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AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
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Text by Alisè Vitri
Milan Bergamo Airport is a true gateway to the world. In addition to numerous direct connections, it offers the opportunity to take long-haul flights with a layover ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours at one of the airports connected by some of the airlines operating from BGY.
With flydubai, by making a layover at the intermediate airport, Dubai International (DXB), you can continue with the same airline or with Emirates (which operates codeshare flights) to ever more distant destinations. For example, you can reach Australia by landing in Sydney or Southeast Asia to discover Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, with its volcanic islands, or Bali, the Island of the Gods, a dream destination for many travelers. But, also Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, the city-state of Singapore, and Thailand, famous for its tropical beaches and Buddhist temples.
I Supertree Grove nell'area Graden by the Bay a Singapore. Copyright ©, Shutterstock
The Supertree Groves in the Garden by the Bay area of Singapore. Photo: Copyright ©, Shutterstock
angkok. Foto: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Bangkok. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Both with flydubai and Air Arabia UAE, by making a layover in Sharjah, you can arrive in South Asia to explore the Indian subcontinent by landing in Delhi and/or Bombay, or visit the island of Sri Lanka with its rainforests, plateaus, famous beaches, and the capital Colombo. And speaking of white coral beaches, with flydubai, you can fly over the Indian Ocean to Malé, the capital of the Maldives, from where you can reach the 26 atolls with over 1000 coral islands.
Ari Atoll Copyright © / Shutterstock 
Ari Atoll Copyright © / Shutterstock 
In Central Asia, China attracts travelers with the fascinating fusion of its millennia-old history and unrestrained modernity. Walking through the streets of Beijing or Shanghai, among ancient temples and towering glittering skyscrapers, makes us feel like we are traveling through the centuries. Chinese cities are reachable from Milan Bergamo Airport with a layover in Dubai and with Emirates flights operated in codeshare with Flydubai.
I Supertree Grove nell'area Graden by the Bay a Singapore. Copyright ©, Shutterstock
The Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Photo:, Shutterstock
angkok. Foto: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Shangai Photo: Copyright ©, Shutterstock 
With a layover at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul, you can reach destinations such as Muscat, the capital of Oman, with a millennia-old history, Jeddah, a transit point for pilgrimages to the sacred cities of Islam in Saudi Arabia, or Tbilisi, the welcoming capital of Georgia, with flights from Pegasus Airlines or Turkish Airlines (operating codeshare flights).
Tibilisi Copyright © / Shutterstock 
Tbilisi Copyright © / Shutterstock 
Always with a brief layover at Dubai Airport, with flydubai, you can fly to the African continent to land in Mombasa, the second-largest city in Kenya, and Zanzibar, the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago, in Tanzania, famous for its white sandy beaches and lush hinterland. Meanwhile, South Africa is reachable with flydubai flights to Johannesburg, the country's main economic and financial hub.
Johannesburg. Copyright © /Shutterstock
Johannesburg. Copyright © /Shutterstock
To explore other possibilities for flying to dream destinations with continuous flights, we recommend visiting the websites of the airlines operating at BGY.

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Palazzo Versace Dubai is a 5-star hotel on the seafront in Jaddaf, less than 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 8 minutes from the Burj Khalifa and downtown Dubai.

A celestial spectacle with enchanting colors
Text by Alisè Vitri
Aurora Boreale Foto: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Northern Lights Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
One of the most astonishing natural phenomena offered by our planet is the Polar Aurora, which appears at the two magnetic poles of the Earth: the North Pole and the South Pole. The lights and colors of this luminous display are called "Auroras," and depending on where they appear, they are known as the "Aurora Borealis" or "Northern Lights" at the North Pole and "Aurora Australis" or "Southern Lights" at the South Pole.
The name "Aurora Borealis" was coined by the astronomer Galileo Galilei, who combined "Aurora" (the name of the Roman goddess of dawn) with "Borea" (the name of the North Wind god in Greek mythology).
Northern Lights Photo: Copyright © Ente del Turismo Finlandese
Northern Lights Photo: Copyright © Ente del Turismo Finlandese
The Northern Lights are a breathtaking display of vibrant lights in the nighttime sky. These lights are created by the collision of charged particles from the Sun with the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a mesmerizing dance of colors.
