01 June 2020

Milan Bergamo Airport: an original version of useful information and advice to passengers

BergamEnglish BGY Edition by VAVA77
What would passengers like to hear when they reach the airport?
They would like to be welcomed by a friendly, reassuring voice, who guides them through the airport, clearly informing them about the services available, what they have to do, and the steps they should take up to the moment of boarding.
Announcements have become even more important now that there are a few more safety rules to be followed. Milan Bergamo Airport has decided to underline the importance of the rules, repeating them in an original format made possible by the performance skills of Daniele Vavassori, stage name Vava77.
There are three separate scenes: one in front of the airport’s entrance door leading into the departures area, the second in the check-in area, and the third at the boarding gates.
VAVA77 Milan Bergamo Airport.
VAVA77 Milan Bergamo Airport. Photo: Copyright © Milan Bergamo Airport.
As if in a role-playing game set in the context of an airport, the famous video maker doubles up his personality, alternating perfect, refined English with the Bergamo dialect.
Two different ways of expressing and communicating useful information and advice in an unusual, amusing double role video that will doubtless achieve great popularity on Milan Bergamo Airport’s social media channels, with three videos corresponding to three different situations, and on the YouTube channel that has brought Vava77 notable fame.

The videos were produced with the cooperation of Antonio Iorio (Orion - BG), Carmen Fumagalli Guariglia and Laura Ranica.
Edited by Alisè Vitri
Text source, photos, video: Press Office of Milan Bergamo Airport
Visual: Sisterscom.com / bellena / Shutterstock 
All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited.
Copyright © Sisterscom.com
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