04 November 2022

ITA Airways: important news on the After Sales Policy

Short and medium haul Economy class tickets flexibility increases
ITA Airways launches important enhancement on the “After Sales Policy” of tickets for Domestic and Medium Haul destinations, ensuring customers greater flexibility even in the most convenient fares brands.
For all ITA Airways tickets issued on or after October 26th , on short and medium haul destinations in Economy class, it is now possible to change date, flight and itinerary.
In detail, buying a ITA Airways Economy Light ticket, it is now possible to obtain one change for a supplement of 65 euros, both on Domestic or Medium Haul flights, while, for Economy Classic fares on Domestic sector, a reduction to the change supplement has been introduced from 65 to 30 euros and, for medium haul destinations, the change became completely free of charge (*). Thanks to this initiative ITA Airways, keep on pursuing the strategy aiming to offer its customers more viable and flexible solutions.
(*) In all cases, if the booking class is not available or the fare for the new itinerary is higher, it will also be applied a surcharge equivalent to the fare difference.
Edited by editorial staff, Avion Tourism Magazine
Text source and photo: ITA Airways Press Office.

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