07 October 2020

The new Henge Collection 2020

The design, characterized by bold and straightforward lines, imposes itself as a paradigm of refinement and contemporary elegance, transcending trends and fashions
Henge collection 2020 unveils a series of new arrivals enriched by a multiple variety of materials, from stones to fabrics, all strictly natural and really innovative. Metal finishes and patinas tickle the most demanding tactility, satisfying passion for superior quality craftsmanship. The selection of important materials, available in limited quantity, and ancient techniques enhance veins and grains of the textures, increasing over time a particular beauty that tastes as true authenticity. The collection has been conceived thanks to the creative contributions and the guidance of the art director Massimo Castagna with a special collaboration of Ugo Cacciatori.
Alongside the most recent arrivals, a new modular system characterizes Downtown sofa. Its distinctive soul stems from the harmonious balance between the simple geometries of its shape and the softness of the goose down padding, present both in the seat and back cushions. A very contemporary, distinctive sign, able to release an imprint of great attractiveness. Easy to fit in spacious, airy ambiences with a convivial atmosphere and in more intimate and private corners, it finds its best arrangement when are visually highlighted the sophisticated backrest supports in burnished steel, brass, platinum, titanium; brass or silver patina.
Henge. Sofa Downtown
Henge. Sofa Downtown. Photo: Copyright © Henge.
An absolute new sector has been inaugurated with the carpets by the designer Ugo Cacciatori. The collection of valuable pieces, comes from a world of millenary tradition, which they share all those qualities that make their production a top quality one: absolutely natural wool and silk weaved on horizontal looms and knotted by hand are the core requirements. Patch Rug in bamboo vegetable silk, is still realized according to a 40 knots ancient Persian techniquewhile Himalaya Sartorial Rug, completely organic, made from one of the most precious existing wool, with limited production per year, undyed and washed with sapid, natural detergent, is the result of a centuriesold process. Available also in the version New Zealand Sartorial Rug, produced with equally renowned fine wool. The carpets in various shapes, completely customizable to individual needs, constitute a versatile accessory that adapts to the most different styles of decor conferring accents of strong expressiveness.
Henge. SHimalaya Limited Rug
Henge. SHimalaya Limited Rug. Photo: Copyright © Henge.
From the evolution of a famous piece with its tapered shape resembling a fragment of precious metal, is born Monolith table, made entirely of Ostuni stone. The compactness and the tactile porosity of the stone in very light nuances, ranging from slightly darker grey to brown, emphasize the sharpness of contours and expressive strength of a form as primitive as intriguing in its absolute purity. The original version in burnished brass is now accompanied by the new proposals in titanium, and platinum.
Henge. Monolith table
Henge. Monolith table. Photo: Copyright © Henge.
The couple SR table, two perfect circles that come together and overlap in a game of unity prevailing over duality, where each component maintains its individuality. The combination foresees a new complicity, the encounter between the surface in Ostuni stone and another in H-Piuma or Forest Fusion wood, with structure in burnish brass finish.
Henge. SR coffee table
Henge. SR coffee table. Photo: Copyright © Henge.
Talking about larger tables for dining or study rooms,  Zenith Table Stone, an evolution of Zenith Table, maintains the circular top in heat treated woods, and swamp woods or in a vast selection of stones while for the elaborate and multifaceted base that acts as a  support, formed by a sequence of different facets, has been selected the stone, displaying in some cases a predilection for monochromatic composition and continuity.
Henge. Zenith Table
Henge. Zenith Table. Photo: Copyright © Henge.
Teke Sideboard is a piece that belongs to the cabinet category and presents itself with unrevealed features until now not explored apparently suspended, resting on a thin, almost invisible steel base, a long bar which constitutes the chest of drawers made in a special stone, Wild Onyx, stretches protected, like all things of great value, within a transparent glass case. The contrast between cold metal and warm stone ennobles the slender silhouette expressed with extremely synthetic and concise traits.
Henge. Teke cabinet
Henge. Teke cabinet. Photo: Copyright © Henge.
Lighting, a sector particularly important for Henge, welcomes Superb-all, large fiberglass spheres, of different sizes, which seem to levitate in midair, pierced by long, tapered burnished metal tubes hanging down from the ceiling. Appealing in the single element and of great impact in the multiple composition. The spheres, replicated in different sizes and heights, create the virtual pentagram of a musical score, releasing the harmony of a melody that permeates the atmosphere.
Henge. Superb-all light
Henge. Superb-all light. Photo: Copyright © Henge.
The products of the new collection perpetrate those Henge values that have made each individual item a reference mark from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Each single entity speaks of excellence, earning its own niche for its exclusive peculiarities, creating with the other objects, a real special and highly valuable art ensemble. The creations destined to be protagonists in the settings they are part of, denote personality, transcending trends and fashions.
Edited by Lisa Maria River
Text source and photos: Henge Press Office
Photos: Copyright © Henge. All rights reserved.
Reproduction prohibited. Copyright © Sisterscom.com

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