19 June 2024

International Yoga Day

New research reveals key yoga practices that significantly reduce stress, depression, anxiety and brain ageing
New Research Findings from Dr Bala Subramaniam, MD, MPH, Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School, demonstrate highly promising benefits of various meditation and yoga practices.
The results show remarkable benefits in reducing stress, depression (up to 50%), anxiety (up to 33%) and brain ageing. Symptoms were reduced in as little as 2 weeks.
Dr Bala Subramaniam, who is also the Director of the Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet, located at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, explained the significance of the findings:

“These are very exciting results. There has been a steady increase in studies proving benefits of meditation and Yoga practices, but an important aspect of this research is not just proving the benefits for alleviating mental and physical health conditions, but that they can actually do this in a short time frame. What excites me the most is that these practices take 15 minutes, are widely accessible and simple.” - Dr Subramaniam
Yoga foto Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
Yoga foto Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
► The research findings, being released for the 10th anniversary of the International Day of Yoga (June 21st), are timely given calls for mental health to be a key consideration following the European election campaigns. A Eurobarometer survey conducted in June 2023 found that nearly half the EU population - 46 per cent - had experienced emotional or psychosocial issues, such as depression and anxiety, within the past year.
Prof Bamrah, a senior consultant psychiatrist at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) is acknowledging a “crisis of demand, such that traditional medical services can no longer cope with the surge in cases.” The solution may lie in non-medical mental health interventions such as Yoga and meditation.
“The pace of life has become so hectic that there is often no space in the head for clarity of thought, and this is commonly the reason why people get stressed and burnt out. Being a doctor, I am obviously well aware of the benefits of medication, but in my clinical practice I will not hesitate to recommend both yoga and meditation, where it is appropriate, for patients. There are no waiting lists to access yoga, and you can do much of this online from the comfort of your home these days. So it has global reach, which is a huge advantage.” - Dr Bamrah
Yoga foto Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
Yoga foto Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
The Yoga practices researched are offered by Indian Yogi Sadhguru, who has been teaching and offering Yoga programmes across the globe for over 3 decades.
► Speaking on the value of a yoga practice, Sadhguru has said “Yoga enhances energy levels significantly. Since ancient times, this science has helped people to rejuvenate themselves and to come out of physiological and psychological diseases and conditions.”  
The key stats from the research***:  
 Isha Kriya (a simple 15 minute guided meditation using breath, thought and awareness) for health and wellbeing
o   Anxiety levels reduced by 33%, Depression levels by 50%
o   Reduced negativity (anxiety and depression) symptoms within 2 weeks of consistent practice
o   Significant effect on those with moderate and severe symptom levels
o  Sustained effect with regular practice.
 Upa Yoga (a set of 10 physical practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system) improved mental health and well-being among +600 college students during the peak of the COVID pandemic
o   Reduced:
●      Stress
●      Depression
●      Anxiety
●      Negative Emotions
o   Enhanced:
●      Overall well-being
●      Positive emotions.
Yoga foto Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
Yoga foto Sisterscom.com / Depositphotos
The key statements from Sadhguru: 
 "Yoga enhances energy levels significantly. Since ancient times, this science has helped people to rejuvenate themselves and to come out of physiological and psychological diseases and conditions.”
“You cannot really separate physical and mental health because health happens as a whole.”
 “True wellbeing is not only determined by your physical and mental health, but also by the sense of peacefulness, joyfulness, and blissfulness within you.”
 “It is pathetic that if someone has a physical issue, there is compassion, but if someone has a mental issue, there is ridicule.”
* Research from the ‘Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’, a clinical, research, and teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School
** SCCP: Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet is located within the Department of Anesthesiology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA.
*** further details/graphs and figures on the research findings available on request.
About the Sadhguru Centre for a Conscious Planet (SCCP)
The SCCP’s mission is to weave together science and spiritual wisdom through research, outreach and education, to enhance human well-being and expand our experience and understanding of consciousness, cognition, and compassion. Further reading: link.
A foremost voice on Yoga, Sadhguru’s programmes have been the subject of research from leading institutions such as Rutgers University and Harvard Medical School. With proven results in reducing anxiety and depression, whilst increasing feelings of joy and work engagement, Sadhguru seamlessly brings timeless wisdom into a modern context. He is the recipient of three Indian Presidential awards, including India’s highest annual civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan
Sadhguru and the Save Soil movement
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