04 December 2023

The soil opens new paths at COP28 in Dubai

Soil health is the key to addressing and resolving climate change
Leading soil scientists from around the world gathered in a series of roundtable discussions at the Save Soil Pavilion at COP28 in Dubai. For the first time, soil health receives the attention it deserves as a solution to climate issues.
  Bridget Emmett Photo  Copyright © Sustainable Soils Alliance
During the Save Soil roundtable at COP28, Professor Bridget Emmett, Head of the Scientific Area, Soils & Land Use, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, stated: 
"While we have other solutions for climate change,
such as renewable energy resources,
we have no alternatives for the soil and what it provides us
- 95% of our food production for our 8 billion people,
regulation of water flow,
and the habitat for 25% of global biodiversity".
Rosa Maria Poch Photo  Copyright © Università di Lleida (Spagna)
Addressing the Save Soil Pavilion audience, Dr. Rosa M. Poch, President of the Intergovernmental Technical Soil Group, said:
"The time has come to recognize that
by taking care of the soil, the world's largest living ecosystem,
we may find the answers we have always sought".
With this awareness, the Save Soil movement (founded by Sadhguru) is committed to supporting governments worldwide in establishing soil health policies. Leading experts agree that healthy soil will be the key to addressing the climate crisis. A recent Save Soil analysis estimated that healthy agricultural soil could sequester 27% of the carbon needed to keep global warming below 2 degrees.
Sadhguru Photo: Copyright © Conscious Planet Save Soil Press
Indian yogi Sadhguru, founder of Save  Soil (supported by UNCCD, UNEP, IUCN, World Food Programme, and UNFAO), is conducting a series of climate talks at COP28. On World Soil Day, Sadhguru will also be the keynote speaker at "The Wake Up Experience", an extraordinary multimedia event at the Al Wasl Dome, organized by Impact Nest for COP28 in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency, highlighting ways to address migration caused by climate change.
Save Soil's overall policy recommendation is to maintain a minimum of 3-6% organic matter in agricultural soil to ensure its health and prosperity. In Italy, agricultural lands have an average of only 2% organic matter, well below the accepted minimum threshold. The movement aims to support the government in adopting a soil policy.

Save Soil Events at COP28 on December 5, 2023
Soil, the Climate Superstar - Dialogue on World Soil Day 2023
December 5, 12:00 - 13:00 GST
Land & Drought Resilience Pavilion (UNCCD) Blue Zone, TA4, Stand 205
Sadhguru, Honorable Patricia Scotland KC, Ibrahim Thiaw.

The Wake Up Experience
December 5, 19:00 - 20:00 GST
Al Wasl Plaza Dome, Al Wasl Avenue - Dubai, UAE.

During the two weeks of COP28, the Save Soil campaign will hold a series of important roundtable discussions and meetings with top experts at its pavilion in the Blue Zone. .
The talks, led by soil conservation experts, including representatives from UNCCD, the global 4per1000 initiative, and the World Food Programme, will focus on the critical role that healthy and living soils play in mitigating climate change and ensuring food security, improving biodiversity, sequestering three times more carbon than plants, and reducing various forms of pollution.
For information, contact: contact.it@consciousplanet.org
Edited by editorial staff, Avion Tourism Magazine
Text source, visual and photos: Copyright © Conscious Planet Save Soil Press
Conscious Planet Save the Soil is the movement, and each one of us can become an active part by staying informed, promoting the movement, participating in events, and raising awareness among politicians. Learn more about the movement and how to become an Earth Buddy.
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