19 November 2021

A strong demand in the Business and General Aviation markets for Pilatus

Good sales for the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet and the advanced PC-12 NGX turboprop, both certified to operate using sustainable alternative jet fuel
While global health concerns and their impact on travel and supply chains continue to impose recovery challenges for all businesses, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd Chief Executive Officer Markus Bucher was pleased to give an update on the state of business at this year’s conference. Exhibiting both the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet and the advanced PC-12 NGX turboprop at the National Business Aviation Association’s annual Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), Pilatus leaders confirm a strong backlog of orders.
Bucher stated: “Two years ago, we were unveiling the newly certified PC-12 NGX to an enthusiastic audience at this same location”. Who could have predicted the events of the past 24 months? We are happy to be back here in the largest market for Pilatus aircraft, and are very fortunate that in this challenging environment sales of the PC-12 NGX and the PC-24 continue to exceed our original projections.“
PC-24 Platoon Aviation. Photo: Copyright © Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
PC-24 - Jet Setter Pilatus
On the jet side, the active PC-24 fleet has grown to more than 120 aircraft operating in a wide range of roles including corporate transport, charter, fractional and air ambulance. The PC-24 differs from all other business jets in that it incorporates a standard large cargo door, has a cabin which can quickly be reconfigured between seats and cargo, and is designed to operate from very short, even unpaved runways.
Bucher continued: “We still hear reactions from people discovering the PC-24 for the first time that they did not realise how large, roomy and luxurious the passenger cabin is. It truly combines the cabin of a midsize jet with the economy of a light jet and the utility of a turboprop. As we bring the PC-24 to the attention of prospective customers outside the Pilatus family we are very encouraged that it will provide a long and productive future for its operators and Pilatus.“
PC-24 Platoon Aviation. Photo: Copyright © Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
When you depend on one engine, depend on time-proven experts only: the NGX is powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6E-67XP engine, the first dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system in a general aviation turboprop aircraft. In addition to higher cruise speeds, lower cabin noise and reduced operating costs enabled by the new PT6 E-Series engine, the NGX features an all-new executive interior, larger cabin windows, and a digital auto-throttle to reduce pilot workload and improve engine efficiency and longevity.
With more than 425 Million flying hours (more flying time than any other engine in the market) the PT6 is a proven engine and the most prolific in the segment. Operators enrolled in P&WC’s new Eagle Service Plan (ESP) Platinum pay -per-hour engine maintenance programme can even benefit from insurance premium savings for their engines. The ESP Platinum programme for the PT6E-67XP engine covers full foreign object damage (FOD), including any wear and tear or other required repairs discovered during a FOD repair. This means customers no longer have to make a separate claim to their insurance as FOD events are typically covered through insurance policies.
PC-12 NGX. Foto: Copyright © Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
Certified for sustainable fuel
Commenting on the business aviation industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions, Bucher added: “Both the PC-12 and the PC-24 are certified to operate using sustainable alternative jet fuel. This is a step in the right direction. But the best way by far to reduce emissions is to use less fuel. This is the fundamental philosophy behind the single-engine turboprop‘s design, and part of Pilatus‘ DNA. Operators of large jets can fly the vast majority of their typical trips in a PC-12 while consuming 75 percent less fuel. That’s a huge opportunity available right now!”
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