22 June 2020

Design: contemporary classics by Porro

Rigorous lines, fine finishes and innate elegance for a light aesthetic with a refined atmosphere
A selection of the contemporary classics from the Porro catalog: products with a strong personality that have resisted the passage of time while keeping their experimental power intact. Sculpture objects at the crossroads of art, decoration and design, that with the unique mix between rigorous lines and research on finishes, represent the emblem of the brand's DNA.
Porro design.
Porro. Load-it (Design Wolfgang Tolk, 1995) and Galileo table (Design Piero Lissoni, 2014). Photo: Copyright © Porro S.p.A.
Load-it (Design Wolfgang Tolk, 1995) is a versatile book shelving system that can fulfill different daily functions. It is made up of thin L-shaped shelves in highly resistant, wax-finished steel, as well as painted in white or in the special burnished brass, porphyry grey or antique red finishes. The product is completed with wall panels that are available in many customizable sizes and in a variety of finishes, ranging from matt and glossy lacquer to the wood types of Porro’s Collection, mirror, waxfinished steel, burnished brass, porphyry grey and antique red finishes as well as natural or black stained cannetè with vertical or horizontal texture and fabric.
The Galileo table (Design Piero Lissoni, 2014) is characterized by a solid wood oval top with organic contours, supported by significantly thick tapered legs. Available in 3 dimensions, Galileo is a statuesque object, result of fine workmanship, rendered unique by the small imperfections of handcrafting.
Porro design.
PorroMetallico table (Design Piero Lissoni, 2011). Photo: Copyright © Porro S.p.A.
The Metallico table (Design Piero Lissoni, 2011) is characterized by the lightness of its top and legs, made of a 12 mm thick solid aluminium sheet. The table top also comes in the wood finishes selected by Porro, and is available in a rectangular or square version, in fixed or bespoke sizes. The sophisticated detail of the connection between leg and table top shows the power of the technology used, that provides for rigorous lines and a reduced thickness - thus resulting in an extremely elegant combination. Its unique finishing is obtained through a high-thickness catalyzed coating, followed by manual polishing and waxing.
Porro design.
PorroMateric table (Design Piero Lissoni, 2017) and Frank armchair (Design Piero Lissoni, 2018). Photo: Copyright © Porro S.p.A.
Materic (Design Piero Lissoni, 2017) features a round and tapered table top, laying on a turned truncated cone as a base. The top in marble comes in 7 fine nuances ranging from verde rameggiato to the more traditional white Carrara marble. The base is made up of 12 sand-blasted natural, dark brown-stained or black-stained solid ash boards that are turned and connected to one another with finger joints so as to obtain a perfect truncated cone with a distinct wood grain. 
Porro design.
Porro. Synapsis (Design Jean Marie Massaud, 2006). Photo: Copyright © Porro S.p.A.
Innovating table for the distinctive design of the legs, made in rod iron. Available in several dimensions including the xl sizes, ideal for meeting rooms, Synapsis (Design Jean Marie Massaud, 2006) exhibits a top with a unique oval shape, cut at the ends. In the round version, the distinctive legs are matched with a thin top, available in different finishes. A decorative object, that emerges in the space with its clear and rigorously fashionable aesthetic.
Also nice seats and armchairs. Chair with precise contours draws inspiration from typical 1950’s furniture, making it up-to-dateVoyage (Design Gamfratesi, 2016) is made up of an exposed framework in tapered solid maple; across it, a saddle leather covering is stretched and gives shape to a very comfortable and ergonomic seat and backrest. Instead the new convenience and expressive possibilities are brought to the dining room by the Frank armchair (Design Piero Lissoni, 2018). Its design unites 3 distinct elements in a harmonious indissoluble whole: the soft, enveloping shell-shaped back, the solid, robust brass or iron painted metal legs that gain momentum thanks to their variable circular section, and the padded seat with elastic straps, providing superior comfort.
Edited by Maria River
Text source: Porro S.p.A. Press Office
Photos: Copyright © Porro S.p.A.
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