23 September 2018

Hold baggage

What cannot be transported in hold baggage?

Each passenger may carry one item of cabin baggage, i.e. the luggage they take with them in the cabin, and one or due items of baggage that must be checked into the aircraft hold.
Hold baggage is handed over at the time of check- in. The passenger will not be able to access hold baggage for the entire flight until arrival at the destination airport.
Each airline applies different rules and costs for hold baggage and it is therefore essential to learn these rules, which often vary depending on whether check- in is carried out on line or in the airport.
In the hold, it is forbidden to transport:
  • explosives, weapons, grenades, explosive military materials, detonators, primers, fuses
  • smoke-generating canisters, smoke-generating cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives
  • spray cans for self defence
  • vehicle fuel system components that have contained fuel
  • alarm devices
  • gases (including propane and butane)
  • inflammable liquids (including gasoline and methanol)
  • refrigerant and irritant liquids
  • radioactive material (including medical or commercial isotopes)
  • inflammable solids, reactive substances (including magnesium, firelighters, fireworks and flares)
  • corrosive substances (including mercury and vehicle batteries)
  • liquid/solid inflammable substances (including alcohol over 70 proof)
  • magnetised substances, oxidants and organic peroxides (including bleach and car body repair kits)
  • Toxic and infectious substances (including rat poison and infected blood)
  • Underwater flashlights containing batteries
Text by Alisè Vitri
Published 04 April 2018
Photos: Sisterscom.com, Shutterstock
Credit: Enac (Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile) www.enac.gov.it
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