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2006-2007 The biennium of the start of upgrade works

With passenger numbers exceeding 5 million, the goal was to make the terminal more spacious and welcoming, ensuring high-quality and efficient services
Faced with a continuous and steady increase in passenger flow, the airport management company Sacbo initiated a series of upgrades both inside and outside the terminal. The aim of these actions was to maintain high standards of quality and efficiency.
Area air side all'Aeroporto di Milano Bergamo. Foto: Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
Air side area at Milan Bergamo Airport. Photo: Copyright © Sacbo
On March 28, 2006, the third boarding pier became operational, located in the west area of the two existing piers dedicated to Schengen flights. This new structure allows for the simultaneous boarding of two aircraft via a double corridor separated by a glass partition, facilitating access to the apron through two independent staircases. This initiative enables better management of the boarding phases, simplifying access to the aircraft.
Piazzale aeromobili dell'Aeroporto di Milano Bergamo. Foto: Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
Aircraft apron at Milan Bergamo Airport. Photo: Copyright © Sacbo
The summer schedule, effective from March 26 to October 28, included 66 routes, 9 of which were seasonal operated between June and September using fleets of modern, next-generation aircraft to ensure efficiency, safety, and comfort for passengers.
Regarding the services offered, the airport has enhanced its facilities to better meet the needs of travelers. Among the most significant initiatives was the launch of a new website, a platform that allows easier and immediate consultation of the different site sections, providing useful information and enabling users to make bookings simply and quickly.
In addition to the 20 destinations connected by Ryanair in 2006 (19 international and one domestic flight to Rome Ciampino) and the 15 destinations served by Myair (including 8 Italian and 7 international), another 20 low-cost carriers offer direct connections from the Bergamo hub.
Aerlingus AIR BERLIN* air dolomiti Albatros* alitalia* air slovakya* belle air* binter canarias Bluair* Carpatair
Dublin  Hamburg Munich Tirana  Rome (FCO) Bratislava Tirana  Gran Canaria Bucarest Cluj
  Berlin           Tenerife North    Timisoara
elbafly* estonia air* JET2 Meridiana* skyeurope* Smartwings tacv transavia virgin express* wizz air
Isola d'Elba Tallinn Leeds  Bradford Cagliari Bratislava Prague Cabo Verde Amsterdam Bruxelles Katowice
      Olbia Budapest          
On July 23, 2007, the new check-in area was inaugurated, created as part of the five-year infrastructure upgrade program for the terminal. This area is linked to the BHS system, which allows 100% of checked baggage to be controlled. Over the years, the BHS system has progressively increased its baggage handling capacity from 1,500 to 2,700 bags per hour, ensuring a more efficient service for travelers.
Area Check- in all'Aeroporto di Milano Bergamo. Foto: Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
Check-in area at Milan Bergamo Airport. Photo: Copyright © Sacbo
In the summer of 2007, the destinations connected by Ryanair increased to 24, all international except for the connection to Rome (CIA), plus 12 international and 7 domestic destinations operated by Myair and those of the other 16 companies operating from the Bergamo hub.


AIR BERLIN* alitalia* air slovakya* belle air* Brussels airlines binter canarias Bluair* Carpatair elbafly*
Berlin Rome (FCO) Bratislava Tirana  Bruxelles Gran Canaria Bucarest Timisoara Isola d'Elba
Hamburg         Tenerife North      Bastia
JET2 Neos skyeurope* transavia TuiFly Wind jet* wizz air
Leeds  Bradford Cabo Verde Bratislava Amsterdam Hanover Catania Katowice
Edinburgh   Budapest   Leipzig    
Manchester   Krakow   Stuttgart    
The following airlines have ceased operations: Air Berlin (2017), Air Slovakia (2010), Albatros (2006), Alitalia (which transferred its brand to Ita Airways in 2021), Basiq Air (merged into Transavia in 2004), Blue Air (2022), Bmibaby (2012), Flybe (2020), Elbafly (2010), Estonian Air (2015), Meridiana (2018), Myair (2009), Skyeurope (2009), Sterling (2008), Volareweb (merged into Alitalia in 2015), Virgin Express (merged into Brussels Airlines in 2006), Windjet (2012).
Three years after publishing the first issue of Avion Tourism Magazine, the magazine underwent a redesign, including a new logo, page layout, and format change. It shifted to a smaller size (19x24 cm) to facilitate distribution at airports and reading during flights.
The publication frequency also changed from bimonthly to quarterly, with four issues per year: two dedicated to summer season destinations and two to winter season destinations.
2006-2007, with its historical covers, is the biennium that tells passengers about the tourist and artistic-cultural beauties of Bergamo and its province.
With the new edition, the editorial choice has been to give more visibility to Bergamo and its territory, compared to the previous edition, where sections like "Mythical Destinations", not directly connected to the hub, would make travelers dream while reading.
New sections dedicated to incoming tourism have been created, adding to the traditional "Tourism" and "Destinations" sections focused on outgoing.
The direction has included new sections all aimed at promoting Bergamo and its province: "Events in Bergamo", "Appointments", "Bergamo and Surroundings", "Personalities and Towns", and "Itineraries".
Fixed sections such as "Orio News" and "News from Carriers" continue, with the addition of "The Wings of Orio" to inform passengers, giving visibility in each issue to one or more airlines operating at the hub and "Logbook" to provide useful information on airport procedures.
Copyright © Sisterscom.com
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Text by Alisè Vitri
Avion Tourism Magazine
Photos and Visual: Copyright © Sacbo
Photos: Copyright © Sisterscom.com / Shutterstock / Depositphotos
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Milan Bergamo Airport. Photo: Copyright © Sacbo 
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Milan Bergamo Airport
Aeroporto di Milano BergamoMilan Bergam Airport. Photo: Copyright © Sacbo

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