24 February 2022

EASA publishes Conflict Zone Information Bulletin for Ukraine

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published a Conflict Zone Information Bulletin (CZIB) with respect to Ukraine
The CZIB is issued on the basis of information currently available to EU Member States and EU institutions
In the light of the latest developments, in particular:
  • FIR Lviv
  • FIR Kyiv (UKBV)
  • UIR Kyiv (UKBU)
  • FIR Chisinau 
  • FIR Moscow
In the light of the latest developments, in particular:
  • the launch of military activities over the territory of Ukraine;
  • the urgent message of the Russian Ministry of Defence of high risk of flight safety of civil aircraft associated with use of weapon and military equipment effective from 0045 UTC on 24 February 2022 requesting the ATC units of Ukraine to take urgent measures to stop flights;
  • the NOTAM UKBV A0576/22 issued by Ukraine stating that flights of civil aircraft within FIR Lviv (UKLV), FIR Kyiv (UKBV), FIR DNIPROPETROVSK (UKDV), FIR SIMFEROPOL (UKFV), FIR ODESA (UKOV) are restricted due to potential hazard for civil aviation;
  • the NOTAM URRV U0104/22 issued by Russia closing a portion of the southern FIR Rostov (URRV) airspace along the border with eastern Ukraine;
  • the NOTAM A0043/22 issued by Moldova stating that FIR Chisinau is closed for all flights due to Ukrainian crisis;
For Air operators the areas mentioned above are an active conflict zone
Under these circumstances, the aforementioned airspace and critical infrastructure, including airports, are exposed to military activities which result in safety risks for civil aircraft. In particular, there is a risk of both intentional targeting and misidentification of civil aircraft
The presence and possible use of a wide range of ground and airborne warfare systems poses a HIGH risk for civil flights operating at all altitudes and flight levels.
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