Travel Service

Travel Service currently flies under the name SmartWings.
Travel Service is an airline of the Czech Republic and manages:
  • regular flights with the SmartWings brand,
  • charter flights,
  • private flights in the Business Jet category.
Travel Service
Travel Service flies to over 400 airports and is present in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, where the company has its subsidiaries.
In the charter market, Travel Service is also a leader in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and also has a significant position in Poland.
During the summer season, Travel Service planes connect dozens of Mediterranean destinations and, during the winter, charter flights operate to different exotic destinations.
The Travel Service fleet consists of:
  • Boeing 737 - 900ER
  • Boeing 737 - MAX 8
  • Boeing 737 - 800
  • Boeing 737 - 700
  • Cessna-680
Founded: 1998
HUB: Prague Airport
Aircraft: Boeing, Cessna
Destinations: Africa, Asia, Europe.
Travel Service a. s.
Address: K Letišti 1068/30 - 160 08 Prague 6 (Repubblica Ceca)
Text by Alisè Vitri
Photos: Press Office Travel Service
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Published: october 2018
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