The birthplace of Homer, expression of history and modernity
Situated on the Aegean coast, in the western part of TurkeyIzmir is the most important and largest urban centre of the region, with an archaeological and historic heritage dating back 8,500 years. It is supposedly the birthplace of Homer. It is also famous for the natural and historic beauty of the surrounding area.
It is the third largest city in the country, after Istanbul and Ankara. Also known by its historical name of Smyrna, it is an important economic and cultural center with a fascinating blend of antiquity and modernity. Its coastal location gives it a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters.
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Konak Square in Izmir
Konak is the centre of Izmir, and the home of the statue of Hasan Tahsin, the Yalı Mosque, adorned with mosaics from Kütahya, the Clock Tower, the City Hall and the Government Palace.
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Konak Square is a lively place, especially in the evenings when people gather to stroll, enjoy the view, and savor local cuisine. The combination of history, architecture, entertainment, and shopping makes Konak Square a must-visit for those exploring Izmir.
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One of the most distinctive landmarks in Konak Square is undoubtedly the Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi), standing at approximately 25 meters tall and dating back to the 19th century. It is an iconic symbol that offers a panoramic view of the city and the sea.
The Agora in Izmir
It is located in the Namazgâh district of Izmir, dates back to the Roman period of the second century and is among the best preserved agora, built on three floors with a large central courtyard surrounded by arches and columns.
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Exploring the Agora of Izmir provides a unique opportunity to delve into the ancient history of the region and understand the social and economic structure of that era.
Alsancak and Karşıyaka districts in Izmir
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The districts of Alsancak and Karşiyaka are great places to meet the local inhabitants of the city, who can be found socialising in the restaurants along the coast and the coffee shops and walking in the pedestrian areas. A cosmopolitan city, Izmir hosts the International Festival of Arts (held in June/July) and the International Trade Fair (August/September). 
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With its thermal spring in one part and blue flag sandy beaches and intense blue sea in the other, Izmir is the symbol of water and wind. The city, known in Turkey as “The Beautiful Izmir”, is located at the end of long narrow gulf and enjoys the “meltem” wind that blows from the Aegean Sea.
Turkish cuisine
The Turkish cuisine, with the exception of some dishes that can be tasted all over the country, offers numerous regional specialties. The Black Sea region to the north offers maize and anchovy dishes. The south-east is famous for kebabs, meze (appetizers) and desserts like kadayıf, baklava and künefe. All the Mediterranean, Aegean and Sea of Marmara coast offers a Mediterranean cuisine rich in vegetables, aromas and fish. Central Anatolia is known for its kneaded specialties such as keşkek, mantı, especially from Kayseri and gözleme
In the city of Izmir you should try the kumru, a stuffed sandwich with sausage (beef) cheese, tomato with peppers, the boyoz, puffed bread and the gözleme similar to a crepes, both stuffed with cheese and spinach, minced meat, eggs and mushrooms. Do not miss the scented simit: the typical salted donuts with sesame seeds.
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Where to sleep in Izmir
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Izmir is a welcoming city and offers different possibilities for accommodation.

To find the ideal hotel and the best offers you can do a search for the stars but also for districts or landmarks.


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Hotels in the districts
WHERE TO GO in Izmir
Monuments in Izmir
Konak Square in Izmir
It home of the statue of Hasan Tahsin, the Yalı Mosque, adorned with mosaics from Kütahya, the Clock Tower, the City Hall and the Government Palace.
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Yalı Mosque
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Clock Tower in Izmir
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Government Palace in Izmir
Church of Saint Polycarp in Izmir
The Church of Sain Polycarp is the oldest in Izmir, built in 1625 with the permission of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Inside there are frescoes depicting the killing of Saint Polycarp, protector of the city from the Romans in the ancient Kadifekale stadium.
Museums of Izmir
Archaeological Museum in Izmir
In the Archaeological Museum there are exhibits dating back to prehistoric periods up to the Byzantine period, coming from the archaeological sites of Aphrodisias, Bayraklı, Bergama, Bodrum, Çandarlı, Efes, Erythria, İassos, Klaros, Klazomenia, Kolophon, Kyme, Larissa, Lebedos, Magnesia, Milet, Notion, Phokaia, Stratonikeia, Teos and Tralles. You can see vases, carafes, bottles, masks, jewels, coins and statues.
Excursions in Izmir and surroundings
Beaches of Izmir
The coast of Izmir, on the Aegean Sea, is 629 km long, 101 km of which are made up of natural beaches. The most renowned beaches of the province are Pamucak, Urla, Gülbahçe, Çeşme, Ilıca, Alaçatı, Altınkum, Gümüldür and Özdere, as well as the beaches of Dikili, Çandarlı, Foça and Ören, which are located in the north.
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