01 August 2023

Swiss to offer free internet chat on all its long-haul flights

Free use of the internet for chat services such as WhatsApp on all long-haul flights from 2 August 2023. Available in all classes of travel, throughout the flight and with no data limit
Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will be providing all its long-haul flights with a new free internet service enabling the use of chat apps from next Wednesday 2 August 2023. The new facility will allow passengers in all classes of travel to send and receive free text and picture messages via their smartphone, laptop or tablet throughout their flight. The facility will offer access to all the most popular chat and messenger services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.
Copyright © Swiss Media Relations
Copyright © Swiss Media Relations

I viaggiatori SWISS potranno inoltre utilizzare Internet in volo per navigare, inviare e ricevere e-mail o visitare piattaforme di social media optando per uno dei due pacchetti Internet supplementari: «Wi-Fi 4 Hours», che offre quattro ore di accesso per CHF 25 , o il "Wi-Fi Premium" da CHF 35, che fornisce tale accesso durante il volo. I viaggiatori in Prima Classe e i Soci HON Circle possono usufruire di un accesso illimitato a Internet per tutta la durata del volo.
SWISS travellers will also be able to use the internet aloft to surf, send and receive emails or visit social media platforms by opting for one of two supplementary internet packages: ‘Wi-Fi 4 Hours’, which offers four hours of access for CHF 25, or the CHF 35 ‘Wi-Fi Premium’, which provides such access throughout the flight. Travellers in First Class and HON Circle Members enjoy unlimited internet access throughout their time aloft.
“In offering these new wi-fi options we’re taking a big step forward,” says SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “With our new unlimited free chat facility in all our travel classes, our guests can keep in contact with their families, friends and business partners throughout their flight. Our attractive new packages for surfing, email and social media also offer unlimited data volumes. So our customers now have even more choice in how they wish to stay in unbounded touch with the world while they are aboard our long-haul flights.”
Copyright © Swiss Media Relations
Copyright © Swiss Media Relations
All the new services – the free chat option and the supplementary Wi-Fi 4 Hours and Wi-Fi Premium packages – offer unlimited data volumes, enabling even data-heavy content to be easily consumed. Only video streaming services will be deactivated, to ensure that adequate bandwidth is simultaneously available for as many passengers as possible. Videos on social media platforms will be playable, however, and audio streaming, cloud services and VPN services will all be offered. All travellers will also be able to read the digital SWISS Magazine on their device at any time, even without activated internet access. Furthermore, passengers can already register for the ‘Travel ID’ and ‘Miles & More’ today to access the new internet service easily and directly in the future and to benefit from various advantages during their journey.
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