Lodz Airport Central Poland, also known as Łódź-Lublinek Airport, is a regional airport in central Poland and is located approximately 6 km from the city center of Łódź. The location of the airport guarantees quick access to the center of Lodz (Piotrkowska Street) and the railway station (Lodz Kaliska). The airport was named "Władysław Reymont", in honor of the famous Polish writer of the 20th century and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1924.
Lodz Airport
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Lodz Airport has been in operation since 1925 and has recently upgraded, including the new Terminal 3 inaugurated in 2012, to handle low-cost airline flights to European destinations. Airlines that operate regular scheduled and charter flights at Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport include Ryanair, Skyup and Wizz Air.
Management company: Port Lotniczy Łódź im. Władysława Reymonta Sp. z o.o.
Address: Gen. St. Maczka 35 Street, Lodz
Telephone no.: +48 42 683 52 55 / +48 42 208 26 82 ext. 1
Website: www.lodz-airport.pl
Country code: PL
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Flights in real time to/from Lodz
Flights to/from Lodz

Lodz Airport.Lodz Airport. © Sisterscom.com / whitelook / depositphotos 
Transportation to/from Lodz airport
Lodz Fabryczna Railway Station can be reached from Lodz Airport in about 30 minutes.
Direct access to Lodz Airport is provided by bus line no. 65A and 65B. Bus stops are located in front of the Passenger Terminal.
There are several taxi stops in front of the passenger terminal.
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