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CANARy Islands
The Canary Islands, comprised of seven different islands of volcanic origin, provide the best climate for enjoying an exceptional holiday at any time of the year, with mild temperatures that consistently average 21˚C and over 3,000 hours of sunlight a year. The islands are in a privileged position with nearly 1,600 km of coastline, 265 km of sandy or rocky beaches, coves, ports, harbours for sailors and an underwater haven, consisting of a marine volcanic ecosystem that boasts unique flora and fauna.
Mount Teide dominates the island of Tenerife, and is the highest peak in Spain (3,718m) and is the third largest volcano on Earth. The Canaries offer anything you could possibly wish for in terms of vacation with a wide range of choice between the islands. El Hierro is bathed in clear waters, and scuba diving aficionados come each year to photograph one of the best sea beds on the planet.
La Palma is also know as the “Isla Bonita” and has a natural environment that is almost untouched. It is a green island with a multitude of colours under one of the most beautiful skies on earth, ideal for stargazing. La Palma is in fact home to some of the most important observatories in the northern hemisphere.
La Gomera is a jewel of nature with thick forests. It is home to species that, elsewhere, have disappeared millions of years ago, and is a perfect location for trekking.
Tenerife is an island for discovering treasures, because it has two Unesco World Heritage Sites, a National Park and no less than 42 protected natural areas.
Gran Canaria is a “miniature continent”: it has many varied landscapes and microclimates that make it truly unique. Fuerteventura with its vast and pristine white sandy beaches and a coastline bathed by the crystalline waters of a calm ocean, is an invitation to complete relaxation. Lanzarote has spectacular volcanic landscapes that seem to belong to a distant world, where the earth’s heat continues to bubble just beneath the surface.
This issue of Avion Tourism is “landing” on the islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, to show you the islands’ incredibly exciting and beautiful natural heritage, and to La Graciosa, which was given EU recognition, officially becoming the eighth Canary Island
Text by Alisè Vitri
Lanzarote. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
The island of fire and art
Magical volcanic landscapes, beaches, crystal-clear waters and protected nature reserves, a treasure trove for those who love to experience nature at its best. In Lanzarote many have wanted to find the remains of the legendary Atlantis, the great civilisation that dared to challenge the gods, which disappeared into the depths of the ocean. In fact, on this particular island of the Canaries, traces of powerful natural events that left their mark on the land are extremely evident and make one imagine ancestral battles. It’s no coincidence that Lanzarote has been named the ”island of volcanos”.
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Lanzarote offers countless opportunities for tours and excursions that enable visitors to enjoy many of the natural wonders of this volcanic island, for example a tour of the volcanos or a trip to Timanfaya National Park and La Geria, or a boat trip to see dolphins, whales and other marine mammals in their natural habitat. Discover all the best excursions, tours and activities in Lanzarote proposed by GetYourGuide, a specialised online platform that unites the best activities throughout the world.  
Fuerteventura. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
The Canary Island where to sunbathe and swim every day of the year
Over 3,000 hours of sunshine and mild temperatures make Fuerteventura a paradise to be enjoyed all year round. The temperature of the sea, which varies between 24 and 19°C, is ideal for swimming at any time, and sunbathing on Fuerteventura is possible every day of the year. The island provides the best combination of beaches and climate in the Canary Islands in a unique, unspoilt setting. The coastline offer much variation, with beautiful cliffs and bays, and well-equipped beaches to enjoy with the family or on holiday with friends, where you can meet people from all over the world savouring this small corner of paradise in the Atlantic Ocean.
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Fuerteventura offers many opportunities for tours and excursions that enable visitors to enjoy the best of some of its wonders, for example a tour to the natural park of Lobos Island or a trip to the natural park of the dunes, or a diving and snorkeling tour to Lobos island and a cultural tour and tapas. Discover all the best excursions, tours and activities in Fuerteventura proposed by GetYourGuide, a specialised online platform that unites the best activities throughout the world.  
