25 September 2022

Pilatus acquires Skytech Inc.

Pilatus will use the acquisition of Skytech to ensure and further improve the continuity and quality of its award-winning customer services on the East Coast of the USA
Founded in 1976, Skytech Inc. is a specialist service provider and aircraft vendor with two locations in the US states of Maryland and South Carolina. As part of an upcoming succession plan, Pilatus has decided to take over Skytech, and the entire workforce of 120 or so will continue to be employed by the Swiss aircraft manufacturer.
PC-24 Platoon Aviation
PC-24 Platoon Aviation. Copyright © Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
Skytech has operated as a Pilatus independent Authorised Sales & Service Centre since 1993. With a successor due to replace co-founder and owner John Foster, Pilatus has decided to acquire its partner of many years. The business will continue to operate as an independent company with responsibility for servicing and sales of PC-24s and PC-12s on the East Coast, as well as aircraft types from other manufacturers. The Skytech brand will also remain. The current Skytech CEO, Justin Lazzeri, will lead the company into the future with his team, which includes many long-serving employees. Both business locations in Rock Hill (South Carolina) and Baltimore (Maryland) are included in the purchase.
PC-24 Platoon Aviation.
PC-24 Platoon Aviation. Copyright © Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
Expansion in the USA. This acquisition will allow Pilatus to expand its direct involvement in the US market, a market of great importance to the company. Pilatus already has a Colorado-based subsidiary, Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd, which has been in operation for the past 26 years. Acting as the Pilatus general importer and completion centre for North and South America, the subsidiary is also responsible for managing Pilatus’ Authorised Sales & Service Centre network, marketing and final assembly work. Direct Sales to fleet and government customers are also handled through the Colorado operation. Assisted by its other sales and service partners, Pilatus will use the acquisition of Skytech to ensure and further improve the continuity and quality of its award-winning customer services on the East Coast of the USA.
PC-24 Super Versatile Jet
PC-24 Super Versatile Jet. Copyright © Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus, commented as follows on the occasion of the signing of the contract: “The US market is very important for us. It is essential that Pilatus continues to expand its ‘footprint’. Through this acquisition, we aim to live up to our claim: ‘We create the Pilatus Class!’ I’m delighted to have the company and its staff on board with us – Welcome to the Pilatus Family!”
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