Usually, the Northern Lights are visible at high latitudes, but if solar activity is strong, and more particles reach the Earth's magnetosphere, and sometimes, a "magnetic storm" caused by intense solar spot activity can extend to even mid-latitudes.
Aurora Boreale Foto: Copyright © Ente del Turismo Finlandese
Northern Lights Photo: Copyright © Ente del Turismo Finlandese
The most common color is green, emitted by oxygen hit by high-energy incident electrons (in the lower layers of the atmosphere), while oxygen emits red light when hit by low-energy incident electrons. Nitrogen usually produces blue light. The blending of green, red, and blue can lead to the appearance of other color variations such as purple, pink, yellow, and white. Regarding the shape, the auroral glow can appear in small patches of striped light, arches, undulating bands, or rays.
Undoubtedly, this celestial phenomenon has fascinated and inspired humanity for centuries, with many aspiring to witness it to fulfill a dream, planning trips in search of this extraordinary event of light in the sky. While its manifestation is not guaranteed, you can travel to special destinations where you can observe the Northern Lights.
In the winter season 2023/24 Milan Bergamo Airport is connected to .....
Rovaniemi Foto: Copyright © Ente del Turismo Finlandese Rovaniemi Photo: Copyright © Visit Finland
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Tromsø Foto: Copyright © Ente del Turismo Finlandese
Tromsø Photo: Copyright © Visit Finland
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What to do in Rovaniemi
Tiqets is an online booking platform that offers a rich variety of experiences, from museums to tourist attractions. Find out what you can do in Rovaniemi such as visiting Santa's house, hiking to see the Northern Lights, a breakneck cruise experience, a dog sledding excursion or other winter activities in Lapland.

The best tours in the desert of Sharjah
Text by Enzo Cuppatri 
 Desert of the emirate of Sharjah Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
The desert of the Emirate of Sharjah offers an essential experience for those visiting the city of Sharjah and its region, as it provides exciting adventures through golden dunes in a sea of sand. Thanks to its vastness, the Sharjah desert offers a unique opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the wilderness and discover the traditional culture of the United Arab Emirates.
Deserto dell'emirato di Sharjah Foto: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Desert of the emirate of Sharjah Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
This desert is a true paradise for those seeking thrills, spectacular landscapes, and an authentic experience. There are many tours and excursions available, suitable for families with children, and you can choose from various activities, whether more or less challenging. Options include the classic desert safari, leisurely walks among the dunes to explore the vast sandy expanses, camel rides, enjoying a dinner under the stars accompanied by traditional music and folk dances, visiting archaeological sites, or engaging in more educational experiences focused on learning about endangered animals, the wildlife of Sharjah, or falconry. 
Deserto di Sharjah Foto: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Sharjah Desert Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
All experiences in the Sharjah desert, from the more tranquil to the more adventurous, offer a captivating connection with nature and add unique excitement to your journey in Sharjah. Below are the ones we suggest.
 Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
In the Sharjah desert by 4x4 Off-Road
You depart for the desert from Sharjah on a six-hour guided 4x4 off-road tour in air-conditioned vehicles with qualified drivers, heading to the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, located approximately 65 km southeast of the city. This excursion allows you to admire the landscapes of the region, ascend imposing sand dunes, cross spectacular rock formations, and ultimately explore pre-Islamic archaeological sites while taking in panoramic views from three different peaks.
 Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Off-Road Adventure Park
Located in the Mleiha area, less than 80 kilometers from the center of Sharjah, this is the perfect place for a variety of adventures right in the heart of the desert: off-road cycling, four-wheel driving, off-road driving, mountain trail exploration, and other adrenaline-pumping challenges. In the adventure park, you can also savor a traditional barbecue and spend the night camping with friends and family, a unique experience in the heart of Sharjah's desert near Mount Al Faya.
 Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Desert Camping Under the Stars
Depart from Sharjah to the Mleiha Archaeological Center where you can discover the beauty of the sandy desert landscape with walks among the dunes or a guided trek to spot flora and fauna. At the Mleiha campsite, you can experience an Arabian feast under the stars in a traditional Bedouin-style majlis, and after dinner, gaze at the stars under a clear and dark sky. After spending the night in a traditional tent, visit Fossil Rock with unique dunes from which you can spot birds, reptiles, and camels. Indeed, Sharjah's desert is a natural reserve, and its sand dunes host species that thrive only in the desert habitat.
