01 June 2019

Ferrari. 70 years for a world-class style

70 years of Ferrari: a good age, but it’s certainly not showing it. Because whenever you think of this name you always imagine speed, excitement and legend. An apparently immortal recipe for a symbolic brand, not just in the automotive segment, but also in the whole world of luxury Italian products
Everyone remembers 12th March 1947 as the beginning of Enzo Ferrari’s adventures into the business world with Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari, which produced Ferrari’s first road-going model, the 125S, a race-winner on the second attempt thanks to the talent of Franco Cortese. But the story of the Scuderia Ferrari was established some two decades earlier, when the young Enzo was, for many years, at the exclusive service of Alfa Romeo, before starting business independently and writing indelible pages of history in motorsport. The most important turning point was the arrival of Formula 1 on the international scene, which saw Ferrari as a participant right from the beginning, rocketing to the top of the classification and becoming the only team to win 31 world titles, thus confirming the marque as the most successful ever (unequalled records even in other international motoring categories).
812 Superfast by Ferrari © Protected by copyright and License Ferrari

70 years should be celebrated with attention towards preserving the sacred nature of this brand,

which is always at the fore of the world scene for its success in Formula 1 and for its excellent products, like the 812 Superfast.

The Ferrari © Protected by copyright and License Ferrari
Museum Ferrari © Protected by copyright and License ferrari 
LaFerrari Aperta, at a price six times that of the 812 Superfast, and the first office chair designed
by the Ferrari Design Center and made by Poltrona Frau for the 70 years of Ferrari
LaFerrari Aperta © Protected by copyright and License Ferrari
Office chair designed by the Ferrari Design Center and made by
Poltrona Frau © Protected by copyright and License Ferrari
LaFerrari Aperta, a "monter" that combines an engine with elecric motor to produce nearly 1000 CV © Protected by copyright and License Ferrari
Edited by Alex D'Agosta
Photos protected by copyright and License: © Ferrari S.p.A.
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Published on Avion Luxury #18/2017
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