17 September 2020

A triplet of prizes for Ferretti Group at The World Yachts Trophies 2020

The winners are the new Ferretti Yachts 500 in the “Best Interior Design” category, and the Pershing 7X and CRN M/Y 62m Voice in their “Best Exterior Design” categories
Three is the perfect number, and also the number of major prizes awarded to the perfection of style and design embodied by Ferretti Group at the World Yachts Trophies 2020, the prestigious yachting season event organised by SG Publications. Taking place last Saturday September 12 on the beach at the luxury InterContinental Carlton in Cannes, the ceremony was attended by guests and business insiders.
Ferretti Group won three awards thanks to its unmistakable Italian style and the innovative design and technology featured on its boatsAnother success for the Group, which despite the complexities caused by the healthcare emergency has kept its vision alive and is now rewarded with some of the most sought after prizes in the industry, confirming its clear leadership in terms of both aesthetics and innovation.
The Awards assigned to the boats
Ferretti Yachts 500
Best Interior Design Trophy, 45 to 64-foot category (13.70-19.50 meters).
Ferretti Yachts 500.
Ferretti Yachts 500. Photo: Copyright © Ferretti Group
Pershing 7X 
Best Exterior Design Trophy, 64 to 80-foot category (19.50-24 meters).
Pershing 7X
Pershing 7X. Photo: Copyright © Ferretti Group
CRN M/Y 62m Voice 
Best Exterior Design Trophy, 164 to 270-foot category (50-82 meters).
CRN M/Y 62m Voice
CRN M/Y 62m Voice. Photo: Copyright © Ferretti Group
Ferretti Group continues to grow and will be announcing many important novelties in the coming months. The heritage of centuries of Italian nautical traditions has helped to make Ferretti Group a leading name in luxury pleasure craft and motor yacht design, construction and sales, with a portfolio of eight prestigious and exclusive brands: Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN, Custom Line and Wally. Ferretti Group owns and runs six shipyards, which are dotted all over Italy. Ferretti Group’s motor yachts have long been renowned for their exceptional quality, cutting-edge technological solutions, safety records and outstanding performance at sea, not to mention their exclusive designs and timeless appeal.
Edited by Lisa Maria River
Text source: Ferretti Group Press Office
Photos: Copyright © Ferretti Group
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