 Foto: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Mleiha Archaeological Center
The Mleiha Archaeological Center is located in Mleiha near Jebel Fayah, 65 kilometers southeast of the city of Sharjah. It is a significant Arab archaeological site ideal for discovering the ancient history of the United Arab Emirates and the secrets of early humanity on the Arabian Peninsula. You can visit Umm an-Nar tomb (a Bronze Age round tomb) to delve into the history of the ancient Bedouin civilization or explore Fossil Rock, a large rock formation rich in marine fossils. In the area, you can go on hikes, treks, dune bashing, quad biking, desert safaris, glamping, paragliding from the high peaks of Mleiha, or spend a night under the stars among the sand dunes.
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Tours and excursions in Sharjah 
GetYourGuide is an online platform that offers bookings for tourism experiences around the world. Experience unforgettable adventures as you immerse yourself in the beauty of Sharjah. Excursions to Sharjah will give you precious memories and make you appreciate the magic of this fascinating city even more.
Sharjah Foto: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Sharjah Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
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 Text by Lisa Maria River
Rotterdam captivates with its modern architectural skyline, Europe's largest port, urban landscapes, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere that make it a vibrant destination for a city break centered around art, culture, history, and entertainment.
Rotterdam. Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos 
Rotterdam. Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos 
Known as the "City of Architecture," Rotterdam was rebuilt in a futuristic style after being damaged during World War II. Examples of its modern architecture include the Erasmus Bridge designed by Ben van Berkel, suspended over the Maas River, and the innovative Markthal, a food market covered by an artistic ceiling. Equally unique are the Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot with its reflective glass and the Cube Houses by Piet Blom, surprising cube-shaped residences perched on an angle.
Il Markthal di Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos
The Markthal of Rotterdam
Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos
Il Deposito Boijmans Van Beuningen di Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos 
The Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot in Rotterdam
Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos 
Le Case Cubiche di Piet Blom a Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos
The Cube Houses by Piet Blom in Rotterdam
Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos 
The city comes alive with art and culture thanks to its numerous museums and a multitude of events held throughout the year. Worth visiting is the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, housing an eclectic collection of artworks, from ancient masterpieces to modern works. Contemporary art enthusiasts can explore the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, a truly innovative artistic hub.
Il Deposito del Museo Boijmans Van Beuningen di Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos 
The Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot in Rotterdam Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos 
Prominent among the distinctive cultural events are the International Film Festival Rotterdam (January to February) and the North Sea Jazz Festival (July), attracting artists and spectators from around the world.
Opportunities abound to experience the extraordinary and enjoy breathtaking views of the city, such as ascending the panoramic elevator of the Euromast observation tower and marveling at Rotterdam from above. For those who relish the outdoors in the city, a bicycle ride along the cycling paths provides an immersion into the Dutch cycling atmosphere.
La Torre di osservazione Euromast di Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos 
The Euromast observation tower in Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos 
Rotterdam does not disappoint in terms of an authentic culinary experience. The city is renowned for its gastronomic variety, from local delicacies to international dishes. A must-try is the fresh Dutch herring, best enjoyed at the Markthal along with other local delights like Dutch cheeses or dishes made from fresh fish. Also, the Oliebollen, round typical fritters with raisins, are a delight to savor warm.
Aringa olandese Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos
Aringa olandese
Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos
Formaggi olandesi Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos
Formaggi olandesi
Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos
Oliebollen Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos
Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos
trip to Rotterdam is incomplete without some shopping. The coolest spots are Lijnbaan with various brand shops and boutiques or Witte de Withstraat with art galleries, design stores, and trendy cafes. After shopping, one can delve into the lively nightlife of the city, with its numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants.
Shopping a Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © Depositphotos 
Shopping at Rotterdam Photo: Copyright © Depositphotos 
For an exhilarating moonlit experience, an evening boat tour along the Maas River or around the port to admire the city's glittering lights from the water is a unique memory that is hard to forget.
