11 July 2023

Helsinki Airport to allow up to two litres of liquids per passenger

Finavia makes air travel easier: up to two litres of liquids per passenger can be taken through the security control at Helsinki Airport
“Travelling through Helsinki Airport is easier as of 28 June. More modern security control equipment has been installed at the airport. Thanks to this, we can now allow the transport of liquid containers larger than one hundred millilitres, such as one-litre water bottles and other larger containers, in hand baggage,” says Finavia’s Security Manager Ari Kumara.
Finavia has now completed its development project which aimed at smoother and more stress-free security controls. The reform has been carried out in two phases. In the first phase, in the summer of 2022, Finavia opened a completely new security control at Helsinki Airport. Its eight state-of-the-art security control lines utilise new technology based on computer tomography. Thanks to the new scanners, liquids and electronics no longer need to be removed from hand baggage.
The second phase of the reform took place in June 2023, when two more lines were opened at Helsinki Airport and all ten security control lines became operational. In this way, the possibilities of the new technology are now fully utilised and Finavia can increase the amount of liquid that may be carried in hand baggage to two litres per passenger.
Aeroporto di Helsinki
Helsinki Airport. Copyright © Finavia.
Kumara says that the new equipment is only in use in the security control in the departures hall at Helsinki Airport. Current liquid restrictions continue to apply to passengers departing from Finavia’s regional airports and passengers passing through the security control for transfer passengers at Helsinki Airport.
Similar new technology is currently used only at a very limited number of major European airports and at some airports in the United States. As passengers may encounter different security control procedures at various stages of their journey, they should be prepared and follow airport-specific instructions closely.
“When it comes to service development, Finavia is a pioneer in its industry. It is important for us to serve our passengers as well as possible and provide air passengers with a pleasant airport experience. We believe that with this new technology, we can offer our passengers a smoother and more relaxed start to their journey,” says Ari Kumara.
What to bring on board the plane
When packing your baggage, always consider what items or substances may be carried in hand baggage, what must be checked into the cargo hold and what cannot be taken on board the aircraft at all. In addition to the security control rules, passengers should also check the baggage restrictions issued by airlines and the customs rules and regulations of the destination country.
Rules for liquids in hand baggage at Helsinki Airport
  • No more than two litres of liquids per passenger may be carried in hand baggage
  • Medical liquids, baby food and special dietary liquids may be carried in hand baggage, in the amount needed during the journey. 
  • There is no need to remove electronics and liquids from bags at the security control.
Rules for liquids in hand baggage at Finavia's regional airports and at the security control for transfer passengers at Helsinki Airport
  • Liquid containers of a capacity not exceeding one hundred millilitres and that fit in a one-litre, transparent and resealable bag, are permitted in hand baggage.
  • Medical and dietary liquids and baby food may be carried in hand baggage, in the amount needed during the journey. 
  • At the security control for transfer passengers at Helsinki Airport, larger liquid containers are also allowed if they have been purchased at airports or on board aircraft in EU countries and have been packed in accordance with EU rules (in an intact, sealed and transparent plastic bag with the receipt visible)
  • All liquids and electronics must be removed from the bag and presented to the security officer prior to scanning.
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