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To enjoy some relaxation, which, only in the summer, is made all the more pleasant by a multitude of incredible hues, inebriating perfumes and sizzling heat, we’re leaving in discovery of some exquisite islands located in Spain where spend the summer holidays. We have focussed our attention on the enchanting Canary Islands, and here we are proposing LanzaroteFuerteventura and Tenerife, havens in the midst of the sea with wonderful beaches and natural splendours in which to explore or escape from the crowds. During spring and summer, the warm, dry weather of the Mediterranean area makes it the perfect place for spending a wonderful holiday by the sea, for example on one of the many small or large islands surrounded by calm turquoise blue waters. 
avion tourism magazine #8/2020
The enchanting Islands and their interesting attractions are ideal for all tastes - from the more sophisticated to the more cultured - and where many of the islands are rich in archaeological treasures. An island such as Mykonos, the trendiest of the Cyclades, an alluring place with fantastic beaches, clear blue sea and lively nightlife. Or Santorini, with its unique appearance and sharp contrasts given by the black lava rocks and the white walls of small single-family houses: an island with a romantic charm and astonishing colours. Or Skiathos, where everywhere is imbued with the scent of myrtle and the balsamic air of the vast pine forests, which make it a true nature-lover’s paradise, with spacious protected areas near to the beaches.  
And also, the striking volcanic island of Pantelleria with its unspoilt natural environment, green areas that extend from the interior towards the sea, enchanting beaches and fascinating sea caves that open out onto spectacular natural views. But also Lampedusa, a valuable nature reserve with unique plant and animal species, rare habitats, golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters that are inhabited by an incredible variety of fish.
Lastly, we feature important information regarding all airports in the destinations reviewed in this issue and the numerous airlines that operate flights out of these airports, together with useful facts, news and travel advice.  
Angela Trivigno
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Avion Tourism Magazine N9/2021
Editor in chief: Angela Trivigno. Contributors: Alisè Vitri, Anna Glik, Enzo Cuppatri, Lea Tocchi, Lisa Maria River, Nicolò Villa. Translations: Juliet Halewood. PhotosPhotographs Archive of Snc. Images used with purchased license. Copyright © Snc / / Press office: Comune di Lampedusa and Linosa; Comune di Pantelleria; Ente del Turismo Isole Canarie; Ente Nazionale Ellenico per il Turismo; GetYourGuide; Patronato del Turismo di Fuerteventura; Turismo de Canarias/Tenerife/Fuerteventura; Turismo Lanzarote; Ufficio Spagnolo del Turismo (Turespana). Avion Tourism Magazine N.9/2021: issue published 12/08/2021 on Registrazione: Registered at Bergamo Law Court N. 9/2019 of 03/07/2019. Periodicity: four-monthly. Publisher, Editing, Administration and Advertising: Snc - Via Piave, 102 - 23879 Verderio (Lc) Italy. P.Iva/C.F. 03248170163 - Registro delle Imprese di Lecco Numero LC-304260. Literary and artistic property: Copyright © Snc. All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited.
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