28 October 2022

The Iberia forest in Paracuellos del Jarama

Iberia employees have planted the last 1,000 trees of the 4,000 that will cover an area of eight hectares close to the Madrid-Barajas Airport
It is three years since Iberia launched its Iberia Forest project, with the aim of showing its commitment to the well-being of the communities in which the airline operates (as is the case of Paracuellos del Jarama, in the province of Madrid, which is very close to the Madrid-Barajas airport) and, at the same time, make progress in terms of its sustainability and social impact.
Iberia carried out the third and final planting phase of the project. Members of its staff, including the president and the management committee, managed to plant the last 1,000 trees that were missing to fulfill the commitment made to the municipality.
foresta di Iberia a Paracuellos del Jarama
The Iberia forest in Paracuellos del Jarama. Copyright © Iberia.
A special forest full of solidarity. The Iberia Forest covers an area of eight hectares and boasts more than 4,000 trees. It is a multi-specific plantation, i.e. it includes specimens of various plant species from the area, such as poplars, elms, junipers, holm oaks, and pines, and aims to promote biodiversity and prevent soil erosion. In addition, it is near the urban area of the municipality, creating a natural space that can be enjoyed by its residents.
foresta di Iberia a Paracuellos del Jarama
The Iberia forest in Paracuellos del Jarama. Copyright © Iberia.
Questo progetto fa parte degli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile per i quali Iberia è impegnata. Nello specifico, rientra nel Goal 13, Climate Action, che prevede anche iniziative per l'utilizzo di combustibili sostenibili, la riduzione dei consumi di carburante, l'utilizzo di veicoli elettrici nelle operazioni aeroportuali e la promozione delle energie rinnovabili nelle strutture della compagnia aerea.
This project is part of the Sustainable Development Goals to which Iberia is committed. Specifically, it is part of Goal 13, Climate Action, which also includes initiatives for the use of sustainable fuels, the reduction of fuel consumption, the use of electric vehicles in airport operations, and the promotion of renewable energy in the airline’s facilities, among others.
In addition, the project is partly funded through LIFE Zero Cabin Waste, a pioneering project developed by Iberia in collaboration with Ecoembes, Gate Gourmet, Ferrovial, and ESCI-UPF, which has enabled the implementation of a model for the sustainable management of the waste generated on board all Iberia flights, to maximise its recycling capacity and protect the environment.

More info: iberia.com.
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Visual and photos: Copyright © Iberia.

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