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AVION TOURISM #79 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport

Milan Bergamo Airport is gearing up for a bustling summer season, offering 169 national and international connections to 146 destinations across 39 countries. Twenty-two airlines will operate from the airport, with new routes including Perugia, Hanover, Foggia, Bergen, and Stavanger. Ryanair is further expanding its network by adding routes to Beni Mellal, Biarritz, Castellón de la Plana, and Sarajevo.
This extensive selection of destinations and connections makes Milan Bergamo Airport a strategic hub for those looking to explore new horizons, whether for business or pleasure. The variety of accessible destinations and the presence of numerous airlines ensure that every traveler can find the perfect flight for their needs. In addition, with a short layover of a few hours in Dubai, Sharjah, and Istanbul, you can continue to long-haul destinations all around the world.
Avion Tourism Magazine N79 - Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport. Foto: Copyright © / Shutterstock
Avion Tourism Magazine N79 - Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport. Photo: Copyright © / Shutterstock
In this issue, we highlight Copenhagen, distinguished for its bicycle culture. Exploring the Danish capital by bike is a unique experience thanks to its numerous bike paths and the city's commitment to environmental respect. Copenhagen offers a perfect blend of modernity and history, making it an ideal destination for a dynamic and sustainable weekend.
Foto: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Hanover, on the other hand, fascinatingly combines modernity and tradition. Known for its parks and gardens, such as the famous Herrenhäuser Gärten, and its vibrant cultural scene, it is a perfect destination for a city break. The city offers museums, art galleries, and a diverse gastronomic scene that will satisfy any palate. The new direct flights from Milan Bergamo make this city even more accessible for a relaxing and discovery-filled weekend.
Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Rotterdam, with its futuristic architecture and bustling port, is the pulsating heart of the Netherlands. Rotterdam's nightlife is renowned for its energy and variety: from trendy clubs to fashionable bars, the city offers endless entertainment opportunities. Visitors can enjoy an evening of music, cocktails, and culture, with a vibrant artistic scene that further enriches the experience.
 Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Oviedo, located in the heart of Asturias, enchants with its mix of history and nature. Known for its medieval architecture, like the Cathedral of San Salvador, and its breathtaking landscapes, it is the ideal starting point to explore the natural paradise of Asturias. With mountains, natural parks, and wild coastlines, nature lovers will find this region a perfect destination for a rejuvenating journey.
 Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Finally, Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, captivates with its rich gastronomic tradition. The city offers a fascinating combination of ancient history and vibrant contemporary culture, with a cuisine that reflects the variety and depth of Georgian flavors. From traditional dishes like khachapuri and khinkali to fine local wines, Tbilisi is a must-visit for lovers of good food and authentic experiences.
Photo: Copyright © / Depositphotos
Whether you're seeking adventure, culture, relaxation, or gastronomy, you'll surely find the ideal destination for your next trip among the destinations connected by Milan Bergamo Airport. Have a great flight and a wonderful journey!
Angela Trivigno

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 Avion Tourism Magazine N79/2024 Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport
Issue closed by Editorial Staff on May 31, 2024
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