Tenerife. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
The island of treasures
One National Park, forty-two protected natural areas and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites are just some of the many “treasures” on offer to visitors to the island.  Tenerife is the largest of the islands of the volcanic archipelago of the Canaries and occupies a central position between the islands of Gran CanariaLa Gomera and La Palma. Well known for its mild climate, it is the ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy a seaside holiday at any time of the year. Mountains, the dominant feature of the island, divide the north, which is characterised by verdant sub-tropical flora, from the south, which has plenty of wide sandy beaches and incredible rocky coastlines. The natural riches of Tenerife are extraordinary and half of the land is a protected area in which over 600 species of unique flora and fauna can be found.
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Barceló Santiago. Photo: © Copyright
Perched on a cliff in Tenerife, the Barceló Santiago resort features impressive panoramic views of La Gomera Island and the Los Gigantes CliffsAfter basking in the glorious winter sun, you can cool off with a dip in one of the three outdoor swimming pools and take in the beautiful sea views at the same time, as the nearest beach is only 200 yards away.
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Tenerife offers many opportunities for tours and excursions that enable visitors to enjoy the best of some of its wonders, for example with a tour to the Teide National Park or an excursion to spot whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, or a tour to the island of La Gomera. Discover all the best excursions, tours and activities in Tenerife proposed by GetYourGuide, a specialised online platform that unites the best activities throughout the world.
The Mediterranean, an internal sea located between the southern coasts of Europe, the northern shores of Africa and the eastern coasts of Asia, during spring and summer offers a warm, dry climate that makes it the ideal place for spending a pleasant holiday on one of its enchanting islands. The turquoise waters are in fact dotted with numerous islands, some large, others small, often of volcanic origin and all perfect destinations for lovers of the sea.
Together let’s discover some of the most fascinating ones, such as the unspoilt Sicilian island of Lampedusa, in the archipelago of the Pelagie Islands, or Pantelleria in the centre of the Strait of Sicily. Or, among the Greek island, the well-known Mykonos and Santorini in the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, a part of the Mediterranean situated between the southern part of the Balkan peninsula and the western peninsula of Anatolia; and finally Skiathos, another beautiful Greek island, again in the Aegean Sea, but belonging to the archipelago of the Northern Sporades.
Text by Alisè Vitri
Lampedusa. Photo: Copyright © / Natursports / Shutterstock
The island of turtles with crystal clear water
The island of Lampedusa, part of the archipelago of the Pelagie Islands of Sicily, is the largest of the group. The island surprises for its spectacular natural environment, which is abundant with rare plant species, but also for its ancient history and archaeology. The history of Lampedusa has roots reaching deep into prehistory. Archaeological studies and excavations have brought to light ancient structures from eras ranging from Neolithic to Roman and Byzantine. Of particular interest are the ancient “timpuna”, defined by archaeologists as “circles of stone”, constructions only a few dozen centimetres high. The island has over two hundred of these “timpuna”, which are grouped together like small settlements. They are found mainly in Capo Grecale, between Punta Parrino and Punta Alaimo, in the areas of Imbriacole and Poggio Monaco and towards Capo Ponente.
Pantelleria. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
An island with an ancient past
Since ancient times, because of its strategic geographical position between Sicily and Africa, the Island of Pantelleria, ancient Cossyra, played a fundamental role in trade between the two continents. Fought over by the Carthaginians and the Romans during the Punic wars, it passed definitively in 217BC under Roman administration. The oldest area, overlooking the sea and surrounded by powerful walls, is the ancient fortified village of Murcia, dating back to 1700 - 1900 BC, which today due to its exceptional state of conservation allows us to see what life was like in ancient times, with housing similar to circular huts. Adjacent to the village is the necropolis, with more than fifty Sesi, dome-shaped tombs made with volcanic stone.
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Mykonos. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
A paradise in the heart of Greece
Mykonos is a true paradise in the heart of Greece, a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity, an island where young people and families enjoy the Greek summer together among entertainment, history and traditions. A “treasure trove” to explore that satisfies all expectations.