Rotterdam Foto: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Rotterdam Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
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NH Hotel is a leading hotel chain in Europe offering over 350 hotels spread across 28 countries. Its hotels stand out for their quality/price and excellent location. You can stay in the heart of the city of Rotterdam in two 4-star hotels equipped with all comforts: the nhow Rotterdam on the Wilhelmina pier and overlooking the river or the Art Deco style hotel NH Atlanta Rotterdam which is located right in the heart of the city, within walking distance of shops, restaurants and nightlife. 

Serbian cuisine dishes and the flavors of Belgrade
Text by Lisa Maria River
Serbian cuisine, while influenced by neighboring Balkan and European countries, boasts authentic dishes that can be discovered not only in Belgrade but throughout the entire territory. Depending on the region, you'll encounter different dishes, mainly based on pasta or meat.
Serbian cuisine dishes Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
In the northern part of the country, dishes are characterized by pasta and various doughs. In central Serbia, you can savor "pita" (a savory pie made with filo pastry), roast pork, dried meat, and lamb. In the eastern regions, the most exquisite dishes include polentalamb boiled in milk, and "pita secca del pastore." In the southgrilled meats with fresh vegetables are a culinary delight. In the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, you'll find specialties like "bingur", turkey, and various dishes cooked with lamb and sheep. Everywhere in the country, including Belgrade, delightful aromas enhance the journey with irresistible flavors.
Belgrade's cuisine is a blend of Balkan, Mediterranean, and Austro-Hungarian influences. Meat takes center stage on the Serbian table, followed by vegetables and cheese. The discovery of local gastronomy secrets begins with the traditional appetizer, which in Belgrade's restaurants (several of which hold Michelin recognition) is "proja" (cornbread) served with "kajmak" (traditional white cheese with cream).
Proja and kajmak Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Sarmice Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Sauerkraut salad Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
For those preferring lighter fare, the fresh "sarmice" (prepared with black onions and rice, all wrapped in cabbage leaves) is a must-try, along with winter sauerkraut salad. Also, do try "Ćevapčići," grilled minced meat patties made of beef, lamb, or pork, "roštilj" (grilled meat and vegetables), and "Pljeskavica", a giant hamburger often served with melted cheese and french fries.
Ćevapčići Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Grilled meat Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Pljeskavica Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Among desserts, "Moskvašnit" stands out, created many years ago in the kitchens of the famous Hotel Moskva. You can also taste layered savory or sweet pie "pita" (prepared with very thin pastry and fillings of meat, cheese, vegetables, or fruits), pastries with plums, apples, cherries, and raspberries, "palačinke" - a type of crepe rolled and filled with fruit and chocolate, and "Baklava", sweet treats made of puff pastry, nuts, and honey.
Pita Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Palačinke Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Baklava Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Skadarlija is Belgrade's most famous street where the bohemian atmosphere of the early 20th century city is revived, once inhabited by artists, actors, and writers. Here, you can listen to folk music while tasting traditional food. Dining with music is a popular custom in Belgrade. In various venues, you can enjoy typical Serbian wine and "rakija" (plum brandy) while savoring traditional dishes.
Skadarlija in Belgrado Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
The riverside of Zemun and Novi Beograd represent Belgrade's centuries-old fishing tradition where you can taste fish specialties in restaurants along the Danube. Typical dishes to enjoy with Belgrade wines, made from grapes growing in vineyards next to the Danube and on the hills of Kosmaj and Avala.
Restaurants on the Sava River in Belgrade Photo Copyright ©, Depositphotos 
Another characteristic area of Belgrade to stop and taste Serbian cuisine is where the Sava and Danube rivers meet, a place of paths crossing parks, restaurants, and "splavovi", distinctive bars on rafts offering an enchanting view of the river and the city.
Belgrade Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
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With Best Western Hotels & Resorts you can choose from over 4300 hotels in 100 countries. In Belgrade you can stay at the Best Western Premier Natalija Residence, a 4-star hotel with a modern design and cutting-edge furnishings. The hotel is located at Zarkovacka Street 1, near the Kosutnjak Forest Park and is a 25-minute drive from the airport and ten minutes from the Belgrade Exhibition Center.
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 Avion Tourism Magazine N78/2023 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
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