16 July 2020

The new Non-Schengen area at Milan Bergamo Airport

The new area, entirely financed by SACBO, preparing the connection to the terminus of the future rail link on the west of the airport.
The new Non-Schengen area is the result of work completed on the eastern side of the airport as part of so-called Lot 4A, which began on 21 January 2019 and ended in June 2020.
The tender contract, won with a bid of €14.4 million, is part of the operational programme entirely financed by SACBO for a total of about €40 million, comprising work extending to the west side of the airport that, by 2021, will increase the total area to 70,000 square meters, preparing the connection to the terminus of the future rail link on the west of the airport.
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Non-Schengen traffic has been transferred to the new building constructed in the east wing, in direct contact with the passenger terminal, with arrivals on the ground floor and departures on the upper floor, creating a specific route for transit passengers. The work made it possible to improve the available space and add two new decks with lifts, while also increasing the number of boarding gates from 5 to 10.
At the same time, ground floor spaces have been prepared for the BHS block, the baggage handling system that will later be extended and made Standard 3-compliant, with the installation of state-of-the-art screening machines.
The implementation of Lot 4A, which includes the new Non-Schengen area, whose building volumes were comprised in the current Airport Development Plan and specified in the 2030 airport development plan PSA 2030 (which received technical approval from ENAC), is part of the investment programme entirely financed by SACBO for a total of €450 million. Its next step will be the work currently proceeding on the west wing of the airport, as part of the plans for the extension of the Schengen area linked to the railway infrastructure on which work is also proceeding, with the construction of the rail terminus at Milan Bergamo Airport.
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