08 July 2022

ITA Airways wins two awards at SkyTeam's Sustainable Flight Challenge

The awarded categories of ‘Greatest CO2 Reduction medium-haul' and 'Best Waste Management'
An excellent accomplishment for ITA Airways, which won two important awards in SkyTeam's Sustainable Flight Challenge. The company won for the “Greatest CO2 reduction medium-haul” and “Best waste management” categories. Additionally, ITA Airways won the “Best employee engagement award”, together with the airlines that participated to the challenge, for the staff’s involvement and teamwork.
To celebrate this success, "Med Tree", the olive tree that symbolises the Company's engagement with sustainability, was planted at the ITA Airways Headquarters in Rome. This challenging initiative is in fact, for ITA Airways, a further step on the path towards a future of sustainability.
SkyTeam's Sustainable Flight Challenge is designed to stimulate and push the air transport industry towards a more sustainable future and the decarbonisation of the skies. Conceived as a friendly competition, it challenged the 16 airlines involved to implement solutions and operate flights in experimental mode. The companies tested a range of environmental protection initiatives with the aim of making them best practices for the future of aviation
Ita Airways
Nella foto da sinistra: Fabio Maria Lazzerini, Amministratore Delegato ITA Airways, Giovanna Di Vito, Chief CEO Program Office & ESG Officer ITA Airways, Alfredo Altavilla, Presidente Esecutivo ITA Airways. Foto: ITA Airways.
To offer the most sustainable flying experience ever, ITA Airways participated in the challenge with two flights. On the medium-haul flight from Rome Fiumicino to Amsterdam (Schiphol) on May 7, with an Airbus A320 and on the intercontinental route Rome - New York operated last May 14 with an Airbus A330.
On both flights, ITA Airways developed and integrated to the usual operational procedures a series of extraordinary activities, in coordination with all the departments involved. With the goal of reducing environmental impact these activities mainly consisted in the choice of aircraft and alternative fuels, sustainable catering, waste recycling, a dedicated passenger experience including a digital newsstand service and carbon offsetting.
With this initiative, the Company is closer than ever to a zero environmental impact in terms of fuel emissions, which will contribute to some reforestation projects in Africa and South America.
Sustainability has been one of ITA Airways' main pillars since day one, as demonstrated with the renewal of the fleet, with new generation aircraft with a lower environmental impact.
Edited by editorial staff of Avion Tourism Magazine
Text source and photos: ITA Airways Press Office

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