The fjords of Bergen

Bergen, one of the largest cities in Norway, is famous for its spectacular fjords with unspoiled landscapes, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The Norwegian fjords are one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the world and a preferred destination for nature and landscape wonders lovers. The fjords, narrow sea arms that extend deep into the mainland formed through different glacial eras, are surrounded by imposing mountains and, near Bergen, there are several fjords starting from the sea that can be seen from the city's port which is a fjord called Byfjorden.

Bergen Photo: Copyright © Ente del Turismo di Bergen / Willy Haraldsen
Starting from Bergen, you can explore some of the most famous fjords in Norway. The city is located between the Sognefjord to the north and the Hardangerfjord to the south, both can be visited in a day or two throughout the year. The best way to visit them is definitely by boat from Bergen, for an adventurous cruise through the fjords.
The Sognefjord
Il fiordo di Sognefjord Foto: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
The Sognefjord. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
The Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, is 205 km long and has a maximum depth of 1308 meters. This fjord offers a breathtaking view of high mountains, waterfalls, small fishing villages, and fruit orchards farms. To fully enjoy the scenery, you can choose a cruise along the fjord starting from Bergen with the ship to Flåm, which takes 5.5 hours along the Sognefjord stopping at the Stegastein viewpoint or at the panoramic Flåm railway, one of the steepest in the world.
The Nærøyfjord
Il fiordo di Nærøyfjord Foto: Copyright © Ente del Turismo di Bergen / Gjertrud Coutinho
Nærøyfjord. Photo: Copyright © Ente del Turismo di Bergen / Gjertrud Coutinho
Other fjords, which are part of the Sognefjord, are absolutely worth visiting and among them is the Nærøyfjord, one of the narrowest fjords in the world, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with panoramic views of imposing mountains, green valleys, and crystal-clear waters. The end of the fjord is home to the village of Gudvangen.
Instead, in the Aurlandsfjord there is the beautiful village of Flåm right at the end of the fjord. Many of the daily tours from Bergen to Sognefjord include the cruise from Gudvangen and Flåm, ideal to see both the Nærøyfjord and the Aurlandsfjord.
Nærøyfjord. Photo: Copyright © Ente del Turismo di Bergen / Karol Bartnik
Not to be missed is also the Fjærlandsfjord, a starting point to admire the Jostedalsbreen glacier or visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjærland. And before leaving the Sognefjord area, you can also make a stop at the Urnes wooden church, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
The Hardangerfjord
The Hardangerfjord. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
Southeast of Bergen, there is instead the Hardangerfjord, 178 km long from the coast, which is the third-longest fjord in the world. This fjord passes through several islands including Bømlo, Stord, and Tysnes and is famous for its natural beauties and the Hardangervidda National Park. Here you can observe wild orchids, valleys, high mountains, forests, the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall in the village of Eidfjord, the Folgefonna glacier, picturesque fishing villages, and farms that grow apples and produce cider, such as Hardanger's.
The village of Eidfjord. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos

A cruise along the fjord leads to the discovery of the Vøringsfossen waterfall, one of the most famous in Norway. To reach the Hardangerfjord from Bergen, it takes just over an hour by car or, for a nature excursion, it is better to opt for one of the many fjord cruises.


Bergen fjord cruises. Photo: Copyright © Ente del Turismo di Bergen / Mathias Falcone
The Norwegian fjords of Bergen are an essential stop that completes the city tour, making the vacation fascinating. If time is limited, you can choose a 3-hour mini cruise departing from the fish market in the center of Bergen, heading to the Mostraumen fjord.
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Bergen is a welcoming city and offers different possibilities for accommodation.

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Waterfall Cruise. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
Mostraumen Fjord and Waterfall Cruise from Bergen
Boat excursion from Bergen across the Norwegian fjords. With the panoramic boat tour you can admire: Bryggen from the water, green or ice-covered cliffs, the Osterfjord (27 kilometers long) surrounded by mountains, the Strait of Mostraumen, a waterfall. Duration: 3.5 hours. On board you can buy drinks and snacks. Information and reservations: cruise to Mostraumen Fjord and Waterfall Cruise from Bergen.
Medieval fortress Bergenhus. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
Alversund Strait Fjord Cruise from Bergen
Group boat cruise sailing from Bergen to the Alversund streams. It starts from the Bergen fish market to admire: the medieval fortress Bergenhus, the church of Santa Maria, the colorful Hanseatic pier of Bryggen, the City Fjord, the Salhus Fjord, the Kverna Fjord and the Alversund streams. Duration: 3 hours. Departure from Børshopen pier in Bergen. Information and bookings: fjord cruise to the Alversund Strait from Bergen.
Flam. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
Cruise to Flam and Sognefjord from Bergen
Day cruise to Flam's Strandkai terminal to explore the Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest fjord and the coastal villages. The cruise makes 11 stops in small villages along the coast of the Sognefjord to Flam. In Flam, free time to explore and visit the Flam railway. Duration: 12 hours. The tour starts at Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen. Information and reservations: Cruise to Flam and Sognefjord from Bergen.
Port buildings of Bryggen. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
Modalen Fjord private cruise from Bergen
Private boat trip from Bergen through the Norwegian fjords to Modalen. You can admire: the port buildings of Bryggen (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), mountains, waterfalls, the small village of Mo (with a stop), the village of Modal, the Fulufjallet National Park, the cities of Sandviken and Eidsvåg. On board: drinks, snacks, music. Duration: 7.5 hours. Departure from bergen fish market. Information and reservations: private cruise in the Modalen fjord from Bergen.
Bergen. Photo: Copyright © Sisterscom / Depositphotos
Private cruise to Bekkjarvik from Bergen
Private cruise aboard a yacht. Departure from the port of Bergen to admire: the city of Bergen from the water, the seven mountains that surround the city /including Mount Fløyen and Mount Ulriken) and fjords up to Bekkjarvik where you can taste a meal cooked by a chef at the Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri (excluding dinner costs). On board: drinks and snacks. Duration: 6 hours. Information and reservations: private cruise to Bekkjarvik from Bergen.
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