04 December 2023

The actions at COP28 in Dubai by the Conscious Planet Movement - Save the Soil

The founder of the movement, Sadhguru, will be one of the most authoritative global voices on soil health and a key speaker at public talks during COP28
Several world leaders, including UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, World Bank President Ajay Banga, French President Emmanuel Macron, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment SE Mariam Almheiri, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, attended the opening sessions of COP28 in Dubai.
Photo: Copyright © Conscious Planet Movement - Save Soil
Indian yogi Sadhguru, founder of the Conscious Planet Movement - Save Soil (supported by UNCCD, UNEP, IUCN, WFP, and UNFAO), will lead a series of climate talks at COP28 in Dubai until December 10.
He is expected to speak at the launch event of the Global River Cities Alliance, an international initiative focusing on sustainable urban river management, organized by the Indian Ministry of Urban Affairs and the Ministry of Jal Shakti.
Sadhguru will also be a special guest at "The Wake Up Experience", an event organized by Impact Nest in collaboration with UNHCR on World Soil Day (December 5), addressing migration issues caused by climate change.
On World Soil Day, Inbrahim Thiaw (Executive Secretary of UNCCD) and Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC (Commonwealth Secretary-General) will engage in a discussion with Sadhguru during an event at the Land and Drought Pavilion titled "Soil, the Climate Superstar."
In March 2022, Sadhguru launched the Save Soil movement by embarking on a 30,000 km, 100-day motorcycle journey through 27 countries from London (UK) to southern India. During the journey, he met with citizens and leaders in each location, advocating for national policies and actions to increase soil organic matter to 3-6% (based on regional conditions), the minimum level for healthy and prosperous soil. This journey aimed to raise public awareness because effective soil-friendly policies can only be implemented with people's support. Sadhguru's historic endeavor received extensive coverage from media and social media. In May 2022, at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the Save the Soil founder shared the "Journey to Save the Soil" with leaders from 195 nations. To date, the movement has reached over 4 billion people.
Sadhguru has previously led various environmental campaigns, including Rally for Rivers and Cauvery Calling.
Save Soil will host a series of crucial roundtable discussions and conversations with leading experts at its pavilion in the Blue Zone during the two weeks of COP28 (Location: Blue Zone First Floor, Save Soil Pavilion TA2-210).
The goal is to convey the message that healthy and vital soils are a solution to climate change, placing this theme on the international agenda.
The debates, led by soil conservation experts - including representatives from UNCCD, the global 4per1000 initiative, and the World Food Programme - will focus on the crucial role healthy and vital soils play in mitigating climate change, as well as how they can ensure food security, enhance biodiversity, sequester carbon three times more than plants, and reduce various forms of pollution.
Tra i convegni in programma "Il Suolo - Soluzione al Cambiamento Climatico, non Vittima", "Collettivi di Agricoltura del Carbonio: Superare la vulnerabilità", "Il Suolo, il nostro Corpo", "Elaborare le politiche: Facilitare l'accesso degli agricoltori ai finanziamenti del carbonio", "Investire nella gestione sostenibile del suolo", "Mettere a prova di clima il nostro futuro - il ruolo del suolo".
Among the scheduled conferences are "Soil - Solution to Climate Change, Not a Victim," "Carbon Farming Collectives: Overcoming Vulnerability", "Soil, Our Body", "Policy Crafting: Facilitating Farmer Access to Carbon Finance", "Investing in Sustainable Soil Management", and "Climate-Proofing Our Future - the Role of Soil".
For information, contact: contact.it@consciousplanet.org
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Conscious Planet Save the Soil is the movement, and each one of us can become an active part by staying informed, promoting the movement, participating in events, and raising awareness among politicians. Learn more about the movement and how to become an Earth Buddy.
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