on the main rights and forms of protection for travellers in the event of disruptions during air transport.
The forms of protection in the event of denied boarding or lengthy flight delays and the methods of compensation envisaged by law are listed in a clear and comprehensive way in the Bill of Rights.
The section dedicated to the rights of differently abled passengers and those with reduced mobility, according to the provisions laid down by the European Union, is also important and provides useful information on the procedures to follow for ensuring that these people are adequately assisted on their flight.
Lost and Found

During air transport, loss, damage or delayed delivery of checked-in luggage may occur. In this case the passenger has the right to compensation from the airline operating the flight.

To request compensation, the passenger must fill in a statement at the Lost and Found offices before leaving the baggage reclaim area of the arrival airport, using the appropriate forms commonly called PIR (Property Irregularity Report).
ENAC also performs an important monitoring role to ensure that EC and international regulations put into place by European Community airlines and foreign operators are implemented.
The safety of the operations of airlines and their aircraft is guaranteed by a set of international rules known as safety standards, which are issued by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) associated to the United Nations.
The State Safety Programme for air transport is drawn up by ENAC, which continuously verifies its application by airport managers and airlines and prepares, when necessary, any updates required.   
Items that are absolutely forbidden in both the cabin and hold
In all airports worldwide, the types and level of safety measures implemented changed following the events that took place on 11 September 2001 and now encompass international agreements that concern infrastructures, airport managers, airlines and flying schools as well as passengers, cargo, aircraft and baggage.
The Passengers’ Bill of Rights contains all information regarding items that can be taken on board inside hand luggage, as well as items that are absolutely forbidden in both the cabin and hold.
On the website www.enac.gov.it it is possible to download the Passengers’ Bill of Rights and find further information on Enac.
Text by Alisè Vitri
Published on Avion Tourism 66/2018
Update to April 2018
Photos: Sisterscom.com, Shutterstock
Source: www.europa.eu, Enac (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) www.enac.gov.it
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