29 May 2019

The first kitchen by Aston Martin

Formitalia interprets once again the design of the English automaker
The first very elegant kitchen, which becomes part of a unique, rich and diversified context of total living, results from the fruitful and firm collaboration between the luxury brand Aston Martin and Formitalia, the producer of luxury furniture and accessories. The V888 kitchen, which is true to the styles which represent the tradition and the craftmanship of the sporting cars Aston Martin, is fully hand made in Italy in an impeccably way and with refined materials. This kitchen, being absolutely “tailor made”, can meet any need in terms of space, form, dimension and colour. Technologically cutting-edge, the new kitchen by Aston Martin is also equipped with refined and ultramodern solutions as well as with a wide range of electrical appliances Gaggenau which ensure efficiency and availability to live unique and very high-level experiences daily.
The first kitchen by Aston Martin
This island has a sizeable structure which is highly performing and characterised by a top made of grey Pulpis marble with a moving countertop made of Canaletto walnut equipped with a remote-controlled electrical mechanism and with a safety stopping system. In the lower part the sides are upholstered in Cuoio leather and there are lacquered storage drawers with some details made of leather and matched with the sides. The feet are made of metal with a finishing of titanium also available in any RAL colour. Island dimensions: cm 390x120x94h.
This island includes a fully induction cooktop Gaggenau series 400 with stainless steel frame, TFT touch display for an intuitive control of all the functions and a cooking sensor to control the temperature of the inside. The table telescopic hood is also Gaggenau series 400 and is fully retractable when you do not use it. It is fully made of stainless steel and 3 mm thick; it is possible to install it with a visible edge or perfectly on the same level.
A spacious, equipped, elegant and extremely functional wall cabinet completes the new kitchen Aston Martin. The storage structure is made of Canaletto walnut and its sides are upholstered in Cuoio leather while the shiny lacquered doors are available in any RAL colour. Details are made of metal with finishing of titanium, they are also available in several colours. Electrical appliances are Gaggenau. Back Cabinet dimensions: cm 520x65x220h. The wall cabinet includes a refrigerator Gaggenau Vario series 400 with 0°C cooling fully integrated. The inside is made of stainless steel with elements of aluminium and white LED spot lighting. Assistance during the door opening and TFT touch display.
The wine cellar with a fully integrated glass door is Gaggenau Vario series 400, too. There are 3 independent climate areas with a control device for humidity and a tray for bottles which is fully retractable and made of durmast and aluminium. Assistance during the door opening and TFT touch display. The oven is Gaggenau Vario series 400 with a door made of stainless steel and pressed glass. It applies heating methods of the pyrolytic system 17, with an inner probe for the temperature sensing, spit roast and a baking stone function. Electronic temperature control from 30°C to 300°C. TFT touch display.
The V888 kitchen also charms thanks to its versatile pantry & bar which works as storage element and as a support to welcome people. In fact, it has a structure made of Canaletto walnut with two wide and capacious big drawers, an inner worktop of Pulpis marble, which is perfect to carry out any type of activity of a bar, and with a practical glass holding rack. The doors, which are retractable, are made of Canaletto walnut too and are equipped with a Blum mechanism and with Salice hinges. The sides, like the other elements of the kitchen, are upholstered in Cuoio leather with feet made of metal and finishing in titanium, available in all the RAL colours too. Dimensions: cm 125x60x220h.
The bar stool V242/S perfectly matches with the kitchen and is available in two different heights; it is proposed with a metal tubular structure with titanium finishing available in all the RAL colours. The seat and the inner seatback are upholstered in a herringbone fabric; the external seatback, on the contrary, is upholstered in Cuoio leather. Dimensions: cm 43x65x89h and cm 43x65x104h.
Edited by Lisa Maria River
Source: Formitalia Luxury Group Press Office
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