According to mythology, the island of Mykonos was formed by the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules and took the name of Apollo’s nephew, “Mykonos“. Unlike the other capital towns of the Cyclades, the chief town (Hora) was not constructed in the shape of an amphitheatre, but extends over a vast area. It is one of the best examples of Cycladic architecture and a fascinating attraction in which to stroll around the characteristic narrow pedestrian-only streets and admire the white houses with their colourful doors and windows, purple-flowering bougainvillea plants and secluded churches
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Mykonos offers many opportunities for tours and excursions that enable visitors to enjoy the best of some of its wonders, for example with a walking tour to admire the main tourist and cultural attractions or a cooking class in a traditional Mykonos house but also a guided tour on the island of Delos or a cruise between the southern beaches. Discover all the best excursions, tours and activities in Mykonos proposed by GetYourGuide, a specialised online platform that unites the best activities throughout the world.
Santorini. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
The largest of the Cyclades Islands with a romantic charm
The island of Santorini, known also as Thira, has been called a ‘prehistoric Pompeii’, because the artefacts uncovered in excavations had been submersed in lava from horrendous volcanic eruptions that took place thousands of years ago, in exactly in the same way as Pompeii.  
Situated in the south east of Greece in the Aegean SeaSantorini is the largest of the Cyclades Islands, and is itself made up of a small archipelago. The largest island takes the name of Santorini and has a unique appearance given by the powerful contrast between the black lava rocks and the white walls of small single-family houses; Santorini is crowned by the other smaller islands of Thiressia and Aspronisi and by the two islets that form the volcano, Palea and Nea Kameni.  
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Santorini, Canvas Suites a Oia. Photo: © Copyright
A postcard destination for a discreet and minimalist break 
Many travelers want a holiday of simplicity and essentials. In line with this new trend and according to research, 34% of global travelers actually say that minimalism is the most appealing interior design type. With this in mind, has curated a list of unique places to stay for travelers that are seeking a minimalist aesthetic for their next trip. If that's you, then you're in good company, as over half of global travelers (54%) revealed that one of their main motivations to travel is to experience a simpler lifestyle.
Santorini offers many opportunities for tours and excursions that enable visitors to enjoy the best of some of its wonders, for example with a guided tour of the city of Santorini a food tour with tastings but also a horse tour of the volcanic landscapes or a catamaran cruise. Discover all the best excursions, tours and activities in Santorini proposed by GetYourGuide, a specialised online platform that unites the best activities throughout the world.
Skiàthos. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
It’s the smallest of the archipelago, but also the liveliest and most social as well as being the greenest
The island of Skiathos, in spite of the rapid development of tourism over the past few years, has still retained its original picturesque appearance.  Its 44 kilometres of coastline have some sixty beaches, all bathed by a transparent, crystal-clear sea; the most famous is Koukounaries, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. Also worthy of note is the beach of Banana, which with its nearby sister beach of Small Banana amaze tourists with their spectacle of white rocky formations. Another beach not to be missed is the splendid and wild Lalaria, an expanse of white pebbles that can only be reached from the sea.
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Avion Tourism Magazine N9/2021
Editor in chief: Angela Trivigno. Contributors: Alisè Vitri, Anna Glik, Enzo Cuppatri, Lea Tocchi, Lisa Maria River, Nicolò Villa. Translations: Juliet Halewood. PhotosPhotographs Archive of Snc. Images used with purchased license. Copyright © Snc / / Press office: Comune di Lampedusa and Linosa; Comune di Pantelleria; Ente del Turismo Isole Canarie; Ente Nazionale Ellenico per il Turismo; GetYourGuide; Patronato del Turismo di Fuerteventura; Turismo de Canarias/Tenerife/Fuerteventura; Turismo Lanzarote; Ufficio Spagnolo del Turismo (Turespana). Avion Tourism Magazine N.9/2021: issue published 12/08/2021 on Registrazione: Registered at Bergamo Law Court N. 9/2019 of 03/07/2019. Periodicity: four-monthly. Publisher, Editing, Administration and Advertising: Snc - Via Piave, 102 - 23879 Verderio (Lc) Italy. P.Iva/C.F. 03248170163 - Registro delle Imprese di Lecco Numero LC-304260. Literary and artistic property: Copyright © Snc. All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited.
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