01 July 2019

Bergamo slow: discover it by bike

A network of cycle paths that allow you to get to know the whole province of Bergamo
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Lovers of walking tourism, and all those who love to cross the territory slowly can enjoy a network of cycle paths that allow you to get to know the whole province of Bergamo. From the valleys to the plain to the lake, here is a rundown of the routes you can tackle on two wheels.
Cycling along the Adda river - © Visit Bergamo; Flavio Villa; Dimitri Salvi
In the Brembana Valley, you can cycle along the Brembo, the cycle route was obtained from the old railway tracks; after Zogno, you come to San Pellegrino, with its Art Nouveau style Casino and Spa, precious examples from the 1900s, and then San Giovanni Bianco. The Imagna Valley is home to the Roncola ascent, one of the most frequented by Bergamo’s locals, thanks to exposure to the sun even in the coldest periods: from Almenno San Salvatore it climbs for 8km, with a gradient of 8%. Halfway between the valleys and Lake Endine, the Rosso Valley between Cene and Bianzano continues for 9km along a reasonably relaxed path, without excessive gradients, perfect for low-level difficulty trips.
Taccani hydroelectric plant - © Visit Bergamo; Flavio Villa; Dimitri Salvi
Finally, along the Adda river there are several cycle paths that pass through the Park, such as the one from Cassano to Canonica, or from Canonica to Trezzo, with the Taccani hydroelectric plant and, nearby, the Crespi Village, a UNESCO heritage site.
Crespi Village - © Visit Bergamo; Flavio Villa; Dimitri Salvi
Text and photos: Visit Bergamo
Published on  Avion Tourism Special Edition for Milan Bergamo Airport N69/2018
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