01 June 2019

World's most future-forward Supercars

BMW is about to re-enter the top of the range, instead the others continue to raise the performance bar while keeping their eye on the environment. But the die has been thrown: to keep horsepower up, capacity and cylinder numbers need to be reduced
Less cc, less cylinders, more horsepower: otherwise the race to the “hum” of electricity would be even faster. Constructors are understanding this late, due to laws but also thanks to advances in electronics. In the meantime, global warming continues, but certainly through no fault of the car. Undoubtedly, supercars, in a few years, have become increasingly unpopular in the public eye and, in any case, are difficult to homologate due to increasingly restrictive rules regarding emissions, which are, necessarily, directly dependable on the power of the engine. Therefore, the industry is coming out with the most efficient vehicles ever seen: greater satisfaction and less consumption, even if the price is rising - because research and electronics are costly. But the environment is thankful and driving enjoyment is enhanced, but those searching for something that is easy on the ear would have to possess a fortune because engines that are acoustically satisfying remain in the domain of otherwise unattainable models.
Chiron Sport by Bugatti - © Protected by copyright and License Bugatti Automobilies S.A.S.
Chiron Sport by Bugatti, is a new version of the Chiron. 
Inspired by the McLaren design team: greater choice and even more style for the new 570S Spider Design Editions
and Roadster by Tesla, an electric supercar with Founders Series reservation at € 215.000.
570S Spider Design Editions by McLaren
© Protected by copyright and License McLaren Automotive Limited
Roadster by Tesla
© Protected by copyright and License Tesla Motors
Bentayga V8 - © Protected by copyright and License Bentley Motors Ltd
 Bentayga V8, the new luxury SUV of Bentley
The Mission E Cross Turismo new concept study by Porsche, a electric sports car for an active lifestyle
and New Vantage by Aston Martin, defined by bold look, intensified performance and dynamics.
Mission E Cross Turismo by Porsche
© Protected by copyright and License Porsche
Vantage by Aston Martin
© Protected by copyright and License Aston Martin
Urus by Lamborghini - © Protected by copyright and License Automobili Lamborghini

Urus, a visionary approach based on the infusion of Lamborghini DNA into the most versatile vehicle, the SUV.

Edited by Lisa Maria River
Protected by copyright and License: © Automobili Lamborghini, © Porsche, © Aston Martin, © Bentley Motors Ltd, © McLaren Automotive Limited, © Tesla Motors, © Bugatti Automobilies S.A.S.
Copyright © Sisterscom.com
Published on Avion Luxury #20/2018
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