20 September 2021

Sacbo is the first enterprise in Italy "Bike-Friendly Company"

FIAB’s “Bike-Friendly Company” certification for Milan Bergamo Airport
SACBO (Bergamo Orio al Serio Civil Airport Company) has been awarded the first “Bike-Friendly Company” certification (CFE-ITA: Cycle-Friendly Employer - Italy, Silver level) by FIAB (Italian federation for the environment and the bicycle), with an official ceremony during the conference "The bicycle as an economic opportunity for local areas and companies" at the Local Areas Trade Fair in Bergamo
FIAB’s “Bike-Friendly Company” certification (CFE-ITA - Cycle-Friendly Employer) gives official recognition to enterprises that have won distinction for having created a workplace that promotes and supports use of the bicycle within their corporate structure. 
FIAB (Italian federation for the environment and the bicycle) is the Italian member of a more extensive Consortium of 16 European partners (coordinated by ECF - European Cyclists’ Federation) which devised and promoted the first and only voluntary European standard for bike-friendly companies, based on a protocol subdivided into six functional assessment areas: 
  • information,
  • communication,
  • employee mobility; 
  • coordination and organization;
  • services facilitating bicycle use;
  • the equipment comprised in structures facilitating bicycle use;
  • management of parking areas as a complementary measure;
  •  customer mobility. 
FIAB’s “Bike-Friendly Company” certification for Milan Bergamo Airport
FIAB’s “Bike-Friendly Company” certification for Milan Bergamo Airport
Photo: Copyright © Fiab-Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta (Italian federation for the environment and the bicycle).
For each area, many measures have been defined, comprising specific actions at workplaces or corporate policies to be implemented, with the objective of helping companies to improve and promote bicycle use
Two factors are essential for access to the certification procedure:
  • the nomination of a mobility/bike manager;
  • the possibility of bicycle access and storage at the company.
The higher the standards attained, the higher the level that the company can reach. Three levels of merit are defined: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Blue emblem is dedicated to companies with less than 10 employees. 
Sacbo is the first enterprise in Italy "Bike-Friendly Company"
FIAB (Italian federation for the environment and the bicycle) awards the first “Bike - Friendly Company” certification in Italy to SACBO Bergamo Airport.
Show the certificate: the Chairman of SACBO, GiovanniSanga, and Valeria Lorenzelli, National FIAB Councillor and Manager of the Urban Mobility Sector.
FIAB Bike-Friendly Company certification brings many benefits, naturally in addition to inclusion in the company’s Social Balance Sheet, because it explicitly expresses principles of equity and sustainability. Encouraging bicycle mobility gives the company visibility on the market for its commitment to its employees, to the community in which it works, and to the environment”, says Valeria Lorenzelli, national FIAB councillor and manager for the daily mobility sector. “Already launched in other European nations, the project has now been brought to Italy by our Federation, which will operationally handle applications from structures wishing to initiate the procedure for ‘bike-friendly company’ certification. The award presented to SACBO today has enabled us to test the international protocols and procedures in the field. Therefore we are ready to accompany all the public and private organisations who wish to begin this virtuous and sustainable process”. 
Sacbo is the first enterprise in Italy "Bike-Friendly Company"
FIAB: a SACBO la prima Certificazione Azienda Bike Friendly (a sinistra V. Lorenzelli e a destra G. Sanga). Foto: Copyright © Fiab-Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta.
“Over the course of time, Bergamo Airport has undergone constant development in terms of infrastructure and services, and today it is preparing for the inauguration, in autumn, of the new western section of the terminal that will be connected to the future rail link terminus”, says Giovanni Sanga, chairman of SACBO. “The cycle and pedestrian pathway for access to the airport, which makes it possible to reach branches of the local cycle path network, and that above all will be connected to important future inter-regional cycle paths, enables us to expand the multimodal concept that has been introduced by a wider vision of the airport’s usability and accessibility. We are proud of this mark of recognition, intended as a method of encouraging bicycle mobility as a means of transport for tourism, leisure time and work, awarded to SACBO by the European Cyclists’ Federation, through FIAB”. 
The CFE - Cycle-Friendly Employer protocol is currently applied by 16 European countries with standardised methods of assessment. Certification is awarded after a rigorous audit and it has a validity of three years, during which the company is required to present an annual report on the activities performed, not excluding reassessments which can be requested by the company itself in the case of innovations regarding the corporate bicycle feasibility project
Italian companies wishing to initiate FIAB “Bike-Friendly Company” (CFE-ITA – Cycle-Friendly Employer) certification will find comprehensive information at the dedicated page for the project on the FIAB website: fiabitalia.it
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Text source:Sacbo Press Office and Fiab Press Office
Photos: Copyright © Ufficio Stampa Fiab-Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta
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