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AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
AVION TOURISM #78 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
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Milan Bergamo Airport continues to reflect a recovery in air travel, with figures markedly higher than pre-Covid levels, while at the same time gaining unprecedented results in terms of customer satisfaction, gaining first place on a European level for the third quarter of 2023 according to the survey carried out by ACI World, the international airport association. 
Appreciation for the services offered at Milan Bergamo Airport, already among the highest levels before the summer months, traditionally the most challenging time for airport managers, has seen a further increase according to surveys, with positive opinions on the quality of services and the comfort and usability of spaces, gaining the highest position overall among European airports
Passengers in the boarding area of Milan Bergamo Airport  Photo: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 
“The responses to the questionnaires set by ACI World reward both the efforts of the management company to render the airport infrastructure of a dimension suited to the demands of passenger traffic, and the commitment and professionalism of the personnel working in the airport, on whose competence the quality and efficiency of the services depends” - stated Giovanni Sanga, the president of SACBO - This result is a source of general satisfaction that unites us and encourages us to guarantee that the levels achieved are long-lasting, while at the same time seeking to make further improvements wherever possible”. 
Passengers in the boarding area of Milan Bergamo Airport  Photo: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 
The periodical study on the level of appreciation among airport users, part of the ASQ programme run by the Airports Council International (ACI) World and involving approximately 330 of the most important airports on an international level, demonstrates an overall level of satisfaction for Bergamo Airport of 4.85 (out of a maximum of 5), compared to an average international value of 4.28, an average European value of 4.05 and an average Italian value of 4.07. 
The data gathered for Milan Bergamo Airport shows an overall increase of general satisfaction of more than eight percentage points over the previous quarter. This generous gain places Milan Bergamo Airport at first place among European airports
Passengers using Bergamo airport express the most satisfaction for the ease of access, the clear signage, easy identification of the various service areas (check-in, security, gates) and the use of spaces inside the terminal, as well as the comfortable and pleasant ambience. Furthermore, another extremely significant factor is the appreciation for the professionalism and willingness of ground staff
Landside area at the security checks of Milan Bergamo Airport Photo: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 
Passengers also stressed the value for money and the range of shops and restaurants, rewarding Milan Bergamo Airport the highest score among Italian airports. 
The excellent results presented by Milan Bergamo Airport corroborate the focus placed by the management company SACBO on the satisfaction and needs of its clients, who are characterised by their young age (average age 38), their high computer and internet skills (95% use internet to book their flights and check in), the significant use of public transport to reach the airport (approximately 35%) and travel for tourist reasons (60%), business/personal or family reasons (40%). 

SACBO took part in the 24th edition of Inter Airport Europe, the international Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design and Services taking place in Munich, during a session dedicated to the sustainability of air transportation
SACBO’s contribution, which saw the involvement of the company To70 Italia, concerned airport sustainability roadmaps, and presented the case study for Milan Bergamo Airport
In particular, the presentation examined the criteria used to define the goals for reduction of CO2 emissions, the implementation of green initiatives (production of photovoltaic energy, conversion of service vehicles to electric power), and the involvement of the airport system, from aircraft fleets to multi-modal land-based public transportation, including rail and bicycle accessibility. 
Paolo De Forza Photo: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 
“It is essential to monitor one’s progress on the sustainability roadmap in order to carry out appropriate improvements” - a point highlighted during the intervention held by Paolo De Forza, Head of Environmental Affairs Unit at SACBO, together with Denise Farese from To70 Italia - “By adopting actions aimed at sustainability, defined within each roadmap, airports will be able to reduce their emissions, conserve resources and contribute to a more environmentally compatible future”. 

