01 June 2019

The Residences of Porta Nuova, Milan’s new heart

Among unbuilt spaces and rediscovered sociality, Milan has regained its unique beauty thanks to innovative and sustainable redevelopment
The chief town of Lombardy, internationally renowned as the capital of fashion and design, Milan has always been a city to enjoy and, above all, to live. In this vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, there is a new place to stop and pause: Porta Nuova. Located in the historic centre to the north-east of the city, it features a large pedestrian-only square where wide open spaces alternate with buildings constructed thanks to the genius and skill of famous international architects and the intuition of COIMA, the real-estate company that codeveloped this urban redevelopment project, one of the most important of its kind in Europe.
The Residences of Porta Nuova - © courtesy of COIMA for Avion Luxury Magazine.
For those who aim for exclusivity, Residenze Porta Nuova offers units designed and built with custom planning.
The Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest), a symbol of urban green development designed by Stefano Boeri Architects, rises tall with its 15,000 spectacular plants, 800 trees and floral vegetation.
The Residences of Porta Nuova - © courtesy of COIMA for Avion Luxury Magazine.
Real and virtual spaces create scenographic atmospheres where color takes center stage.
The interiors, whether a two-bedroomed apartment or penthouse, on one or more levels, feature personalised design created by COIMA Image in collaboration with Dolce Vita Homes and Giopagani. The exquisite finishes in wood and Italian stone, and the unique furniture, create functional rooms, while large spaces are reserved for the living areas.
The Residences of Porta Nuova- © courtesy of COIMA for Avion Luxury Magazine.
Rigor, art and design characterize environments displaying international style, with local personality, utmost comfort and privacy.

Photos protected by copyright and License: © courtesy of COIMA for Avion Luxury Magazine.
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Published on Avion Luxury #22/2019
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