04 November 2019

Swiss opens new Alpine Lounge at Zurich Airport

Swiss opened a new-style lounge with alpine flair and a modern food and beverage concept in Zurich Airport’s Terminal A, starting November 1st. The new Swiss Alpine Lounge is available to Miles & More Senators and Star Alliance Gold Members, along with Business Class travellers on Swiss and other Lufthansa Group airlines.
Swiss International Air Lines (Swiss) opened a new lounge at its Zurich hub that offers its visitors a multi-sensual airport lounge experience. The 500-square-metre Swiss Alpine Lounge occupies the former location of the First Class Lounge in the airport’s Terminal A, and can accommodate up to 100 travellers.
SWISS Alpine Lounge 2 - © Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

A mountain hut with quality Swiss materials
Zurich’s new Swiss Alpine Lounge blends all the charm of a rustic yet contemporary mountain hut with the comforts and the style features of the familiar Swiss lounges. Of particular note are the light-wood elements and the bespoke furniture, much of it hand-made by Swiss craftsfolk. The quality alpine-style carpets and cushion covers are also hand-crafted and sourced from small Swiss manufacturers. Large communal wooden tables underscore the hut-like ambience, while the high windows offer fabulous views of the apron area and its flight activities.
SWISS Alpine Lounge 3 - © Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

A modern food and beverage concept around a rustic oven
Swiss has taken a new direction with the lounge’s food concept, too. The centrepiece of the new Swiss Alpine Lounge is a rustic oven in which seasonal dishes are prepared. Guests are additionally offered a range of further ingredients to tailor their food to their particular taste. These individualization options also help to reduce food waste. The beverages on offer include a selection of local Swiss wines and spirits. And the wines are served using a new and more ecofriendly dispensing system that enhances both the quality of the wine and the lounge’s recycling credentials.

The new Swiss Alpine Lounge is open Mondays to Fridays from 05:30 to 18:30 in Zurich Airport’s Terminal A. The lounge is available to Miles & More Senators, Star Alliance Gold Members and Business Class travellers on Swiss and other Lufthansa Group airlines.
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