The SACBO Group has undertaken a series of initiatives to optimize mobility in the area surrounding the airport. Among these, one of the most relevant projects is the improvement of intermodal infrastructure, which includes the construction of railways, new roads, parking facilities, and services.
This initiative aims to enhance the accessibility and connectivity of the airport, considering the physical constraints posed by the presence of the A4 highway and the limited space for traffic and parking near the passenger terminal.
Photo Copyright © / Depositphotos
Photo Copyright © / Depositphotos
Following the establishment of the BGY Bike Office and the cycle path connecting the airport to the city and the main cycling routes in the area, promoting more sustainable travel and local tourism, BGY's intermodality now focuses on the railway connection project between the terminal and the Bergamo station. This project is based on an initial study conducted by SACBO in 2011 and various coordination meetings between different entities, including ENAC, the airport operator, RFI, Autostrade per l'Italia, the Province, the Municipality of Bergamo, and coordinated by the Municipality of Orio al Serio.
The goal of these meetings was to implement and improve railway accessibility to and from the airport. With the approval of Article 208 of D.L. 34/2020, converted into Law 77/2020, €131 million has been allocated for the execution of this intervention, while the remaining funding will be covered by investments planned for the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics.
The project envisions the activation of a comprehensive railway service, with a total of 128 daytime trains and 18 nighttime trains. During the day, trains are scheduled every 30 minutes from Milan, every 60 minutes from Lecco, and every 60 minutes from Ponte San Pietro. This service will ensure frequent and convenient connections between the airport and the main surrounding cities. In October 2020, the project underwent the Environmental Impact Assessment phase at the Ministry of Ecological Transition, following the required procedures. 
Photo Copyright © Ferrovie dello Stato italiane
Current status of the project 
The future station serving Milan Bergamo Airport, designed at ground level and served by 4 station tracks, will be connected via an underground "finger" directly to the airport. 
Concurrently with the progress of the railway project, SACBO has completed the executive design of the infrastructure necessary to connect the railway station to the airport. This includes the construction of an underground tunnel approximately 80 meters long, equipped with moving walkways, and a canopy covering a pedestrian square in front of the terminal arrivals area
Year after year, Milan Bergamo Airport is transforming into a comprehensive intermodal hub, seamlessly integrated into the region's infrastructure network. Its efforts aim to make it a crucial access point to the region's transportation network, benefiting not only passengers in terms of comfort but also contributing to the reduction of traffic and carbon emissions, thus supporting more sustainable mobility. 
Milan Bergamo Airport, in collaboration with (the world's largest B2B export platform born in China in 1999 with over 47 million companies selling in 200 countries through digital means), and other key partners such as SACE, the Chamber of Commerce, and Confindustria Bergamo, organized the event "6X - Scale Your Business", a significant opportunity for local SMEs in Lombardy and Northern Italy to explore B2B online trade opportunities.
Speech by SACBO President Giovanni Sanga Video: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 
The event took place on October 24, 2023, and was hosted by Sacbo, which in recent years has made significant investments in hangars dedicated to both traditional logistics and B2B in a modern facility equipped with all the necessary features for hosting large events. 
 “6X - Scale Your Business” Event Photo Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 
The new "Cargo City" at Milan Bergamo Airport, stemming from a project initiated several years ago, is an innovative structure where passenger traffic activities have been separated from logistics and cargo activities. The infrastructure was built to make the management of cargo traffic functional and fast. The location is situated in front of the aircraft apron, facilitating efficient and swift cargo handling and loading and unloading activities. Adjacent to it is a dedicated customs checkpoint specifically for cargo traffic, with Customs offices just a few meters away, all within a logistics park that features a significant operator like UPS
"Cargo City" at Milan Bergamo AirportVideo: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 

The DomusAir ON seminar, titled "Airports Inspire Cities: From Technology Incubator to a Model for Urban Development", organized by One Works, was hosted on October 19, 2023, in the new hangar space at Milan Bergamo Airport. The event began with remarks from Giovanni Sanga (President of Sacbo), along with Giorgio Gori (Mayor of Bergamo), Claudia Maria Terzi (Councilor for Infrastructure and Public Works of the Lombardy Region), and Pierluigi di Palma (President of ENAC). 
One Works Seminary Foto: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport 
To delve into the topic, Italian and international speakers from various professional backgrounds, including design, management, technology, and finance, engaged in discussions. 
The theme of urban development must consider various aspects such as density, flows, sustainability, and infrastructural networks. In this context, airports emerge as dynamic hubs connecting cities and territories, incorporating businesses, destinations, multimodal mobility solutions, energy production centers, and much more.
By emphasizing efficiency, sustainability, and comfort, airports act as catalysts for innovation. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Building Information Modeling, they optimize their operations, improving the monitoring of consumption and maintenance during the planning, management, and future development phases.
Airports provide models for design, governance, and development, presenting tangible and sustainable solutions for public spaces, showcasing innovative approaches that can be applied and replicated worldwide.
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 Avion Tourism Magazine N78/2023 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
Issue closed by Editorial Staff on 22 November 2023 
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