28 May 2022

The news from Dassault Aviation at Ebace 2022

Falcon 6X round-the-globe proving campaign ready for kick off. Production underway for the new Falcon 10X. Dassault introduces the Falcon Privacy Suite: a new concept for personal space
“Our test team continues to be impressed by the handling and performance of the Falcon 6X,” said Dassault Aviation Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “This global proving campaign will make sure that all systems are fully mature at entry into service. We are committed to delivering a perfect aircraft from day one.” 
Falcon 6X
Falcon 6X. Copyright © Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., Dassault Aviation.
Falcon 6X
With envelope expansion and most major development milestones accomplished, the Falcon 6X is preparing to embark on a demanding global proving campaign. The objective of this 40-stop, 150-hour campaign, set to begin next month, is to ensure the reliability of the aircraft and onboard systems in real world operating conditions prior to initial customer deliveries. The 6X has now completed a number of major flight test activities, including cold-soak tests, high-elevation tests and expanded the flight envelope well beyond the aircraft’s Mach 0.90 maximum operating speed. The number of flight trials remaining includes natural icing tests and contaminated runway tests. 
Three Falcon 6X flight test aircraft have accumulated more than 850 hours of flight time to date and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) flight evaluation process has begun. Aircraft number four - the first production unit - is on display at EBACE equipped with a full interior. This aircraft will take part in the proving tour. 
Falcon 6X
Falcon 6X. Copyright © Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., Dassault Aviation.
The one-month tour will include a number of long and short haul legs across Europe and between North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Flights of 10-12 hours will alternate with quick, short hops. The aircraft will perform long night flights, high-speed long runs at Mach 0.88, or up to seven short segments within a day. The proving campaign aircraft will carry a full crew of Dassault pilots, flight attendants, engineers and interior specialists. This team will test 250 different evaluation points. 
Meanwhile, a fifth aircraft is currently being fitted out at Dassault Aviation’s Little Rock, Arkansas completion facility, with a sixth set to arrive in the coming days. Capable of flying 5,500 nm (10,186 km) non-stop, the Falcon 6X will feature the largest cabin cross section of any purpose-built business jet on the market. 
The new Falcon 10X
Parts production for Dassault Aviation’s new ultra-long range Falcon 10X is now underway, with final assembly of the first aircraft set to begin next year. With detailed design nearly complete, production and assembly of the ultra-widebody twin is gearing up at sites around Europe and North America, including a brand-new Factory 4.0 smart manufacturing facility in Seclin in northern France. A new production hall in Biarritz in southwestern France is dedicated to the aircraft’s all-composite wing. A first wing is in final assembly and will be placed in a static test rig this summer. 
“We are making excellent progress in getting this new aircraft into production, and the coming months will see an increasing flow of parts, subsystems and large structures into our facilities in the south of France,” said Dassault Aviation Chairman and CEO, Eric Trappier. “With help from the world’s leading suppliers, the Falcon 10X will be the most advanced and capable aircraft in business aviation.” 
Falcon 6X
Falcon 6X. Copyright © Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., Dassault Aviation.
The 10X will have the largest cabin of any purpose-built business jet, along with the most flexible and homelike interior. With a cabin height of six-feet, eight inches and volume of 2,780 cubic feet, the ultra-spacious cabin has been likened to a “flying penthouse.” Range will be 7,500 nautical miles (13,900 km) at Mach 0.85 and top speed will be Mach 0.925
The first of the ultra-efficient Pearl 10X engines that will power the 10X recently ran on a test stand at Rolls-Royce’s Dahlewitz, Germany facility, surpassing its target thrust level on the first run. Already, Rolls-Royce has accomplished 1,000 hours of testing on the 18,000 pounds-plus thrust engine, including runs on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel. The Pearl 10X will be certified for 100 percent SAF
Other test highlights include installation of a multi-system integration bench, complete with subsystem computers, at Dassault’s Istres flight test facility near Marseille. This multi-system bench, along with individual benches for fuel systems, electrical systems, hydraulics, and flight controls, will serve to ensure that all systems are fully tested and mature when the 10X takes to the sky. 
Certification and entry into service is anticipated in late 2025
Falcon Privacy Suite
Dassault Aviation is introducing a new concept in passenger comfort - the Falcon Privacy Suite, that will offer more personal space, greater peace and quiet, and a more comfortable and restful sleep on long flightsUp to now, privacy suites - individual compartments partitioned off from surrounding passengers and equipped with an electrically operated reclining lie-flat bed - have not been available on purpose-built business jets
The Dassault Privacy Suite aims to fill this need. The suite will initially be offered on the new extra-widebody Falcon 6X twin and the popular Falcon 8X very-long range tri-jet. A full-scale mockup of the new Privacy Suite was on display on the Dassault booth at EBACE
“The Privacy Suite is a brand new high-end option that will be available only on Falcon business jets,” said Dassault Aviation Executive Vice President, Civil Aircraft Carlos Brana. “It responds to customer demand for a personal space to work, relax and get a proper rest during long-duration trips.” 
Falcon 6X
Falcon 6X. Copyright © Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., Dassault Aviation.
The patented Privacy Suite concept is the result of a two-year-long collaboration between industrial designers at Dassault’s in-house Falcon Design Studio and the Dassault Aviation Engineering Department. It meets demanding requirements for aircraft seat design, safety, comfort and intuitive use. The suite is separated from the cabin aisle by an adjustable mid-height partition. The seat itself is 22 inches wide in the Falcon 8X and 24 inches wide in the 6X. It is electrically operated and reclines to a full flat position to create a comfortable 80-inch (2.03 m) long bed. 
When not fully reclined, the extra seat serves as an ottoman for a second occupant. Overhead is a 24-inch 4K screen connected to the aircraft’s Innovative Cabin System and its various cabin entertainment options. There is a stowage drawer below and an adjacent side locker to stow away hanging garments. Side ledge storage includes USB charging ports. The suite is provided with its own ambient lighting and reading light. 
More than one Privacy Suite can be installed on board an individual aircraft, depending on the model and overall configuration. As with all Falcon interior features, customers can choose from a wide range of fabrics and materials when personalizing this unique passenger space. 
Edited by Lisa Maria River
Avion Luxury Magazine
Text source and photos: © Dassault Aviation Press Office
Photo for editorial use only: Copyright © Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., Dassault Aviation. All rights reserved.

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