06 December 2020

Custom Line presents the new Navetta 30: "the Art of Movement"

The eagerly awaited project designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Filippo Salvetti unites the architectural language of the maritime tradition, living materials, fine craftsmanship and the power of light, encompassing them in a perfect circle
Launched in October, Custom Line Navetta 30 marks a new chapter in the brand’s evolution. This romantic yacht is full of charm and makes an extremely elegant and contemporary style statement. At 28.43 m (93 ft) in length and with a beam of 7.3 m (24 ft), Navetta 30 is a product of collaboration between the Product Strategy Department led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. The yacht is the first project with exteriors designed by Filippo Salvetti and interiors by architecture and design firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. The influence of these top professionals can be seen in every stylistic choice, across a construction process in which the details are enhanced by being set against a clean and linear design.
An in-depth approach to the design process, referencing stylistic features in the finest tradition, has generated the many unusual elements that make Navetta 30 a new icon of the sea. They range from the choice of natural, living materials like leather, wood and rope, to an unprecedented celebration of light, not to mention reiterated references to the circle as the perfect sign, one that has also inspired a return to the rounded lines typical of boats from the past, as well as the custom design of the resin film wall coating consisting of quartz powder on glass fibre. The sea metaphor is also clear to see in the colourways, and particularly in the choice of blue, as well as in the care over detail and in manufacturing processes that draw on the noble art of cabinetmaking.
The constant reference to seafaring tradition can also be seen in the rounded lines and curves of the interior spaces, furniture and window frames, combined with the use of natural materials like solid wood, leather and teak, which are free to continue their natural cycle and live a new life at every stage in their story. The return to the historical memory of “going to sea” is also emphasised by the use of the colour blue for the walls and furnishings, as well as for the fabrics and coatings with their custom textures, all helping to enhance the continuity between interior and exterior at a stylistic level too, in an unfiltered experience with the sea.
Custom Line Navetta 30
Custom Line Navetta 30. Photo: Copyright © Ferretti Group.
Right from the very first glance, the exterior of Navetta 30 stands out for her classic, perfectly poised silhouette. The lines stretch out horizontally, highlighting this aspect of the design so that the vertical connections between the decks almost go unnoticed. The tinted windows and powerfully architectural design aim to reduce vertical contrasts still further and impart an emphatic horizontal movement to how the pale colours are ‘read’. The yacht has a dynamic personality expressed by taut, sweeping lines, with volumes, performance and comfort on a par with much larger models and an exterior design in which form and function are perfectly balanced.The design gives an innovative twist to the brand’s heritage values of seaworthiness, comfort, safety and customisation, making it instinctively recognisable while retaining a sense of formal purity. A design made to last.
Big windows set in the hull, decks with over two metres of headroom and very generous areas in the stern and bow convey an immediate sense of space. The exteriors maintain seamless continuity of finishes and furnishings and are designed for socialising and relaxation, adding to the convivial and private spaces on board. The result is a different way to experience the yacht, one in which the remarkable integration and interconnection between interior and exterior spaces is clear to see. During the interior design process there was a special focus on the use of space, to optimise the yacht’s volumes and enhance the functional value of the entire surface area available. All the furniture and furnishings are custom-made using sophisticated handcrafting and cabinetmaking techniques that can clearly be seen at first glance in the stern flag mast, in the curving solid wood window frames and in the teak ceilings. The pairing with natural leather and wood creates a textured mood that is fresh and youthful.
Special care has been lavished on the lighting design, on which work began right from the outset to ensure the perfect integration of architecture and light. Ceiling units on the various decks help create a balanced lighting system in both exterior and interior areas, working in synergy with other more focused light sources to highlight design objects and works of art. The lighting of architectural features like stairways and windows becomes an integral part of the design itself, with illuminated details that establish a sense of balance and a more fluid relationship with the exteriors. Decorative wall-mounted lamps enrich the spaces with reflections and light effects, giving them personality.
The use of warm dimming technology to adjust the intensity and tone of the light emphasises the yacht’s domestic side, allowing guests to create different lighting moods and personalise their living experience.
Navetta 30 has three decks with every comfort and a total of over 320 square metres of space in which she can accommodate 10 guests in five cabins, with a master stateroom on the main deck and four guest cabins on the lower deckCustom Line puts a premium on safety and comfort and Navetta 30 is classified in CE category Class A, offering volumes never achieved before in this market segment, measured to have an equivalent value close to 200 GT.
Edited by Lisa Maria River
Text source: © Ferretti Group Press Office
Photo: Copyright © Ferretti Group
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